Loose Lips: Disco themed inauguration for Metcalfe? Coffey for sheriff? Who did he kill?

Loose LipsThe Alaska Support Industry Alliance held their annual dinner Thursday evening at the Captain Cook Hotel. The organization’s executive director, Rebecca Logan, had to be pleased with the turnout. About 500 people showed. Gov. Sean Parnell was joined at the head table by Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Don Young. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan, who has been endorsed by the organization, stopped by briefly before the dinner started and then headed to his own campaign event across town.

At the first gubernatorial debate of the general election, Bill Walker declined to say who he was supporting for the U. S. Senate by saying that, “the only sign in my yard is a Walker – Mallott sign.” On Thursday evening at John Oney’s residence on Campbell Lake, Walker’s former running mate, Craig Fleener, appears less circumspect. Fleener attended a Dan Sullivan for Senate fundraiser. Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell introduced Sullivan, even though he was confused why he was doing so. “I’m not sure why this guy needs an introduction after some 2500 television ads,” he said. Everyone chuckled politely. They actually laughed when someone else piped in: “Since yesterday.” Others spotted: Sen. Lesil McGuire; Joe and Tyra Chandler; Curtis Thayer; Republican Party Chair Peter Goldberg; Amy Saltzman; Tom and Terri Gimple; Dawn Kelly; David and Patti McGuire; Bob Bell; and Dr. Michael McNamara.

Think community council meetings are boring affairs where do-good citizens with too much time on their hands talk about swing-sets and sidewalk cracks? Well, Katie didn’t bar the door at the last Abbott Loop Community Council meeting, when Democrats in the area showed up in mass to demand change! And change (!) they got. Al Tamagni, who was Abbot Loop’s community council chair for about 25 years, one of the longest serving in the state, is now no longer chair after that meeting. Disco Ray Metcalfe, who has been trying to get back into public office for 20 years or so, is now the new chair. Lynda Zaugg, who has had her fair share of public office runs, has finally won one. She’s the the vice chair. Stay tuned for more drama from the Abbot Loop Community Council.

Did Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell sell his campaign signs to gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker? That’s the rumor anyway, which got people wondering who Treadwell was going to be supporting for governor. But those whispers should be put to rest now it’s public that Treadwell is going to host a fundraiser for Parnell on Oct. 13. Get details for this and other fundraisers here. 

A book signing you won’t want to miss: Rob Cary, defense attorney for Ted Stevens and author of “Not Guilty: The Unlawful Prosecution of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens” will be at the Alaska Aviation Museum on October 9, 5:30 – 7:30 pm for a reception and book signing.

People who pay a whole lot more attention to city politics than I do are telling me that Eric Croft now has his sights set on an Assembly seat in the upcoming April municipal election.

The new Special Olympics Training Center in East Anchorage was rockin’ to the country music of the Ken Peltier Band at the Friday evening fundraiser for Special Olympics. The country western themed party underwritten by GCI (plus a check for $25,000) and catered by the Marx Brothers Cafe, drew several hundred attendees including a couple of politicians: mayoral hopeful Dan Coffey, wore his cowboy hat, boots, vest and bollo tie and said, “Howdy partner,’ repeatedly. He looked startlingly like Woody from Toy Story. Sen. Lesil McGuire looked like she just stepped off a Nashville stage, and Rep. Charisse Millett wore boots that were kind-of-sort-of countryish. GCI VP Paul Landes was honored for his years of service and chairing the organization’s board of directors. A few other familiar faces spotted: Justin Johnson; Greg Chappados; Kevin Sheridan; Jim Balamaci; Stephanie Haydn; Tim Fitzgerald; Jennifer Thompson; Troy Jarvis; Kurt Gibson; and, Tina Pidgeon.

September 30 was the closing deadline for the Q3 Federal Election Commission reports. Word is that at least one or more reports when released will represent the largest quarterly political cash haul in the state’s history. Reports are due no later than October 15. Stay tuned.

Half of Talkeetna was at the Senior Center on Saturday night for the Upper Susitna NRA event. Lots of great raffle prizes like rifles, pistols, shotguns and more rifles. And of course a few folks with political ambition showed, including Rep. Don Young, Sen. Mike Dunleavy and Rep. Wes Keller. Word is that Don Young won a trap. Judging from the way Young has been acting lately, had Forrest Dunbar showed, his arm might still be stuck in it.

Speaking of Dunleavy: Here’s how someone who’s 6’7″ fits in a voting booth: 


dunleavy tall

Speaking of Young: Who, exactly, did he kill? That’s a question he’s likely to get soon from some reporter in response to a story about Young telling opponent Forrest Dunbar backstage pre-debate that the last person who put his hand on his arm, as Dunbar was doing, “ended up on the ground dead.” Dunbar’s pretty quick, still it was likely nothing if not startling. However, had he been thinking, the perfect response would have been for Dunbar to put his thumbs in his ears, wiggle his fingers, and stick out his tongue, much like this:

Don Young

Happy birthday to former AG Bruce Botelho and the AFL-CIO’s Joelle Hall. 

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12 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Disco themed inauguration for Metcalfe? Coffey for sheriff? Who did he kill?

  1. Lynn Willis

    I am not jumping to conclusions on the Governor’s actions in this “un-firing”; however, this appears to be very bizarre at first glance. General/Acting Commissioner Bridges had to have a very valid reason for his actions. You don’t just kick a Brigadier General and a full Colonel to the curb unless they did something very bad and their continued presence exacerbates a serious problem.
    As acting commissioner apparently Bridge’s new boss on the state side, Sean Parnell, ordered him to reverse the firings. The reason given was that the two “fired” officers had to be reinstated because they had both applied to replace Katkus who Parnell recently removed as Commissioner/Adjutant General. Did the Governor grant them a “stay of execution” until one of them or someone else (dare I speculate Bridges) is chosen? After that decision are they then both out?
    Relating to my earlier post, I don’t know the employment status of the two “fired” officers, Part-time Guard, Active Guard, Civil Service or State employee. When I was on active guard duty you could be removed from active guard status instantly unless you had reached the “18 year active duty lock-in” after which a more formal proceeding was required.
    You simply cannot just “fire” a competitive civil servant. That takes a long process where the employee has to be given every opportunity to straighten out and only then can he be fired. A non-competitive civil servant will lose there civil service job if they can no longer be a member of the National Guard. Now, just because you don’t go to work every day at the Armory you still may be a part-time soldier after your separation from full time employment (is this confusing enough?).
    The only conclusion I have (and I didn’t jump to it) is that a special prosecutor from the state and or federal side needs to be involved NOW! I would suggest Governor Parnell hold off on the “truth and reconciliation” effort until that formal enforcement investigation runs its course. Remember, some soldiers may have been seriously hurt and I and every other Alaskan needs to understand if that is true and if criminal conduct was involved.

  2. joeblow

    Bridges said he rehired them because they had applied for the job that Bridges got and he didn’t want it to appear that they were fired to get rid of them as competition.

  3. Concerned Republican

    As a concerned Republican, I have to admit, it’s over – – or at least almost over. The Democrats have won their beach head assult over taking the Republican-lead Abbott Loop Community Council. With Commander Metcalfe and Admiral Zaugg in leadership positions stationed to help lead a Democratic take over of the state, victory for the Democrats is only over the horizon. But alas, their remains a glimmer of hope – – Commander Metcalfe doesn’t have his prized armament for battle. Did he honestly forget the mirrored disco ball that provides him with his decisive inspiration? All is possible. To learn more, buy Mr. Metcalfe’s latest book at an upcoming book signing titled, “The War of Disco Politics.” The forward of the book provides some untested tips from Admiral Zaugg on “How To Win A Political Campaign.”

  4. LysanderSpooner

    While Sen. Dunleavy is posing for goofy photos and ducking meaningful public appearances — like debates — around his district, his opponent is pounding the pavement from Valdez to Delta to Whittier and showing voters what it means to listen. Dunleavy would do well to learn from that example.

  5. Eric

    Have you noticed? The Democratic party has become whatever organized labor wants it to be. They want a Republican to head the party’s ticket, so be it. They have the best candidate in ages against Don Young and what happens? Nothing. It’s like he’s hardly on the ticket. Why? Because most of labor supports Republican Don Young. The other day a canvasser knocked on my door from the Democratic party. They urged me to vote for Begich and Walker. No mention of Dunbar, my state senate or state house candidates. Until the Democrats take back their party from labor and the environmentalists, I’m not going to vote for their Begich and Walker types. I will be voting for Dunbar though.

  6. FJD

    Lynn, as usual, your comments are provocative and seemingly well informed. However, I will be interested in hearing more about the governor’s action. We shouldn’t be too quick to jump to comclusions. I don’t think it is an unreasonable or unfair expectation for the ggovernor to want to be briefed before having the highest ranking female in the history of the Guard dismissed without his lknowledge or consultation. It may well be the right course of action. You can’t have it both ways Lynn. From what I’ve heard these problems started years ago and have become part of a culture that demands change. The governor may have started slowly and now appears to be concerned and on top of the situatiion. I just wish he’d hire an iindependent special investigator. He’s been burnt once gy the military command. Two perspectives would be better than one. I would suggest both a military and civilian investigation.

  7. Twig

    Sen. McGuire and Rep. Millett have been true champions and supporters of Special Olympiics. Thank you for your continued support and commitment. It was nice to see both of you on friday evening.

  8. Lynn Willis

    The ADN is reporting another chapter in the sad saga of the Alaska National Guard. This time the acting Commissioner/General fired two more full time guard personnel then had to reinstate them the next day.
    I don’t know what the employment status was/is of these two yet that might have had something to with his reversing his decision. The National Guard has four categories of full time employees. First are the guard personnel who are on National Guard active duty status by being placed on voluntary orders which is not the same active duty status as federal soldiers. Second are competitive federal civil service employees who are civilians who may or may not be members of the National Guard. Third are the non-competitive federal civil service employees who must be members of the National Guard to be employed. Last are the few State Employees who may or may not be members of the National Guard. Of course the influence of the Governor’s office is ever-present in the National Guard and that might have caused this change of plans.

  9. Blue State Dreamer

    Don Young has become a constant and growing embarrassment to most thinking Alaskans. His bullying leaves a lot to be desired. His behavior mirrors more of an immature 4th grade bully that that of what and how I would like to see from my Congressman. Forrest Dunbar is a candidate that we should all get behind and support. He is an Ivy league graduate, an attorney and is in the military reserves. It’s time for a change. It’s time to tell Young, adios amigo.

  10. Northern Observer

    Your coverage of the Abbott Loop Community Council is hilarious. It is also somewhat pathetic when you think of Metcalfe’s and Zaugg’s quest for relevance.
    Al Tagmani served for the right reasons – – to do good for his community, not to be somebody.
    It is unfortunate that clowns like these two are getting attention even.

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