Loose Lips: Mayor Dan gets his glow on. Parnell a no show at Native forum. French is confident.

18955141_mLoose Lips, getting hooked: AP reporter Becky Bohrer and Juneau Empire sports writer Klas Stolpe were married on a boat on the waters outside of Petersburg. They wore Norwegian sweaters and according to a news account, exchanged gaff hooks.

Gov. Sean Parnell didn’t attend the opening ceremonies for the National Congress of American Indians on Monday morning in Anchorage. Nor, did he attend a governor’s forum that the Congress, in conjunction with AFN, held Monday night. “We’re here again together,” said Democratic candidate Byron Mallott to independent candidate Bill Walker. Mallott said that the two were getting used to sharing the stage together, without Parnell and that they were becoming friends. Walker urged the crowd to remember who showed when they went to the voting booth. “The person who didn’t show up?” Walker said. “He’ll come in third.”

In addition to the governor’s forum, there was also a U.S. Senate candidate forum, where Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell and former DNR Commissioner Dan Sullivan talked about everything from ObamaCare, which Alaska Natives generally favor, to the state’s relationship to tribal governance, which the state is generally opposed to, to voting rights. Both were on tricky ground, but both earned respectable applause for showing up and trying. Joe Miller, the other candidate in the Republican primary, didn’t make it for the forum, but showed up later and hung out in the back, listening to the other candidates.

And then other candidates crowded on stage to introduce themselves. Some of the candidates were from Outside, but most were from Alaska. Lt. gov. candidates Bob William and Craig Fleener were there. Hollis French wasn’t. Newly created House District 6 Democratic candidate Wilson Justin of Slana gave brief remarks. So did state Senate Democratic candidate Dorothy Shockley, who will face either Mike Miller or Sen. Click Bishop in the general election. U.S. Congressional candidate Forrest Dunbar made his statement blessedly brief. Republican gubernatorial candidate, Brad Snowden, didn’t. Snowden, who has “strong opinions” and lots of them, was politely hurried along by the moderator when he began to talk about, well, lots of things. The last I saw Snowden was late last month, when he had his thumb out on the Park’s Highway, making his way from Wasilla to Anchorage after the Freedom Festival.

High School freshman Sophie Hultberg, daughter of Becky Hultberg, blasted three home runs on Saturday helping the Juneau Douglas Crimson Bears win the ASAA small school state softball championship. The young Hultberg might have gotten some of her punch from Becky, who as Gov. Frank Murkowski’s spokeswoman, learned how to take swings right back at the media. Also on the team was Mattie Herman, daughter of DOE legislative liaison Marcie Herman.

Upcoming Events:

• June 10, 4:00 -6:00 p.m. Picnic in the Park with Rep. Scott Kawasaki, 1503
Turner Street, Fairbanks.

• June 14, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. BBQ Fundraiser celebrating Flag Day with state senate candidate Harry Crawford and state house candidate Laurie Hummel at the home of Hal and Barb Gazaway, 8620 Boundary Avenue, Anchorage.

• June 17, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Fundraiser for Reps. Lynn Gattis and Gabrielle LeDoux at Le Mex, off Diamond Blvd, Anchorage.

Sen. Mark Begich’s campaign had a brunch fundraiser on Sunday at the south Anchorage home of Greg and Jeanette Wakefield. From all reports, it was a success. More than 50 people showed. Some of the guests attending included former lite governor Stephen McAlpine, Marion Davis from Horizon Lines, former Gov. Bill Sheffield, and Mike Gallagher from Laborers Local 341.

Organized labor held its solidarity picnic in Anchorage on Sunday and hundreds showed. Both Sen. Mark Begich and gubernatorial candidate Byron Mallott gave rousing speeches. Labor favorite state Sen. Bill Wielechowski also spoke. Sen. Hollis French and Bob Williams, both vying for the Democratic Party’s number 2 spot, were there as well. Bill Walker, Independent gubernatorial candidate, who also enjoys some support from organized labor, showed too. And what’s a solidarity picnic without Vince “Baldtrami”?

In a show of electoral confidence, Democratic lite governor candidate Hollis French, given the expected tight market for television air time, bought some time on KTUU – Channel 2 for the week before the general election.

Miracles never cease: Mayor Dan Sullivan had a busy Sunday in his official capacity of being Hizzoner. He threw out the first pitch of the season opener for the Pilots v. Bucs baseball game. Then he headed to Cuddy Park where he gave welcoming remarks to thousands of people gathered for the Love Alaska Festival. One person there, who’s not necessarily a fan of the mayor, said that he did a “beautiful job,” and described him as “humble and funny.”

Congratulations to the Alaska Aces on Monday night’s victory and clenching their 3rd Kelly Cup. Most Alaskan candidates tripped over themselves to congratulate the victors. The Alaska Democrats took to Facebook, wondering if the sound of GOP candidate Dan Sullivan’s silence indicated that he was secretly routing for Cincinnati, his home town’s team.

The smaller of the two Pribilof village corporations, the St. George Tanaq Corporation, held their 40th annual shareholder meeting on Saturday. Congratulations are in order for Anna Tetoff for being named Elder of the Year and to Sara Merculief for being named Aleut of the Year.

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11 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Mayor Dan gets his glow on. Parnell a no show at Native forum. French is confident.

  1. KM, anchorage

    The Governor was out of town and that’s why he wasn’t at the forum. He was attending his parents 60th wedding anniversary.

  2. Mayor Dan

    I was honored to give the welcoming comments to the National Congress of American Indians on Monday. Tribal representatives from all over the country are here and Anchorage is proud to host this important event.

  3. Derp

    Nope, Mallott told me personally at a fundraiser last week that he’s hoping for a Mallott/French ticket. Nice try.

  4. Vince Beltrami

    You should at least put “Baldtrami” in quotes for accuracy Ms. Coin 😉

    Believe me, I was extremely dissapointed not to be able to emcee what would have been my 4th consecutive solidarity picnic, but the flu gods had other more immediate and volatile plans for me.

    Anchorage Central Labor Council President Dan Repasky did a fine job I am told and an estimated 2000 folks enjoyed sunshine, barbecue, info booths, big bouncy toys for kids, face painting, and yes…SOLIDARITY!

  5. Lynn Willis

    Sean Parnell has a history of avoiding debates. Public debate brings out facts and information about the capability of candidates. Those kinds of facts and information are not what Sean Parnell wants or needs. Sean Parnell’s entire political career is based on his keeping people ignorant about his actual capability to manage and lead this state.
    Sean Parnell is simply an image of a leader. Congressman Don Young described him perfectly as “Captain Zero” We can do better……

  6. Palmer Pioneer

    r not get too cocky cause our valley sunshine Bob Williams is picking up steam. People like a fresh face. Williams has enormous appeal. Hear thru the grapevine that Byron Mallott is hoping for a Mallott-Williams ticket.

  7. Northern Political Analyst

    Parnell’s arrogance is starting to show more and more. Snubbing a large group of Natives simply is poor form. He should read the polls closer. His numbers are sliding downward. His suport left is softening. Walker might be right and he could come in third place.

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