Loose Lips: More Three Amigos. Young in Chicken. Spoils of love: The tale of Tuck’s license plates.

feminism You heard it first here: The Colony Days’ Bed Races took place Friday evening in Palmer. I don’t know what’s involved in a bed race, and because there’s so much to know in the world, I decided not to ask too many questions. I do know that Rep. Bill Stoltze was the only politician who partook. And, wait for it… The 2014 Bed Races champion was the Matanuska Electric Association team captained by their president Joe Griffith!

This is more like it: Some have been wondering why KFQD talk show host Bernadette Wilson’s Chevy Tahoe has legislative license plates. Wonder no more: Wilson’s former boyfriend, House Minority Leader Chris Tuck, didn’t get around to taking them off until Friday, when he heard a blogger was calling around about it. Tuck said that when he and Wilson were dating, he was driving her car. His own went to legislative aides. So he put one of his three allotted sets on hers and always meant to get them off when they broke up last year, but never got around to it. The license plates, which are numbered based on seniority—Tuck is number 23–don’t get you free parking or other perks, unless you count as a perk driving in a car that announces that you’re a state lawmaker. And I guess politicians like that kind of stuff. So, apparently, do talk show hostesses.

Legislative staffer Anna Latham, from Rep. Kurt Olson’s office, is now at the Alaska Department of Labor where she will serve as the department’s legislative liaison.

Upcoming events:

  • June 10, 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Ron Arvin for state House fundraiser at the Petroleum Club, Anchorage.
  • June 14, 4:00- 6:00 p.m. Bob Williams for lieutenant governor, hosted by Judy Youngquist and Phil Munger, 7127 E Shorewood Drive, Wasilla
  • June 19, 5:30 – 7:00 pm. Mat-Su Parnell for Governor Fund Raiser, New Horizons Telcom Hanger, Palmer.

Quien Es Mas Macho? We’ve heard about the Three Amigos in the Valley: Roger Purcell, Steve Jacobson and Verne Rupright—who are running against Reps. Keller, Mark Neuman, and Lynn Gattis. Here’s another Three Amigos for you of a different breed: Wiley Cason, Travis Smith, and Democratic congressional hopeful Forrest Dunbar. UAA debate team guru Cason is the communications guy for Forrest Dunbar for Congress campaign. Cason ran state Sen. Hollis French’s campaign in 2012. Dunbar’s campaign manager is Travis Smith, a recent grad of Willamette University.

Alaskan Lee Goodman’s spanking new legal thriller Indefensible got a starred review by Publisher’s Weekly. Goodman’s my friend, and wrote a damned good book.

About 200 people showed for Vic Fischer’s 90th birthday party on Wednesday to show their support for the Yes on 1 campaign. The haul was more than $30,000. It’s a pittance compared to the millions being spent on the other side. But $30,000 goes a long way when you’re buying Facebook ads and when you’re got a trove of true believers involved in a cause that they believe is a just one.

There were at least three fundraisers that I was aware of on Thursday evening. Gov. Parnell had an event in Fairbanks. I’m told that the take at the door was north of $10,000. Rep. Shelley Hughes had an event that drew almost 50 people in Palmer. And in Anchorage, Reps. Gabrielle LeDoux and Mia Costello held a joint fundraiser at Le Mex. Each of the candidates were rumored to have raised more than $5,000.

Congratulations to former Juneau Rep. Beth Kerttula on her appointment and new role as White House director of ocean policy.

More hot news: All three major gubernatorial candidates – – Sean Parnell, Byron Mallott and Bill Walker – – participated in Saturday’s Colony Days Parade in Palmer! A bunch of other politicians were there as well: Democratic Lite Gov. candidate Bob Williams, GOP senatorial candidates Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell, Rep. Bill Stoltze, to name a few. Smiles were bestowed! Candy was thrown!

Rep. Don Young was in Chicken on Friday. Deantha Crockett, executive director of the Alaska Miners Association was there too. I’ll bet you dimes to donuts, or hens to chickens, they discussed last year’s visit from the Alaska Environmental Crimes Task Force, when the agents showed wearing body armor and jackets announcing that they were POLICE! And that they were going to check for DIRTY WATER! And that NOTHING was going to stop them from doing their JOBS, enforcing Section 404 of the Clean Water ACT! It sounds like the good miners of Chicken could have used the help of the Three Amigos.

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17 thoughts on “Loose Lips: More Three Amigos. Young in Chicken. Spoils of love: The tale of Tuck’s license plates.

  1. John Smith

    So you accuse posters of character assassination, and then follow that up with accusations against the Governor and legislature.

    Sounds legit.

  2. Milton Friedman

    If you interpreted my comment as hatred, then quite frankly, I am not sure you fully grasp the meaning of the word. My only point is to point out that an effective representative should have enough life experience to actually relate to the problems, struggles and challenges that their constituents face on a day to day basis. I am sure Mr. Dunbar is a kind, polite and educated young man, and that he will do great things in his life for himself and for his community. I am simply of the opinion that having not actually had a substantial amount of life experience outside of the classroom, he is at this time in his career, not a good representative of the people of Alaska. One day perhaps he will be.

  3. Jim Bob

    The right wing Keyboard Kommandoes are out in force character assassinating Tuck. Interesting to see how they give a pass to Captain Zero’s rape tolerance policies and are cool with the legislature lining oil companies’ pockets with billions of our dollars.

    Tuck is popular and is running unopposed, so suck it, wingers, Tuck isn’t going anywhere. It’s a shame he got snared in petty APOC red tape. Meanwhile, corporate $, most of it oil $, is buying Alaskan politicians and all we’ll here from the right wing Keyboard Kommandoes is the sound of crickets.

    I agree with the other commenters that it would be nice if he didn’t hang out with loser chicks like Bernadette.

  4. Margaret

    In one week, Chris Tuck is reprimanded by APOC on numerous campaign reporting violations and now this. Surely, this will lead to an ethics investigation and approriate penalties. Meanwhile, you would have to think that KEQD radio would want to rethink their relationship with their talk host who has been driving around town illegally with Rep. Tuck’s legislative plates. If you have ever listened to the Bernadette and Berkowitz talk show it doesn’t take you long to understand what the iintellectual discussion between Chris and Bernadette must be like. The radio show is so bad that it even makes Berkowitz, who isn’t, sound dumb by association. Having said all this, I still contend that Bernadette deserves a smarter boyfriend

  5. 357

    Chris Tuck has always imressed me as a nice guy but not too smart. Now, I know it. What was thje guy thinking? As a Democrat, II thjink it is high time that we get a new minoriity leader in the House.

  6. Roberta

    Plategate 2014. Why would any legislator allow his legislative license plates to be used on any vehicle that wasn’t registered to him. These plates are for his registered vehicles and are inappropriate, unethical and illegal to allow to be used on someone else’s vehicle. This is simply unacceptable. I hope that the Legislative Ethics Committee comes down hard on him. Was he trying to curry favot with an attractive youg woman? Or what? I agreee that Mr. Tuck’s behavior suggests that he is unfit for public office.

  7. John M. Keynes

    Re Milton’s comment –
    My dear beloved Milton,
    Once again, your analysis and theories are based in your own unsubstantiated oblivian of useless models and econometrix. I’m sure, at least on an intellectual level, Mr. Dunbar’s writings and economic analysis would be more focused and indepth that our Congressman might offer. So rather than offer hatred, let’s look forward to a spirited debate this campaign season. Seems like our theories and beliefs seldom if ever match up.

  8. Nan T.

    Lee, congratulations on your new book. Was quite surprised to read about it today. Keeping my fingers crossed for a best seller. Good luck.

  9. Luanne

    Why are there always scandles around Bernadette aka the Party Planner? At least this time, thank God, it is with a democrat and not a republican. What was Representative Tuck thinking?
    A word to the wise : politicians would be best served to stay away from the Party Planner. Just ask Dan, Mead or Chris.

  10. Love Lips

    I am appaulled at Representative Tuck’s lack of character. Utilizing license plates issued to a legislator on others vehicles is both illegal and unethical. I hope that the Legislative Ethics office takes this up and gives a penalty to Tuck that is commensurates with the infraction. To me, it is extremely wrong for legislators to knowingly violate the laws they write. His colleagues in the legislature should call for his resignation if theu have any character. I will not vote for me senator or representative unless they demand the case be brought before their ethics tribunal at a minimum.

  11. Lynn Willis

    Rep. Tuck needs to resign, not today, but yesterday for his flaunting of the law and his totally inappropriate conduct. What about his fellow legislators, especially those from his own party? What do they have to say? Listen for the crickets…..
    So who pays the registration for three sets of vehicle plates per legislator? I suppose we do and I suppose the use of these plates will gain these non elected strap hangers, family members and, in at least one case, ex-girlfriends, access to downtown parking reserved for legislators and especially the new heated, secure, underground LIO parking garage when shopping or dining in Anchorage during inclement weather or after hours. When I go to testify at the LIO, usually the three or four parking spaces allocated for “peasant use” are occupied so I have learned to just pay to park in the municipal parking garage and walk to the LIO.
    . Also, I just paid with my own funds to re-register my truck, not from my from my $16,000 per year legislative “office account”.
    OK, so how about a bill to reduce legislative parking plates to one set per legislator and if they chose to use them they will be clearly marked “for official use only” with a requisite fine for abuse.

  12. Sandy D

    more in the pathetic saga of the least relevant, least articulate, least intelligent legislator in juneau. they never stopped dating…once again tuck does “the right thing” only after someone tells him to

  13. Brad

    I can’t believe that Treadwell showed his face anywhere near Dan Sullivan, the veteran hero of Alaska, Mead is a joke.

  14. Milton Friedman

    Don’t understand the love fest over Dunbar. He hasn’t really done anything to show that he is capable of being a representative. Sorry, but working as a union shill doesn’t qualify. I’m sure he is a nice kid and all, but go out into the world and achieve something before trying to sell yourself as a representative if anything.

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