Loose Lips: Lottsfeldt relaxes. Nizich shoots. Starring says so long.

15770860_mThis past week the earthquakes reminded me of the strength of our spirits and the volatility of our politics. Actually, that’s not really true. But I aspire to be the kind of person who has such thoughts. So there’s that. Anyway, this one’s a short one. I’m working on a longer project for another publication and haven’t gotten out much. But hopefully I and Loose Lips will be back in full force later this week. Until then, here’s at least some of what’s gone on the past few days:

Jared Kosin is the new Deputy Commissioner at the AK Department of Revenue. Kosin is an attorney with an M.B.A., and has spent his career in public policy. Most recently, he worked at the AK Department of Health and Social Services. Prior to moving to Alaska, Kosin was the Policy Director and Legislative Director for the Colorado Speaker of the House, and a policy advisor in the Michigan Senate Majority Policy Office.

Thursday was Colleen Starring’s last day as president of ENSTAR Natural Gas Company. She was the first female president of ENSTAR and served in that capacity for seven years. She’s headed to Vancouver, B.C. where she will continue her career at ENSTAR’s parent company, AltaGas.

The Unity ticket, featuring gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker and running mate Byron Mallott had a fundraiser Thursday evening at Robert Gottstein’s Park Strip home. According to reports, more than 200 guests crowded the house.

Juneau Rep. Sam Kito III’s campaign manager, Elizabeth Bolling, doesn’t have a tough race on her hands. Therefore, it’s perplexed some that she would be calling Rep. Cathy Munoz, the other Juneau-based district, a “do nothing career politician.” It’s likely not going to create a good working relationship between Munoz, who is likely to win, and Kito, come January:Elizabeth boiling

David Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group, and husband of Alaska Dispatch publisher Alice Rogoff, was spotted in Juneau last week dining with some folks from the Permanent Fund.

Parnell COS Mike Nizich took a couple days off earlier this week to go moose hunting. He got a big one:

Nitzek moose

Friday was the last day of work in the old KTUU-Channel 2 building that they’ve called home for the past 18 years. When the KTUU – Ch 2 team goes to work this week, it’ll be in their new Northern Lights Media Center. Expect the war for television dominance to heat up even more.

With the limited availability of television time available for purchase by state candidates, I was under the impression that websites and social media were becoming increasingly important. Yet, in what some describe as “one of the hottest state Senate races this year,” both the Democratic nominee Harry Crawford and the incumbent Republican nominee Cathy Giessel seem to be slacking when it comes to their web and Facebook pages. On Crawford’s site, the last event date posted is June 14th and Giessel’s site isn’t much better with her last event posted as July 16th.

As many know, Brad Keithley’s condo caught fire last week. Thankfully, he’s fine. Here’s wishing him well.

What does Jim Lottsfeldt, political consultant and head of the super Begich super-PAC , do to relax? He decorates. Who would have thought it?

lotsfeld II


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14 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Lottsfeldt relaxes. Nizich shoots. Starring says so long.

  1. Dunsmore

    Note: my post was in response to Garrand Fellow, but for some reason got stacked under KW Phillips’ post.

  2. Dunsmore

    I was going to take the time respond, but then I got to the sexist comment at the end of your post and realized that I don’t want to bother engaging with you. You certainly are doing your candidate a disservice.

  3. KW Phillips

    Wow, how petty can Alaskan politics be? Capture an image from a personal facebook page and post it on a public forum seemingly to watch the feathers fly? I Think Ms. Coyne is no ally of Munoz and that anyone who takes this seriously is taking themselves too seriously. Why would anyone in politics be surprised and angry that someone else in politics has a different opinion on a matter? #1stamendment.

    Looks to me, in a mini-version, like the young woman is like a student in Hong Kong and the “angry threat makers” are like the leaders in Beijing. Meanwhile Coyne is enjoying the fuss.

  4. Garand Fellow

    Dunsmore, that is silly. Munoz had a much tougher race back in 2008 when she beat an incumbent. Munoz has the support of almost every union (all the unions that matter politically, actually), the NRA, the Juneau Chamber, etc. etc. But more than that, she has spent 6 years helping Juneau. Union reps are going door to door with a flier that touts Munoz, Walker-Mallott, Begich and Egan. At the same time Republicans are going door to door for Munoz. Juneau has never had a stronger candidate for any elected office, and no one has ever had more consistent and comprehensive support – more support period – in Juneau!

    Sam is not thinking with his head here, and while that doesn’t do the best job for Juneau….. Well, we all know the rest.

    What the little cutie said is not criticism. It’s a characterization if not character assassination. A morning will come when Sam will regret this.

  5. Lynn Willis

    I qualified my request on funds being available. I do complain about spending and if this effort would cost too much than so be it. I’m sure some are very glad they got those pregnancy tests in the bars funded before they finally drew the fiscal line. As I remember that was a Republican “fiscal conservative” Senator Pete Kelley who came up with the pregnancy test idea perhaps on a state paid junket to another useless conference. I don’t hold him responsible because I understand that among this generation of new Alaska Republicans thrift and stewardship of funds are not a traditional Republican value any longer; certainly not when TD (Taxpayer Dollars) are concerned.

  6. Dunsmore

    Amanda, you should take a second look at the numbers for that Juneau district. I would be very surprised if Munoz wins. As for Elizabeth’s posting, I think young people speaking truth to power is something that needs to be encouraged. If a little criticism from her opponents would prevent Munoz from being able to work with her colleagues, then that is even more reason why McGuan is the better choice.

  7. Anonymous

    Sam may not be the quickest fellow but take a look at Ms. Bolling’s Facebook page and you could reach the conclusion that Sam is getting what he needs. Whatever beach that is was improved by her presence, and if Sam took those photos he had fun!

  8. Frank

    Hey Lynn Willis, I too was hoping the debate would be broadcast. Don’t think that it is however. Too bad. I disagree that the legislature or govt should pay for such. That’s a slippery slope. Also, rememmber you complaiin a lot about defiicit spending too.

  9. Chris Lloyd

    Kito is a Democrat. Munoz is a Republican. Why wouldn’t he and his team want Munoz to lose? Kicking the other team’s members out and putting your teammates in is what our two party system is all about.

    Elections are not about working relationships with your opponents, Amanda. They are about defeating them. Working with the people you failed to kick out of office is something best saved for the day after the election.

  10. Facebook User

    That fb post is from a week ago Amanda, and anyone driving around Juneau in the last month has seen her waving a McGuan sign. Old news.

  11. Garand Fellow

    Is this the 3rd or 4th campaign manager Sam Kito has had? Campaign funds can be used to buy that? Who knew?

    Sam has been going through campaign managers so fast that apparently there is a shortage; Representative Cathy Munoz’s opponent and Senator Dennis Egan are sharing a campaign manager according to websites.

    Yes, Cathy Munoz will win. Twelve unions held an event for her as did the Alaska Native Brotherhood and lots of other groups. The last time she had an opponent she was the only Republican in Alaska to beat an incumbent Democrat, and this time she is the incumbent, the only Southeast legislator on either Finance Committee, and above all, she is overwhelmingly liked and respected. She was endorsed by the NRA last week. She was endorsed by Great Alaska Schools last week. The list of organizations endorsing her this time around is very, very long. Groups that have never before endorsed a candidate are endorsing her. She had the largest group in the 4th of July Parade. Each week she has as many as 20 people accompanying her as she knocks on doors.

  12. Lynn Willis

    According to Amanda’s Daybook, the first Gubernatorial debate is scheduled for today. If the legislature can afford to put pregnancy tests in bars then I would hope they have the funds to task Legislative TV or other agency to maintain an archive of these debates.

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