Loose Lips: Polls, pot and parties.

15770860_mKarl Rove’s super PAC, American Crossroads, had a film crew in Anchorage this week filming. But then again, who didn’t?

Aki, whose real name is the awesomely unpronounceable Vasilios Gialopsos, has accepted a position with the AK Department of Revenue to serve as the commissioner’s special assistant / legislative liaison. Previously, he served as a legislative staffer to Rep. Charisse Millett. Aki’s family owns the Little Italy restaurant in Anchorage.

On Tuesday evening, Sens. Kevin Meyer, Mike Dunleavy and Pete Kelly held a joint fundraiser at the Petroleum Club. During the short campaign speeches, it was proudly pointed out to the pro-development crowd attending, that all three of the senators received an “F” rating from the Alaska Conservation voters. About 40 people were there, including: Eddie Grasser; Pebble Partnership’s John Shively; Steve Nerland; John and Jan Ellsworth; GCI’s Tina Pidgeon; Rebecca Logan; sports fishing enthusiast Bob Penney and his grandson Curtis from Northwest Strategies; Sen. Cathy Geisel; Steve Colligan; Judy Eledge; Kara Moriarty; Miles Baker; soon to be elected senator Bill Stoltze and Anchorage mayoral hopeful Dan Coffey.

Concurrently, the Marijuana Initiative hearing was taking place at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage and former KTVA reporter, “Ms. F##ck it,” Charlo Greene, testified, to no one’s surprise, on behalf of legalization. Greene, whose real name is Charlene Ebg, brought her potty mouth and her gang of hecklers with her, all of which seemed to make staid Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell uncomfortable.

The Anchorage courthouse on Friday is the place to be. Oral arguments for the Walker/Mallott ballot challenge begin at 9 a.m., and at 10 a.m., just when you really need to stretch your legs and do some rubbernecking, you can go down the hall and peak into Charlo Greene’s hearing on a restraining order filed against her. Greene’s neighbor took out the restraining order more than two weeks ago after she allegedly told him to “watch his back” after he complained that the plume of pot smoke wafting from her apartment was making his four-year-old sick.

Back to Tuesday: Meantime, on the South side of town, about 70 people gathered for a Bill Walker/Byron Mallott fundraiser. The chatter was all nonpartisan, unity, recent polls and winning. They think they can smell a win, and it showed. Walker’s more constant, but Mallott’s energy has seemed to ebb since he announced for governor in the summer. Before the merger, he seemed down. Now it’s not. Now he’s funny. Lively. Witty and most of all, he seems relieved and happy. ”We’re going to win!” he told the crowd, to loud applause. Spotted in the group: Craig Fleener; Malcom and Cindy Roberts; former AGs Bruce Botelho and John Havelock; lawyer Scott Kendall; Ralph Kibby from Juneau’s Chatham Electric; lawyer Rob Johnson and his wife Sue; and former Gov. Bill Sheffield and Lt. Gov. Steve McAlpine, who prefers to be called Stephen.

But maybe not so fast: Last week, some polls were showing the Walker – Mallott ticket with a slight lead in the polls over Parnell – Sullivan. Some are chalking it up to the equivalent of a “convention bounce.” Adding some credibility to that theory is a poll that was just completed by Basswood Research. The poll was paid for by the Parnell-Sullivan campaign, and showed Parnell with a 5 point lead at 46 percent with Bill Walker at 41 percent. Libertarian Care Clift at 3 percent, and Constitution Party candidate JR Myers coming in at less than 1 percent. About 8 percent were undecided. The poll had a margin of error rate of +/-4 percent.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce will make an announcement regarding the Sullivan for U.S. Senate campaign tomorrow (Thursday) in Anchorage. Smart money says it’ll be an endorsement.

I was told by someone who knows these things that charges likely won’t be filed against Sarah Palin or her kin related to the sprawling brawl that took place a few Saturdays ago. You remember, the one where Bristol, unprovoked, supposedly punched someone in the face repeatedly. I guess that’s just the way we roll up here, folks. Hit ‘em hard on Saturday and then we’ll see you in church on Sunday. And don’t forget to work hard the rest of the week so that you can give some money to Sarah Palin’s PAC so that she can travel across the country, giving speeches espousing family values, which she is paid handsomely for, and uses those earnings to rent stretch limo Hummers and for shoes like the ones below, which she was seen wearing at the Anchorage International Airport this week, on her way to D.C., to give a speech at the Family Values Summit, whose agenda does not include anything about what to do when your daughter punches someone in the face at a party:


Speaking of the Wasilla crowd, or Wasillabillie’s as some have taken to call them, a group of them gathered next to Wasilla Lake–a soulful lake next to a soulless highway—on Wednesday. They were there for a Republican Rally in the Valley. (Get it!). And if you wanted to make a movie about a Wasilla political rally, it couldn’t have been better. The guy who sees Muslim terrorist everywhere? Check. The woman who dreams in prophesy? Check. The mayoral candidate who talks obsessively about guns? Check. The hunters just in from a moose-kill? They were there in droves. But then again, real life, even the strange real life that’s Wasilla, rarely lives up to stereotypes. One of the moose hunters was a beautiful woman with gleaming hair and teeth. Another one was Senate President Charlie Huggins, who’s college degreed-up and who is one of the most decorated vets in the state. Rep. Bill Stoltze was there. He’s a walking encyclopedia on Alaska history, and can also likely tell you the name of every single sitting congressman in the country, and who they beat to get there. The very tall Sen. Mike Dunleavy, who rides mules, shotgun at the ready, and has a master’s degree in education, towered over the crowd. Reps. Shelley Hughes, Lynn Gattis, Mark Neuman, Wes Keller and House candidate Cathy Tilton were all there, all of them defying the Wasilla stereotype in their own way, when it suits them. (But don’t let them fool you: one minute they’ll be talking English lit to a reporter, the next God and guns to a constituent). Senate candidate Dan Sullivan riled up the crowd with a speech about taking back the country. Gov. Sean Parnell, who knows that this place is the battleground, was energized, which isn’t something that the public often sees. After Anchorage Mayor and lt. gov. candidate Dan Sullivan spoke, he walked through the crowd, shaking hands. “Wasilla has energy,” he said. A reporter added, “It has zing.” ‘Yes it does,” he said. Others spotted among the crowd of over 100: Loren Means, Berkley Tilton, Noel Wood, Gretchen Barr, Brandon Wall, Mike Coons, John Harris, Richard Heller, Larry DeVilbiss, Rex Shattuck, Tom Wright, DeLana Johnson, Mike and Linda Leary, Otto Feather, and Heather Brakes,

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17 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Polls, pot and parties.

  1. LysanderSpooner

    Being dismissive of something is not the same as factually refuting it, just as engaging in personal attacks — i.e. shooting the messenger — is not the same as refuting the message.

    “Diplomat and statesman”?? Hardly. Unless you think what he did to Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins — and countless others before him — qualifies as statesmanlike.

    Huggins is what he is. Just because he fools you, doesn’t mean he fools everyone. That’s why he won’t be Senate president again.

  2. LysanderSpooner

    I know Charlie, too. So do a lot of people who are turned off by his bullying and hotheadedness. His reputation is well established by now and goes all the way back to his days as a Mat-Su school board member. No point in trying to whitewash it. That incident earlier this year where he roughed up a fellow legislator is just the latest in a long line of similar incidents. Just because there’s a “what happens in Juneau stays in Juneau” mentality among legislators and their staff, doesn’t change the reality on the ground.

  3. Les Moore

    Boy, how convenient is that, eh ? The culture that existed in the National Guard didn’t just happen over night, it extends back into Palin’s regime and likely into Murkowski’s as well.

    2010 is when the complaints began to surface, but you can rest assured that there were rumblings of problems before that.

    I don’t buy it. Someone allowed L48 Dan to sidestep this issue in a way that wouldn’t tarnish him down the road, and apparently they’ve succeeded.

    Audie Holloway also resigned his position with the State Troopers around the same time that Sullivan went from the AG’s office to DNR.

    I don’t believe for a minute that Dan Sullivan was unaware of what was going on at Camp Denali. I just don’t buy it.

  4. Amanda Post author

    @les. My understanding is that the first allegations came out two days before Sullivan left the AG’s office for DNR, and that the governor didn’t share the accusations with him in those two days.

  5. Les Moore

    When is someone going to get L48 Dan on the record as to what he did to stop sexual assault and rape in the Alaska National Guard ?

    Why is his name conspicuously absent in all of this, after all, he was the Attorney General when these allegations began to surface in the Governor’s office in 2010.

    Amanda, why isn’t he being pressed on this ?

  6. ThugzruleAlaska

    I can’t believe no charges are being filed! The Alaskan State Troopers should be investigating this! APD were Todd’s clients in his pimping biz . Word is on the blogs is Sarah is paying “Six figures” I guess so charges won’t be filed…What’s wrong with Alaskans? If I got punched by that thug nothing but JAIL & MONEY would soothe my soul! Sarah is a worldwide laughingstock. WORLDWIDE saw this Palin brawl and this
    disgraceful, unhinged family could of been VPOTUS! Lawless, pimping,brawling, Thugs!
    Bristol is on the IM blog as anon BRAGGING about the charges being dropped! When are Alaskans going to stand up to this thug family?

  7. Todd

    Amanda –
    You should have written that Senator Begich is having a very bad week: he continues to slide in the polls, his unfavorable ratings exceed 50%, he failed to get the NRA endorsement that he pandered diligently for, the US Chamber of Commerce endorsed his opponent and the John Daley show continues to poke fun and laugh at him. Plus, the Washington Post opined that Sullivan may be one of the best candidates in the nation for the senate. But Begich has a plan: HE WILL CONTINUE HIS LIES AND ATTACKS. After all, he has no real record of achievement or success.

  8. CPG49

    Lysander Spooner, amoniker quickly becoming known as someone who knows not what they write, is absurd in his/her characteriization of Charlie Huggins. The senator is a gentleman, diplomat and statesman. If he has ever acted like a bully, I suspect it was called for. Spooner’s unwarranted and unsubstantiated criticism is ridiiculous and a product of a small mind. (Probably someone who suppports the Walker/Mallott disaster ticket).

  9. Garand Fellow

    I know Charlie Huggins. He is a fine American and a great Alaskan. He seems to be quite calm under pressure, almost uniquely so in the Capitol and nothing at all like a hothead. He is not a bully; when he straightens out some fellow it is always warranted and quite frankly is an act. I would bet one of my pre-64 Model 70’s that if old Charlie ever has to step in and actually put a stop to a situation you will see no theatrics at all, just Charlie standing over dead men.

  10. LysanderSpooner

    Pretty sad that being a decorated veteran gets Huggins a pass to be a bullying, hotheaded jackass without consequence.

  11. Greek Alaskan

    Aki. It is a common nickname that means ‘little’ in Greek. Maybe it sounds like Ikey to Americans? Definitely Aki though.

  12. Blue

    Already knowing the answer but putting it out there anyway-why isn’t ole skanky pants seen at any of these rallies in Alaska? Why wasn’t she shakin hands and kissing babies with Sullivan and the rest at the rally in the valley? After all didn’t she QUIT HER GOVERNORSHIP to be of better use to the great state of Alaska? Or don’t Alaskans have enough money to pay for her putrid appearances? The fact that she doesn’t nor isn’t wanted in attendance by ANYONE in Alaskan politics speaks volumes!!! Alaskans know her best and they say nope to sarah palin.

  13. Jon K

    Lynn, the simple fact is the same people cycle in and out of government on both sides. This isn’t a conspiracy. It is a reflection of the fact that we are a state with a very small population and only a few people with the requisite expertise are willing to take relatively low paying government jobs. (Obviously AGDC isn’t low paying – they are the exception.)

  14. Lynn Willis

    The ruling cabal in this state is shameless. Lifetime government employment for all who vote for the budget busters. Now another loyal legislative staff member moves from legislative staff to the Executive branch. I would counsel this newest executive branch employee that if you hold fundraisers for Parnell in your home you can move into the big money with AGDC or maybe even the Spaceport where computer solitaire champions are born.

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