Loose Lips: Dunbar could have been a star, Treadwell revels, Karly Meyer joins Parnell

Loose Lips

  • Democrat Forrest Dunbar, who’s running against U.S. Rep. Don Young, might just be the only Alaskan in history to turn down a shot at reality TV stardom. Word is that Esquire TV reached out to him to film his run against Young. Dunbar is an interesting character, and would no doubt do good TV. He’s been in the Peace Corps, has a Yale Law degree, and a master’s from Harvard Kennedy School. He’s also a first lieutenant in the Alaska National Guard, and has the haircut and the arms to prove it. But part of the attraction had to be Young, whose props on the House floor involve a calcified walrus penis, and a wolverine trap. Both are custom-made for Esquire bro-culture.
  • Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell is positively reveling in the recent poll numbers that show him within spitting distance of Dan Sullivan, the so-called frontrunner in the GOP U.S. Senate race. “The massive out of state contributions flowing into Dan Sullivan’s campaign have failed to buy the lead in this race – bad news for his inside-the-Beltway backers,” Treadwell wrote in a fundraising email. Treadwell had no fewer than 15 fundraisers last year across the country, trying to shake money from those same backers, to little success.
  • On Sunday afternoon in Fairbanks, proponents of the Repeal SB 21 campaign had a rally and BBQ. There was a good turn-out of normal Fairbanksians, whatever that means, and Democratic legislators, both former and current. Among them: Rep. Scott Kawasaki, Sen. Hollis French, and former legislators Joe Thomas, John Davies and Joe Paskvan. Also attending and speaking at the event was UAF’s Mark Myers, who was also the former director of the USGS and Alaska DNR Oil and Gas Division.
  • As most Democratic contributors have heard by now, the Mallott for Governor campaign suffered a data breech due to a stolen lap top. According to campaign insiders, credit card contributors have all been notified and it was suggested that for security reasons, they may want to get a new credit card to replace the one they gave with. The problem appears to be behind them and all operations, as it were, are back to normal.
  • Word is that APOC and Rep. Chris Tuck, a.k.a. “the most eligible bachelor in Alaska,” have reached a settlement for improper campaign reporting and that the commission will likely approve at their board meeting on either June 4 or 5.
  • DOT Special Assistant Tyson Gallagher has resigned his position with the state and will be joining the Parnell campaign. Also, recent college grad Karly Meyer, daughter of Sen. Kevin Meyer, has signed on with the Parnell campaign as their events coordinator.


      1. June 5th, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Fundraiser for Reps Gabrielle LeDoux and Mia Costello at Le Mex off Diamond Blvd., Anchorage.
      2. June 8, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 pm. Fundraising brunch for Senator Mark Begich at the home of Greg and Jeannette Wakefield, 630 Oceanview Drive, Anchorage. RSVP 907. 258. 2583.
      3. June 8, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Fundraiser for Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Bob Williams at the home of Peggy and Boyd Berg, 856 S. Begich Drive, Wasilla
      4. June 16, 6:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m. Go Halibut Fishing in Resurrection Bay aboard Saltwater Safari Charters with GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan. Cost: $2,000 per person. Space is limited. RSVP 677-2014.
  • If we’re going to have another lobbyist in the state, it might as well be Laurie Herman, who, full disclosure, I consider a friend. Herman will be retiring later this summer from Providence. With somewhere north of a quarter of century and south of a half century of working around government, you can bet she has friends in powerful places and knows her way around the halls of government.
  • This weekend is Colony Days in Palmer. The parade, which is a big deal in Palmer, is on Saturday. The Bill Walker for Governor campaign is soliciting volunteers on Facebook to join them in that parade and encouraging them to bring their hard hats and safety vests. His theme: “Walker is the governor who will stop studying and start building.”
  • Will many Dems other than Democratic gubernatorial contender Byron Mallott be marching in the Colony Days parade on Saturday? Probably not many. The party has scheduled candidate training school that day.
  • The awesomely named Otto Feather has joined the Sullivan for Senate committee as the campaign’s coalitions director. He also travels with the candidate frequently. He is a retired Air Force colonel and F-18 C-130 pilot.

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UPDATED: This piece has been updated to include Byron Mallott’s participation in the Colony Days parade.


22 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Dunbar could have been a star, Treadwell revels, Karly Meyer joins Parnell

  1. Sandy D

    couldn’t agree more. his explanation on the b&b show – where they tried to serve him up softballs (wonder why) – his horribly inarticulate explanation included the fact that he didn’t understand the language of the agreement he’d reached with APOC. the agreement HE reached! he’d look better if he was crooked, at least crooked requires cleverness. he’s just an idiot. maybe he’ll be the first to lose an uncontested race.

  2. Alaska Cod Piece

    According to Huffington Post, Karl Rove – a DNR Dan advisor – told Dan to defer any questions about his Alaska residency by immediately referring to something, anything! about his military service. It was the same ploy used during the Iraq debacle when people who were critical of the war were termed as ‘not supporting the troops.’ That was another Ham Rove tactic. DNR Dan is using that excuse to get out of Alaska debates.

  3. David Nees

    Chris Tuck, update, APOC will decide July 2014, potential fines of $1.4 million. The most eligible Bachelor can’t tell his debit card from his campaigns, no wonder he is available.

  4. Tom Elliot

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re right. Then he moved to campaign manager I think. There’s been a lot of movement in the Sullivan organization. I was a Sullivan supporter until just recently. His office is disorganized and, frankly, amateurish. I realized I couldn’t depend on him to be our Senator.

  5. Mike Trawp

    Not to mention that Sullivan completely sold his soul to Karl Rove. Sullivan is tied to rich backers, not Alaska. That’s what makes me worried when I see him in front in the polls. Glad Mead is catching up though

  6. Wilfred

    Yeah, the R’s have a GREAT record on foreign policy, the economy, and on and on.
    Sorry, the R’s as the “strong party” on all that stuff went away when Mr. Regan stepped down. At least D’s let a whole range of people into the fight, and not just people Carl Rove likes.
    And even if R’s were still strong, what’s Mr. Young done for us lately?

  7. Corey

    So Treadwell’s outside supporters aren’t family or friends? Who are they? Complete strangers?

  8. Ben Crooker

    It makes sense that Otto Feather would join Sullivan’s campaign, after all, they’re both from Ohio and have both barely spent any time in Alaska. Feather was only here for two years, and that was in 2003-2004! A carpetbagger loves company, I guess.

  9. Cory Favre

    These comments accusing Treadwell of being a hypocrite are ridiculous. Every candidate is going to have out-of-state fundraisers. The difference between Treadwell and Sullivan is that, where Treadwell had 15 out-of-state fundraisers put on by supporters, Sullivan can thank his deep pocketed family and friends to throw close to that many each month!

  10. Sandy D

    read the dispatch article on tuck. whether he’s “challenged” mathematically or ethically, the guy’s unfit to have any say when it comes to spending public money. campaign accounts that are “sub accounts” of personal accounts? very very shady. $14K in fines is no laughing matter, and the APOC clearly doesn’t think this is an oversight or simple error. toss the bum out on his fat butt

  11. Gen X

    If Don young had been born in the 80’s and not the 30’s he would also be a Democrat. The Republican Party has little appeal to the rising generation. The biggest divide between the two Congressional candidates is a generational one. The generations simply do not agree on the majority of social issues.

    And before you try to pidgeon hole him on military and foreign policy affairs, realize that he currently serves in the military and he is certainly pro-Israel.

  12. Andy

    Dunbar has moxie and notable credentials. He’s precocious and well-intended in a field of many ladder climbers. The only problem is: he’ll be another Begich when it comes to national policies and – for the most part – siding with an Obama, or later, possibly a Clinton. He’s running as a Democrat, and that matters in foreign policy, economy, military spending, relations with the natural resource sectors. Begich has proven this as well. He can only be so “independent” minded lest he unleash the scorn of his colleagues in the Senate and Administration. As for Treadwell and Sullivan, both good men, and either could win. Amazing the rotten commentaries posted above about Mead. I continue to hope comments are more insightful and relevant rather than personal, unfounded disparagements. I smell the fear of defeat by opposing team supporters….

  13. Richard Thomas

    I am both laughing and applauding the Northern Observer’s comments related to this episode of Loose Lips.
    OMG. Mead Treadwell is a creep. OMG.
    OMG. Mead Tredwell can’t be trusted. OMG.
    Tell me something I didn’t know.

  14. The Northern Observer

    I had no idea what a hypocrite Mead Treadwell is. I find this type of illusion and fraud among the most despiscable type of politics. One of my co-workers for some time now has been teeling me that Treadwell is an “-nvented” conservative as he use to be one of the most liberal Republicans in the state. After reading this article, I guess I should be keeping more of an open mind about Treadwell. His criticisms of Dan Sullivan are laughable in the context of he himself held 15 fundraisers outside. The difference, no one came to his. I wouldn’t be surprised, in fact I’d bet on it, that Sullivan has raised more in-state money than Treadwell too. The one thing that appears to be true, the more you learn and lnow about Treadwell the more despicable he is.

  15. Truman Democrat

    Byron Mallott’s campaign is ridiculous. When he first entered the race, I was excited about his candidacy and that a Democratic businessman was entering the race; unfortunately for me, my enthusiasm was short lived. My first disappointment was that he allowed the Democratic legislators talk him into supporting the oil tax repeal. Then, time after time, he allowed Parnell to get away with murder all through the legislative session seemingly inept at challenging or criticizing the governor. He doesn’t know how to win the race and seems to lack fire in the belly. Parnell has been a terrible governor. Comparatively, Mallott has been even a greater disappointment as a candidate. He also appears to be lazy. I am one unhappy Democrat who will be voting for Begich, Dunbar and most likely skipping the choices for governor. I refuse to he’ll Mallott when he won’t help himself.

  16. 357

    Thank you for pointing out that Treadwell has been criss crossing the country trying to raise bucks for his campaign. All he has done for the past year is campaign on the state dime. Why should we have to pay him for this? If he had any real character he would not take his state aycheck while campaigning. More and more I realize that Treadwell doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. He is a Republican Mark Begich.

  17. Dan

    A reality show about a congressional campaign woulf have been fascinating, especially with an Alaska back drop. Forrest Dunbar is an interesting character. He seems to be capturing the imagination of many Alaskans. Don Young’s oponents have been weak candidates up to now. Also thois year is different and Young just can’t win the race with ads. His campaign organization isn’t and is clueless. The Dems are already doing voter I.D. It is quote possible that the Dems with Dunbar steal this House seat.

  18. L 71

    Dunbar might be the guy that knocks Young out of the saddle. He’s everywhere. His campaiggn seems to be attracting ionterest. He’s bright and energetic. If someone have me odds, I think Dunbar could beat the old man. Seriously.

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