Loose Lips: Murkowskis endorse. Naked Mabel. GOP’s salad mess.

Loose LipsA few weeks ago, I wrote about House District 36 in Southeast and the seat that’s being vacated by Rep. Peggy Wilson. I said I had heard that Patti Mackey, who’s the president and CEO of the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau, appeared to have a leg up on other Republican candidates: Borough Assemblywoman Agnes Moran and Chere Klein. Some people took issue with that. One even implied that I was part of some sort of vague conspiracy. Machinations in the Misty Fiords! Alas. Just chatterers who might have been wrong. Moran sure has some supporters out there. Including none other than former Gov. Frank and Nancy Murkowski, who still consider Ketchikan home. Nancy confirmed that the two are endorsing Moran, which is not a small deal in Ketchikan.

The Libertarian Republican, an online news site, features an interview with Libertarian Senate candidate Mark Fish. In the piece, he addressed rumors that if Joe Miller  lost the Republican primary, he would try to run as a Libertarian. “Joe is more likely to run against Lisa [Murkowski] again in 2016 in the GOP primary,” Fish said.

The Republican National Committee has sent yet another worker to Alaska! Kyle Kohli is supposed to be working on communications, though few that I know have actually communicated with him yet. At his former job with Center for American Freedom (or just, FREEDOM! for short), Kohli “monitored political media, cable/local news, administration press briefings, and online blogs in the Free Beacon ‘War Room,’ where one can imagine Republican boys would gather and yell “FREEDOM” at computer screens.

This is my new favorite race. Democrat Mabel Wimmer will be running in the general for House District 9 against Republican incumbent Rep. Eric Feige or one of his challengers. Wimmer, who’s one of the more colorful characters to be running this cycle, doesn’t really believe she stands a chance in such a Republican/Christian district, but she’s going to have fun trying. She’s even planning  to attend the Anchorage Baptist Temple’s famous candidate walk-through, even though she said that Rev. Jerry Prevo is working to try to make all the gays and lesbians homeless, “all my friends,” she said with a big, throaty laugh. Wimmer and her husband, her sixth, run the Mendeltna Creek Lodge near Glenallen, and they both sponsor the annual bluegrass festival. In fact, there’s a bluegrass group, a group of young boys, one of whom is KTVA  reporter Rhonda McBride’s son, that named themselves Naked Mabel. They did so in honor of Wimmer’s Facebook campaign to get women to appreciate their bodies by posting nude pictures of themselves. What does she most like about herself? “My legs”  she said. She does have great legs. Behold:


Every July, the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club hosts their annual “salad luncheon.” It’s usually tasteful and understated. More iceberg than arugula, if you get my drift. This year? Pass the radicchio! It appears that club president, Judy Eledge, who tends to toss things up wherever she goes, chose the venue, and the venue is at her favorite senate candidate, Mead Treadwell’s house. Big deal? Yep. Word has it that it’s resulted in name calling, some yelling, gnashing of teeth, and threats by Eledge to quit the party all together and to take her club, and the salad bowl, with her.

Dan Fagan, for one, stayed out of the Republican Women’s salad party-mess. He’s in Whitehorse, searching for a golf course, one presumes.

Blogger and music conductor Phil Munger and wife Judy Youngquist hosted a meet and greet for lite governor candidate Bob Williams last weekend. Reportedly, people drove, walked and kayaked to the event. One of the special guests was Alaska’s constitutional convention clerk, aide to Territorial Governor Ernest Gruening and former legislator Katie Hurley who has endorsed Williams’ candidacy.

Happy Birthday to Willie Hensley, also known by the indigenous name Iġġiaġruk, who’s 73rd  birthday is on Tuesday, June 17. If you haven’t read his book Fifty Miles from Tomorrow: A Memoir of Alaska and the Real People, you should do so. Also this week: A big happy birthday to Mayor Dan Sullivan.

Speaking of which: Mayor Dan’s spokeswoman, Lindsey Whitt, who has one, is co-chairing the group, “Women for Dan,” which would be for the other Dan Sullivan, who is running for Senate of course. That, of course, is confusing. But get this: We’ll also have a Millette, a Millett, and a Mallott on the ballot in November.

Upcoming Events:

• June 18, 12:00 noon. Bob Williams for Lieutenant Governor Meet and Greet, IBEW Hall, 2000 Airport Way, Fairbanks.

• June 18, 6:15pm – 8:00 pm. Public discussion on SB 21 hosted by Anchorage Young Republicans. Andrew Halcro will moderate. Speakers include Doug Smith, Sen. Cathy Giessel, Scott Goldsmith, and Rick Mystrom. Wilda Marston Theater, Loussac Public Library, 3600 Denali St., Anchorage.

• June 19, 3:00 – 4:00 pm. Kachemak Board of Realtors Meet and Greet for Senate candidate Dan Sullivan (public invited), at the Elks Lodge, 215 Jenny Way, Homer.

• June 19, 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Re-Elect Sean Parnell for Governor Fundraiser at New Horizons Telcom Hangar, 901 Cope Industrial Way, Palmer.

• June 19, 5:00 – 6:00 pm. Dan Sullivan for Senate Community Meet and Greet, Kachemak Community Center, 59906 Bear Creek Drive, Homer.

• June 21, 7:00 pm – Midnight. Solstice Bar-B-Q Fundraiser for Bob Williams for Lieutenant Governor at the home of Lesa and Bobby Meath, 2810 Riverview Dr., Fairbanks.

• June 22, 3:30 – 5:30 pm.  Bob Williams for Lieutenet Governor Wine Tasting Fundraiser, 11058 Salcha Dr., Harding Lake.

• June 23, 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Stoltze for Senate Fundraiser, Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, 4721 Aircraft Drive, Anchorage.

• June 24, 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Gretchen Wehmoff for State House Campaign Kick-Off Picnic at Mirror Lake Park, Mile 24 New Glenn Highway.

• June 24, 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Bill Walker for Governor Meet and Greet Pizza Party at Apollo Restaurant, Seward.

• July 1, 4:00 – 5:30 pm. Round Table Discussion and Fundraiser with U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R -WY) for Dan Sullivan for Senate, 501 West International Airport Road, Anchorage. Space is limited rsvp Robyn@Sullivan2014.com

• July 26, 9:00 am – 10:00 pm. Ted Stevens Day Celebration at JBER, Anchorage.

Sometimes just a little change in the weather makes all the difference in the world for a fundraiser. On a cloudy Monday evening, Sen. Kevin Meyer and Rep. Charisse Millett held one at La Mex. Present were Jordan Marshall with the Rasmuson Foundation; Speaker Mike Chenault’s COS Tom Wright; ConocoPhillips’ Marie Evans, who, always a spiffy dresser, showed in fashionable jogging attire.  Valley Senate candidate DeLena Johnson was there, as was John McKinnon from the Associated General Contractors. Nicole Harris and Lynn Johnson also showed, among others.

A joint fundraiser for Reps. Lynn Gattis and Gabrielle LeDoux was also held at La Mex on Tuesday night. While the sunny skies kept the hordes away, Joe Beedle from Northrim Bank showed. So did Liz Vazquez, who is running for Mia Costello’s House seat. GOP guru Randy Ruedrich was there to spread money and wisdom. Dani Bickford, Louise Stutes from Kodiak who also is running for the state House, and perennial fundraiser attendee Clayton Walker were there. Some of the women huddled and talked about pee sticks. Some of the men, trying to listen, became uncomfortable.

Democrat Matt Moore, who will be facing the House Majority Leader Lance Pruitt in the general election, also had an event Tuesday evening at Cafe Del Mundo. I stopped by early but didn’t stay long enough to get a good feel for how the event went. However, I can tell you that those who did go, had a great opportunity to eat some of Roger Shaw’s almost famous chili.

GOP senate candidate Mead Treadwell also had a fundraiser Tuesday evening at Jalepeno’s restaurant in Eagle River. Word is that it was a successful event that included an impressive host committee including the likes of Rep. Lora Reinbold, and Anchorage Assembly members Bill Starr and Amy Demboski.

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17 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Murkowskis endorse. Naked Mabel. GOP’s salad mess.

  1. naked mabel

    Not quite that many, but enough to make Victoria Woodhall proud. She was the first woman to run for president before women could vote. She believed that woman have the right to love who they choose, and how many. It was scandalous.

    Thank you for liking my run. It should be fun.

  2. Rebecca Logan

    It has been nice to rely on Amanda’s blog for some good news – breaking news and some fun “loose lips” tidbits. The nastiness of some of the comments, however, is really disappointing. It is only encouraged by the ability to be anonymous. If you feel compelled to write something mean – please use your full name. Not an alias, or initials or just a first name.

  3. Julie

    Cynthia – We are all intelligent Republican Women, do you really need to say Judy is “stupid” I know her well and “stupid” she is not.
    Mead offered his home for this years event, after last years salad luncheon, because it was such a great success and worked well for so many who attended
    Just because someone does not support a candidate that you support, does not make them “stupid”
    Lets keep it classy here

  4. Cynthia

    Judy Eledge’s selection of Mead Treadwell’s home wasn’t an honest oversight; rather, it was a deceitful attempt to try to help Treadwell’s faltering and unsuccessful campaign. In past years, Mead did host the event and the invitation clearly stated at the home of Mead Treadwell and the address. This year’s invitation “failed” to mention that it was at Mead Treadwell’s residence. This was Judy just doing what she does so well – – being stupid. Of course Judy would support Mead, as she should, since they are so much alike. There ‘s a reason Mead’s ccampaign is failing so miserably. Some other commenter questioned whi was crazier between Judy and Mabel. The answer can be safely assumed to be Judy. I am disgusted with her “lack” of leadership with the women’s club and hope she resigns.

  5. Claire

    A few of us are tired of Mead’s house. He’s so gracious to his guests, but he should teach his dog a few manners. Sit in a kennel, don’t eat off plates before the guest has finished, don’t reach up on the table for human food…just a thought! 🙂

  6. RR

    I’m curious. Who’s crazier Judy Eledge or Naked Mabel ? I am sure opinions would differ. I would be willing to bet that Mabel is a nicer more tolerant person than Judy is. Frankly, I’m tired of her outrages, her grumbling and bad choices. Mead is one of them.

  7. Julie

    SALAD LUNCH – This is the 4th year that Lt Gov Mead Treadwell has graciously allowed ARWC to have the annual salad lunch at his home. His home is great for this event as the club has up to 100 attendees! It not that easy to find someone who will open up their home. It was a board decision to have the event at the Lt Gov. home, not Judy’s. Perhaps you should contact ARWC members and check your facts!!

  8. GOP watcher

    Judy has always been petty, but her hypocrisy grows by the day. She’s the first to fire off an angry email if any republican women take sides in this challenged primary, unless that side is for milquetoast mead. Why any women support her in a gop leadership role is beyond me – she’s as nasty as they come.

  9. Steve Brostko

    My way or I quit! From what I’ve read on Ms. Eledge’s social media outlets, she seems quite petty and struggles to remain neutral in the senate race, something required of the position she holds.

  10. RudeAlaskan

    Although the idea is beautiful….no need for loads of nudity here, your quality journalism draws the crowds.

  11. Tlingit Truth

    I just love former Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska President Ed Thomas description of Willie’s book….

    50 miles from the truth: a tall tale from Willie’s imagination.

  12. Wanna Be Photographer

    If Naked Mabel is elected I want to be the official House pphotographer. I think she’d put some excitement in the legislature. I think she might have more chance than even she feels she does. Her schtick could work well for her.

  13. Alaskan Fella

    You betcha. Count me as a Mabel supporter. To heck and back with Eric Feige. We need someone like Mabel in Juneau. Also, everyone who reads this article should click on the hyperlink to listen to the band named after Mabel. They’re very good. Go Mabel.

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