Loose Lips: Majority McScandal. Holmes hunts. Beltway parties.

loose lipsThe session hasn’t begun and already the Senate majority is busy stepping in it. Senate President Kevin Meyer sent out a notice on Monday that the Senate majority hired McHugh Pierre “on a personal services contract, effective January 15 and terminating on May 15” as a communications specialist. He’ll be joining three others on the team and will be, in Meyer’s words, “promoting our priorities, our goals and our individual efforts and leadership on behalf of Alaskans.” Meyer wrote that Pierre “brings a vast amount of experience working in communications and journalism.” Indeed, he does have good experience, and at any other time, it would probably be a good hire. But for one: This is the very same Senate president who called on Gov. Bill Walker to enact a hiring freeze because we are facing an unprecedented fiscal crisis. Secondly, and most importantly, this is the very same McHugh Pierre who Gov. Sean Parnell asked to resign because of his potential involvement in the National Guard scandal. The very same scandal which will likely get hearings this upcoming session, and for which a special investigator will be assigned. The very same scandal that likely lost former Gov. Sean Parnell the race. One thing is clear: The Senate majority truly does need help, but perhaps communication isn’t the issue.

Friday was DNR’s Director of Oil and Gas Bill Barron’s last day. The new acting director of the division is Paul Decker, a geologist with the division. The new acting deputy director is Jim Shine.

Legislative staffer Brett Huber will be moving from the Senate Rules Committee to Senator Mike Dunleavy’s office for the 2015 legislative session. 

Last week in my best and worst of Alaska politics 2014 article, I picked “Do you know Lynn Gattis?” as the best political radio spot for 2014. This week, Campaign and Elections Magazine announced their finalists for the 2014 Reed awards, which recognizes the best in the world of political campaigns, and Gattis’ ad has been selected as one of three finalist for the best political radio ad in the nation. The ads’ producer, Hackney & Hackney, should be pleased. Of the three finalists in this category, two were produced by them. Their other radio ad finalist was “Ultimate political survivor” created for Alaska’s Energy/America’s Values Super PAC which poked fun at Begich’s snow machine ad. All in all, Art Hackney who I picked as Alaska’s best political consultant of 2014, received the second most finalist nominations of any consultant or political consulting firm, in the country with 13 nominations.

More on the Reed Awards: The D.C.-based media production company, FP1 Strategies, who made Sen.-elect Dan Sullivan’s media, has also been selected as finalists for Reed awards for the most effective comparative TV ad – “Lame Tricks,” and Best political TV ad 2014 – “Values.” (I picked this one as one of the best in the campaign).

Former Rep. Lindsey Holmes got her first caribou on a hunt in Adak:

lindsey holmes caribou

Did you ever wonder what Rep. Don Young’s done the past two years when he wasn’t making faces and sticking his tongue out on the floor of the House or when he wasn’t making “bull-sex” remarks to a Wasilla High School assembly? Wonder no more. During the 113th Congress, according to Congressman Young’s office, he flew 228,550 miles to reach Alaskans, helped 4,992 Alaskans thru case work, answered 61,773 letters and gave over 300 tours of the Capitol.

So, you’re in your hotel room, like I was the other day, thousands of miles away from legislators, thank God, away from the fundraisers, the community meetings, the political lunches, and you casually turn on the TV in your hotel room, and you watch one of the many fancy reality show about your home state, which makes you feel very warmly about your home state. And then the camera pans onto a boat in Seward—a halibut charter—and the warmth spreads. The shot gets closer, and all of a sudden, you’re staring at Rep.-elect Cathy Tilton and Sen. Lesil McGuire on the boat, along with a group of about 10, fishing poles in hand. And no matter how much you want to turn away—because you traveled thousands of miles to get away from all of them– you just can’t, because they are both really imminently watchable, and because Tilton has hooked a big one, and she’s excited and she’s charming when she’s excited and the fish is 72 pounds. And McGuire is rooting her on, and the warmth spreads. Kind of like film-tax credits.

They danced in Valdez and they danced in Anchorage on Saturday evening. Governor Walker attended his first inaugural ball Saturday evening in his hometown of Valdez. The governor’s hometown hood turned out to celebrate, about 275 in all, in the Valdez Convention and Civic Center. The event was sold-out before it was even officially announced. Dinner was served, people drank and everyone danced. Meanwhile at the IBEW hall in Anchorage, the Alaska Democratic Party threw their ‘2015 Kick-off Party.” Word is, that while the crowd only numbered about 30, they were “the right 30 people”.  Minority Leader Chris Tuck, Tom Begich, Assemblyman Pete Petersen played jazzy, grandpa music while Sen. Berta Gardner sang along from the audience. ADP Executive Director Kay Brown worked the room, and spoke with known moneyed attendees before gathering the cash box and leaving midway through the party. Rep. Geran Tarr showed up in the last 15 minutes. Also spotted: Michelle Scannell, Anchorage School Board Member Pat Higgins, Anchorage School Board candidate Starr Marsett, Clare Ross and husband Chad. Not spotted:  AFL-CIO President Vince Beltrami or IBEW’s Melinda Taylor.

Is it just a coincidence that the Mat-Su Republican Women’s Club is having their Annual Lincoln Day Dinner and Auction on Feb. 6, the same night of the Governor’s Inaugural Mat-Su Ball?

Ridgecrest Drive, in Alexandria, Virginia, on the outskirts of D.C. is quiet street in a quiet, sedate neighborhood. Then the Alaskans showed up, and that party started. On Monday evening at Shannon and Mike Dubke’s house, scores of Alaskans and political power brokers filled their wine classes, nibbled on crab thingies and cheese whatnots. They were Dan Sullivan’s campaign staff, vendors and early supporters that were celebrating Sullivan’s victory one last time on the eve of the swearing-in of the 114th Congress. For the most part, the Alaskans huddled together—looking aggressively casual–while the D.C. powerbrokers huddled in their corners, just looking aggressive, and slick. Some of the faces spotted included: Dan’s campaign manager Ben Sparks; John Downs of FP1 Strategies which produced Dan’s media; Tara Sweeney; Steven Law with American Crossroads; Senator Click and Darlene Bishop; Jon Ketchum; Tina Pidgeon; Curtis and Josie Thayer; Rep. Bob Herron; Bill and Liz Armstrong; Jared Green; Rep. Lynn Gattis and her husband Rick; Robyn Engibous; Liz Banicki; Ashley Reed; Mike Anderson; (Sen.-elect) Rep. Bill Stoltze; Angelina Burney; DeLynn Henry; Sen. Lesil McGuire; John Sims; and Taranova Tasker. In all, about 100 were there.

Gov. Bill Walker arrived in Washington, D.C. on Monday evening joining over 200 other Alaskans that crossed the country to attend the swearing-in of the 114th Congress. Most of the attendees came at the invitation of Dan Sullivan. In addition to the Alaskans, word has it that more than 80 members of Sullivan’s family will be attending the ceremony too. A reception is being hosted in his honor in the Dirksen Senate Office building.  Sen. Lisa Murkowski is holding an open house at her home in the mid-afternoon, and ASRC is having a reception for Sullivan and Murkowski in the early evening.

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42 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Majority McScandal. Holmes hunts. Beltway parties.

  1. All Eyes and Ears

    Amanda –
    Senator Kevin M looks like a bad dude. Why? Because he is. He’s doing a favor to repay a favor of getting his wife a job. It is not right. McHugh’s father-in-law was the deputy commissioner at DMVA and was the one to hire Meyer’s wife. So, when the father-in-law (former Dep Commissioner DMVA) asked Sen. Meyer to hire his son-in-law, well that explains it. Still sucks though. Meyer has had his wife on the govt payroll one pace or another the entire time he has been in the legislature. As his position has become more important I bet her paycheck has grown too. This is unethical at a minimum. Maybe worst.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, Senator Myer and McHugh Pierre are making a big mistake here. It is exactly at times like these that symbols matter. Hiring an additional press person when the state is $3 billion overspent shows a complete lack of understanding.

    The Senate should instead be announcing that because of current daily deficits the Senate will not have any press people in 2015. Symbols matter, and can add or eliminate credibility. I am sorry that these gentlemen may not know that.

  3. Garand Fellow

    Mr. Bieling, I agree with you in large part. However, I think we have yet to see if Governor Walker is up to the task or not. He is not tardy but he is certainly taking his time, and that is likely good. The legislators await his budget. If he submits an honestly balanced budget, paring spending to match expected revenues (not one-time savings draw-downs) then I will be very much encouraged. And the budget can in fact be balanced. There is enough slack to do that; after all, the operating budget has doubled since the beginning of the Governor Murkowski term.

    I blame all of us more than I blame legislators. We demanded even much greater spending than ever was approved, and we all knew we more often elected Santa Claus than a grownup. Even today, in the newspapers we see the Senate Minority Leader deceptively saying that she hopes education won’t be cut again. She knows darn well, as we all do, education has not been cut during the lifetime of any Alaskan. The state only throws more and more money at education, and by making this statement you can see that the Senate Minority will not be part of the solution but instead will exacerbate the problem through dishonesty. Shame on her.

    We all must right now let Governor Walker know we expect a balanced budget. Then the legislature can look at every proposal to deficit spend, and while they do that they will know that Governor Walker can veto the budget back down to balance. That is the process we need right now, and God help us if instead the elected officials decide to use subterfuge and dishonesty.

    The danger in not balancing the budget is that many dishonest people are willing to spread the myth that we can maintain in the post-petroleum period this huge government built with oil money. That will discourage initiative and hard work by private sector Alaskans who see a way to build a real and better economy.

    Even without this current oil price plunge Alaskans have been and are spending a one-time resource to meet ongoing, everyday needs. That is, no oil is being produced down in the ground, and the oil is not infinite. So when elected officials decide they need yet one more press person, when they decide they must go to a swearing-in ceremony 4,000 miles away, and when they go on junkets to places like Norway they are spending one-time money. With that sort of profligate spending it was a certainty that one day the music would end, and the Alaska economy would find no place to park and then fall on its ass. There has been an entire disregard for coming generations of Alaskans. If we now try to support this oil-inflated state and municipal government after the oil revenues are exhausted we will ensure that young Alaskans are screwed. This is the time for plain language.

  4. Eric

    The Not So Bright Senate President confirmed his intellectual status with the hiring of Mr Piere. First, he sends a letter to the administration uirging a hiring freeze and then turns around and hires anothe political spokesperson which is totallly unnecessary. Kevin Meyer should be removed as President of the Senate he has clearly shown that he is too incompetent to perform in the position. I will not ever vote for this stooge again. I intend to talk to my neighbors and remind them that our senator is a huge embarrassment. What in the world do you think he was thinking ?

  5. Ross Bieling

    Dear Fellow Alaskans,

    As one who claims a bit of Alaskan heritage having been raised in extrodinary Ketchikan in the mid 1960’s, I feel compelled to weighin on what are clearly pressing issues of the day.

    1. Our extrodinary State of Alaska is in severe financial peril. The House & Senate have engineered over recent years what amounts to a propped up economy through severe out of control spending by a 2 to 1 basis of 6 billion in spending against 2.5 billion dollar receivable.

    2. None of our Legislatures could maintain this ratio of spending to paycheck ratio and keep their lights, gas and all other financial obligations in thier personal lives in balance.

    3. Governor Walker has walked into a hornets nest not of his making. The man has shown leadership in slashing unnecessary capiral expenditures in light of the plunge in oil prices and the resulting negative effect in revenues to the states coffers.

    4. This severe financial crisis is of the State Legislatures own making. These are good Alaskan’s in the House & Senate. However, the Republican controlled legislature is responsible for this mess. Accordingly, they are responsible for curing this finanial insanity. They are responsible for cleaning up this mess NOW!

    5. I call upon Senate President Kevin Meyer and House Speaker Mike Chenault to move forward immediately to re-open the 2015 budget in concert with Governor Walker and slash spending that is commensurate with the financial realities of the day. Leadership leads, leadership does not knowingly place families that rely upon good decision making to face financial hardship from lost jobs and reduced property values. Reduced property values lead to higher millage tax rates by local government in order to fund already bloated worker and operational obligations.

    6. Folks, in short, it is high time all this Bull Crap came to an end. S & P and Moody’s have downgraded our Bond rating from stable to negative. Kevin and Mike, this is serious stuff. It requires your immediate serious attention. Be part if the solution now, not a continuing part of the problem. Make a positive difference NOW before it is too late for Alaska.

    7. Work diligently with our new Governor to slash this budget. The other investigations will in time take care of themselves.

    In closing, this is why all representatives should be compelled by the voters to make public thier own credit report scores affirmed by an independent accounting firm. If you can’t take care of your own finances and live within your own means, you have no business having your bear paws on the Alaskan peoples money.

    Ross P. Bieling

  6. ...unity..

    ..another obfuscating “mouth” to insert between them and having to speak DIRECTLY to the people who elected them.
    Some “transparency”. From the same old CBC crowd. You can`t change the spots on a leopard. Looks like “deflect and deter, obfuscate and CYA is starting to look like the same in trade we`ll get from this gerrymandered bunch. Burn me twice shame on me.

    “The following 12 legislators all have four things in common: 1) Every one of them has taken more than $10,000 from VECO; 2) When VECO owner Bill Allen asked to be relieved of his requirement to register as a lobbyist, they crafted and passed legislation ending Allen’s requirement to register; 3) When presented with hundreds of pages of evidence of VECO’s bribery, each of them refused to respond; 4) When asked to admit or deny under oath whether or not they had taken advantage of the “illegal polling services”,.. that VECO Vice President Rick Smith admitted having provided to more than 100 of the company’s “favored” candidates, every one of the still seated legislators below refused comment.” (several have left..several remain..)

    Rep. Mike Chenault, R-Nikiski, $32,000;
    Rep. Ralph Samuels, R-Anchorage, $10,250;
    Rep. Mike Hawker, R-Anchorage, $21,350;
    Sen. Lesil McGuire, R-Anchorage, $17,550;
    Sen. Lyda Green, R-Wasilla, $18,000;
    Rep. Kevin Meyer, R-Anchorage, $23,350;
    Sen. John Cowdery, R-Anchorage, $45,200;
    Sen. Con Bunde, R-Anchorage, $18,650;
    Rep. John Coghill, R-North Pole, $10,480;
    Rep. Richard Foster, D-Nome, $16,750;
    Sen. Fred Dyson, R-Eagle River, $21,700;
    and Sen. Gary Stevens, R-Kodiak, $14,275.

    “Watch closely as they go to bat for everything VECO fought for – and remember them next election.”

  7. Larry

    I was shicked that Senator Meyer acted so irresponsibly. He owes the public an apology and a letter of resignation.

  8. South Anchorage Resident

    I learned today that Sen. Kevin Meyer has been in public office too long. He has lost touch with reality and his constituents.

  9. Alaska Cod Piece

    Smells like when former governor Parnell hired long time Pebble flack Ben Mohr as ‘fisheries adviser.’ lol

  10. Blue Duck

    This is an instance where Forecast’s (or Dianne Witte’s) obnoxious snark would be completely justified.

  11. Anonymous

    I would guess I have spoken with 20 people today – all conservatives I think, mostly business people – who felt compelled to mention how discouraged they are that an incoming senate president, in a Republican majority at that, hired a 3rd press person when the state budget is so far under water. This sends the worst possible message according to all these people. Are there any grownups in Alaska state government? Is this fiscal problem going to be every man for himself?

  12. Kevin

    Not that there is any connection or influence, but Meyer’s wife was, and still is, the executive secretary in the DVA Commissioner’s/Deputy Commissioner’s office. People sometimes travel in very small circles.

  13. Lynn Willis

    I now remember that statement about his future prospects in the private sector. I guess his “looking forward” turned into looking in another direction.
    Notice that, according to his boss, he joins a team of three others dedicated to “promoting our priorities, our goals and our individual efforts and leadership on behalf of Alaskans.” Now we have to understand that there is no bloat in the legislative support staff when you can only afford to have four persons for the Senate Majority alone working diligently on such a critical state government function.
    Next shoe to fall might be the cost to Alaskans for this apparently sole source contract which could only be filled by one candidate. In the mean time, I can’t wait for the first Senate Majority press release after this hiring to be about the priorities, goals, individual efforts and leadership on the part of Alaskans – to save money!

  14. Stupid Meter

    Out of a possible 10, the new press hire for the Senate Majority is a solid 9.899 performance in terms of political stupidity. Gee whiz. Just when we think they can’t do anything as dumb as…….., they always dig deep and surprise us.

    Sen. Meyer has relegated himself to Senator Fool status.

  15. D. Justice

    Senate president KM certainly isn’t a very smart political tactician. This hire of McHugh Pierre will certainly vie for one of the stupidest political moves of 2015 – – and we’re not yet two weeks into the year. Go Republican senators !!!!!

  16. Andy

    I did some surfing and this guy was a political appointee commish.
    Screwed stuff up, hindered investigations, etc…stay tuned for resultant trial and sordid details.

    In his blurb about his future after his firing, Pierre said ” I am looking forward to my future prospects in the private sector”.
    I guess the private sector is just too hard to deal with ….so make a few calls, talk to some buddies and boom….here is a cushy govt . job, just because.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Wasn’t Meyer the same guy that told Walker to tighten his belt? Folks need to be let go,
    overhead reduced, etc. This is a prime example of why we are in this never ending mess ….. unbelievable.

  17. Lynn Willis

    If the the hiring Mr. Pierre seems allowable, what about the hypocrisy of hiring any additional legislative staff by the very legislators who just sent a letter to Governor Walker demanding, among other actions, a hiring freeze to save money?

  18. Claire W

    Innocent until proven guilty, folks.
    Not really a McHugh fan, I don’t know…maybe because his teeth blind me, but I think it’s wise for people to pipe down until something substantial (not political) comes from the investigation on Mr. Pierre.
    Let him prove his worth to the Senate.

  19. Lynn Willis

    Alaskans should throw this hiring this back in their faces every time they start the “woe is me” lament about spending. The unmitigated gall and hypocrisy of these folks is stunning.
    George Orwell’s’ book “ANIMAL FARM” describing a government that recognizes a privileged class has a passage that explains their attitude perfectly: ““All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

  20. Lynn Willis

    I am not sure any amount of deep breaths on my part can overcomes the mouth-breathers in the Alaska Senate Majority. Image counts as much as anything in politics yet the tone deaf Senate President and those who remain in silent support of him cannot seem to grasp that concept (LIO contracts and Tennis anyone?)
    Now regarding the National Guard situation, if this “special investigator” doesn’t have the power to subpoena testimony, administer oaths and prosecute for perjury than your “under the rug” theory remains viable.

  21. AH HA

    By the way; Both ADN and the JE are reporting that Walker has narrowed the field of candidates for Special Prosecutor down to five but neither source names the candidates.

    Does anyone know who is in the running?

  22. Andy

    Wow…..one of the early dictates by the newly formed Senate and majority leader is to hire a terminated Guard leader as some sort of political mouthpiece ? Is there no end to hiring buddies, in-laws and sycophants?

    If this is the first salvo from the new dudes in charge we are in big trouble. Hiring folks for no apparent reason, in the middle of a calamitous budgetary scenario ,
    is very poor leadership. Reality check Juneau…..we are broke. Hiring buddies just because you need a rent-a-friend is not helping the budget crises.

  23. AH HA

    @Lynn, Really? Calm down, take a deep breath.

    Our erstwhile Senate President has just made a potentially serious mis-step and will have to pay dearly for it.

    The scent of a long awaited special prosecutor is in the wind and McHugh Pierre will most likely be one of his first victims.

    According to ADN and the JE Walker has narrowed the field to five and we should be hearing who it will be soon enough.

  24. Anonymous

    As I recall, Mr. Pierre was Deputy Director and obstructed the investigation of one of his high school buddies who was a target of the investigation.

  25. Lynn Willis

    Governor Parnell asked for Pierre’s resignation so I don’t think McHugh Pierre was a victim of circumstances. Are you suggesting the “Nuremberg Defense” applies to Mr. Pierre.? That is the defense based on a claim that “I was only following orders”, a defense that is very weak at best and it certainly didn’t work for Pierre with Governor Parnell did it? . He must have done something to get himself removed from his position with the Guard.

  26. Lynn Willis

    Regarding the Pierre rehire; here we see the modern Alaska legislative ethos at work which provides jobs for life if you are politically connected.
    Now by God, remember the should be no medicaid expansion for Alaskans as we simply cannot afford it; however, the Senate Majority will not want for a special ” communications specialist”. And not just any “communications specialist” but a recently dismissed Deputy Commissioner of the last Governor who apparently happens to be the only Alaskan capable of performing these important functions for the Senate Majority. Kevin Meyer may have no credibility after this stunt but he is a perfect figure head for the Alaska State Senate.
    Also, isn’t the wife of McHugh Pierre on the staff of a Co-Chair of Senate Finance; another “fiscal conservative” of the same party as Senator Meyer who was also a signatory to the letter attempting to blame Governor Walker for our fiscal mess and displace the actual blame?
    As long as this kind of shenanigans continues, Senator Meyer and members of Senate Finance can save their breath about the importance of cutting spending and especially of me having to pay taxes to employ Mr. Pierre.

  27. Anonymous

    Obstructing justice. But really, this should come as no surprise to anyone seeing that Meyers’ wife was Katkus’ Special Assistant. What an incestuous little circle of fiends.


    Documents obtained by Alaska Dispatch News show that Pierre inserted himself into one of the inquiries into the alleged sexual misconduct of a married recruiter, an incident of which Parnell’s office was aware.

    The recruiter, a high school classmate of Pierre’s from the late 1990s, was also accused of sexual harassment, of mistreating junior enlisted soldiers, of possessing steroids and committing assault. In June 2014, Cindy Sims, a senior staffer and close aide to the governor, received an email detailing the situation with this and dozens of other soldiers.

    The document notes that this soldier, whose name has been withheld since no criminal charges were ever filed, was recommended for removal from his full-time position and to be separated from the service with “other than honorable discharge.” Nothing came of it, apparently, after Pierre gave input to Katkus and the assistant adjutant general, Brig. Gen. Leon Bridges.

    After Pierre came forward, Bridges took over the case. He was to impose an action of General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand and a rank reduction of one grade, but the process — convening a board to review the discipline recommendations and then take action — has not moved forward.

  28. Garand Fellow

    The Alaska National Guard mess not only pre-dates McHugh Pierre’s tenure in that outfit but it is older than he is. My belief is that Pierre is guilty only of following the chain of command and direction from those above him in that chain of command. Sometimes that doesn’t work out very well and it cannot be helped.

    I do share concerns expressed by others regarding hiring press people when the state operating budget needs to be reduced by 1/3 or more. It is better for elected officials to say nothing at all than to preach austerity and not practice it.

  29. Anonymous

    IBEW, Chris Tuck, Tom Begich, and possibly a few of the others listed in the Democratic Party kick-off party story pulled out all the stops to defeat District 34 Representative Cathy Munoz last year, even using Mark Begich money. She won with about 65% of the vote and with strong support of all other unions save the Alaska Education Association. I hope Republicans stop being so kind to the very people who stab them in the back. I think it’s time that Republicans finally come to understand that there is no trusting these people. If we allow Tuck and anyone named Begich to fool us again then shame on us, and friends of Tuck and Begich can only be our enemies. Can anyone not understand that?

  30. Sherri

    Adding another pr person to the senate team is an unnecessary and non-essential staffer. Sen. Meyer is obviously clueless to the state’s financial plight. How blind and inappropriate can he be. I have always liked Sen. Meyer but now question my allegiance.

  31. DB

    The hiring of Pierre may not have the correct optics-the ADN will ensure that. However, the hiring of Governor Walker’s law partner as the attorney general should have all Alaskans very worried. Re the National Guard “scandal”, let’s wait and see before we prejudge any and all members of the Guard and the Parnell, and Palin Administrations. To prejudge anyone, is totally unfair. Hold those accountable who were responsible. Others’ character should not be tarnished if they had no part. Do not allow the media to shape the battlefield.

  32. Truth Checker

    While I agree with Truth Teller about the questions surrounding Mchugh and the national guard sex allegations, I don’t agree with his assessment of the majority as hypocrites. If you read what Ms. Coyne actually wrote, it says he is under contract- a one time fee. Theoretically that means he won’t receive health benefits or retirement. It is NOT a continuing state expense. Everyone knows it is not an employee’s salary that really costs the state, it’s the benefits. These people did the right thing in this manner. As far as the national guard scandal, that may not have been such a wise decision. Time will tell on that one, and the majority may pay the price when it does.

  33. FB

    The Senate Majority is turning itself into a laughing stock before session even starts. I guess they wanted to insure that the public had zero confidence in the Senate leadership. Comedy writers couldn’t even make this stuff up. I think the Senate is going to wish Charlie Huggins would be back up front soon.

  34. Truth Teller

    OMG. Is the Senate president slow, stupid or both ? Hiring another spokesperson for the senate is fiscally and politically irresponsible. Doing so, just days after requesting the governor to institute a hiring freeze is hypocrisy at its best. Then, when you factor in that he was dismissed from the Parnell administration because of his possible involvement in the National Guard scandal and that the new administration is in the process of hiring a special investigator to look into the allegations, such a stupid decision becomes an exponentially stupid decision. Yep, just what we need in a time of fiscal crisis. Shame on Kevin Meyer. You owe your majority members and all Aaskans an apology.

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