Loose Lips. The inaugural brawl edition. Means is nice? Fairbanks House race heats up.

Loose LipsIn Wasilla country, where campaigns are run on whispers, a particularly pernicious campaign is spreading against Loren Means, a political newcomer, who’s said to be a nice guy with nice teeth, which is something to note in the Valley. He’s also been endorsed by the Wasilla’s District 7 Republicans. Means is running to be  Wasilla Mayor Vern Rupright’s successor. Except that Rupright has already chosen his successor and it isn’t Means. He wants his city administrator, Democrat turned Independent Bert Cottle, to be in the seat that he’s vacating, and is pulling out all the stops to try to make it thus. An email chain is passing through the tubes that relayed a conversation that Means had with the city’s police chief about stalking some Las Vegas cops in the 1980s with a deer rifle. In another conversation with the chief, Means supposedly talked about anarchy and the possibility of shutting the government down and something else to do with a crowded theater, where he envisioned a big brawl, a brawl for which he would be armed and ready, The chief described him as  both “matter of fact” and “excited” when talking about such things. The chief reported him supposedly at Rupright’s suggestion, to Homeland Security, which will likely do nothing but turn Means into a Valley hero.

More Wasilla intrigue! Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan’s sister, Colleen Sullivan-Leonard, is an incumbent on the Wasilla City Council. She’s running unopposed and was rumored to be helping Loren Means’ mayoral bid. Now Diana Straub, who ran Bert Cottle’s last legislative race, is rumored to be mounting a write-in campaign against her, supposedly to force her away from Means’ campaign.

On Friday evening at the Native Vocational Training and Resource Center in Juneau, about 75 – 100 people, largely an Alaska Native crowd, showed at the Walker – Mallott Unity Ticket meet and greet. The event was organized by long time legislative aide Nancy Barnes. Both candidates spoke primarily in platitudes, however, some of the more specific and notable comments included their commitment to recognize and work with tribes, that the lt. governor’s office would actually be housed in the governor’s office, both Walker and Mallott were aligned in supporting the repeal of SB 21, the ticket is opposed to the development of the Pebble mine, and some talk about bringing all parties to the table to talk about balancing revenue and spending (whatever that means). The ticket also alluded cryptically to a new poll that they claimed showed the Walker – Mallott ticket leading Parnell by 5 points.

The poll that Walker and Mallott probably were referring to, showing them up 5 points, is a poll most likely conducted by Harstad Research out of Colorado, a partial copy of which was leaked to me by a political operative who didn’t want to be named. Harstad is a respected polling firm (they were named Pollster of the Year in 2009 by the American Association of Political Consultants). While I don’t know enough about this particular poll to embrace it or be overly critical, there are some aspects I  find questionable. But, it’s data worth every penny you paid for it.

A bigger person than I wouldn’t post what I’m about to post.  And I intend to be that person, someday. For now, allow me this, please. From an email I received on Friday: “Suddenly I find myself hoping Sarah runs for governor again. I want to get invited to the inaugural brawl.”

Which got me thinking–

Official song of the inaugural brawl:


Required footwear:


Required handwear:

boxing gloves

The inaugural brawl’s motto, from a Sarah Palin Facebook post, written three days after the event: “War is hell. So go big or go home… Charge in, strike hard, get out. Win.”

David M. Rubenstein, husband of Alaska Dispatch News owner Alice Rogoff, has given $5 million to the White House Historical Association In support of the new White House visitor center which opened this weekend.  In 2010, he donated $10 million to establish the David M. Rubenstein National Center for White House History at Decatur House. Rubenstein has financially supported many other historical maintenance and preservation projects in and around the nation’s capital.

According to Business Insider: Gateway, Alaska, which is supposedly in the Valley, is the most affluent town in Alaska. Except that there is no town in Alaska called Gateway. But there might be, if the pot initiative passes, and it might indeed be the richest town in the state. In any case, it sounds like a perfect place for an inaugural brawl.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee raised $6.1 million in August. That’s the most the NRSC has ever raised in August of an election year. That adds up to $19.9 million cash on hand for the final stretch. The committee has now raised $81 million this election cycle. I get Alaska sees its fair share of the spoils.

Parnell’s new campaign manager, Tom Wright, was spotted downtown Thursday evening at SubZero with his counterpart, Ben Sparks, from the Sullivan for Senate campaign. Tom Wright is a rough-and-tumble good ol boy, commercial fisherman, political guru from the Kenai. Sparks is from Texas, and went to St. John’s College, where they study ancient Greek and read Plutarch and Aristotle, before he worked for Gov. Chris Christie.

Democratic enthusiasm seems to be growing in Fairbanks over Adam Wool’s candidacy against incumbent Republican Rep. Pete Higgins. Wool owns and runs the popular Blue Loon, and with his brother, started Hot Licks Homemade Ice Cream. District 5 isn’t a ruby-red district. It includes Geist, Lakeview, Chena Ridge, University West, Shanly, and Richardson neighborhoods. Word is this legislative seat is turning into a real horse race. The next APOC report should give us more insight. Stay tuned

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7 thoughts on “Loose Lips. The inaugural brawl edition. Means is nice? Fairbanks House race heats up.

  1. Brandon Wall

    Cottle has more affiliation to Valdez than Wasilla? Ha! Cottle has spent a lot more time in Wasilla than Loren Means has. He grew up in Wasilla, you can’t go to the grocery store in Wasilla without running into one or more members of the Cottle clan, there is even a road named after the Cottle’s. The Cottle’s have a long history of really good public service in Wasilla and the greater Matsu Valley.

    As for the 4 wheeler issue – the administration was responding to years of complaints by actual city residents that were fed up with the property damage that was taking place due to mostly non-city residents ripping and tearing through town. May not have been the best approach but at least they tried to address it.

  2. No Means in Wasilla

    in the same edition of loose lips that we have Wasilla Mayoral candidate Loren Means described as a “nice guy with nice teeth” we have continuing coverage of a former Wasilla Mayor who some could also say is nice with nice teeth. Well she isn’t so nice anymore, is she?

    When this Means story borke in the ADN it was horrifying to watch Loren Means IV come to dad’s defense (at least I hope it is the son and not the dad), posting offensive and homophobic pictures to social media, dropping f-bombs and calling anyone that would question is Dad’s ability to lead Wasilla after advocating head shots on cops, a “fag”. Apparently only gay people oppose violence against police according to the Means family. Super classy and intelligent family you have there. The best part? Loren Means IV striking his best Track Palin pose. By all means, vote 4 Loren to keep the white trash Wasilla tradition alive.


  3. Lynn Willis

    Regarding the endorsement given by the District 7 Republicans, I submit that being “matter of fact” about anarchy and shutting down the government by use of personal firearms is problematic. We have a right to bear arms. We have a right to speak. We have no right to engage in sedition or subversion and when you encourage that behavior you should you not be prepared to reap what you sow?
    This quote is from a ADN Compass Article published on February 8, 2013 signed by Sen. Mike Dunleavy and Reps. Wes Keller, Shelley Hughes, Lynn Gattis and Mark Neuman: “Our Second Amendment has its roots in the natural right to self-defense, which was codified in the English Bill of Rights of 1689 following the overthrow of King James II during the Glorious Revolution. Americans use their arms for a variety of purposes, but we must not forget the right to keep and bear arms was originally intended to be a check on government power.”
    Do some ever ponder who might be the immediate direct object of a government shutdown or check on government power by use of personal firearms?

  4. Jane P.

    You are doing a terrific job on the political front. You’re breaking almost every single significant story about politics that matters in our state. You have become the #1 source for political news to me and all of my friends. It seems that everyday someone says, “have you read Amanda’s story today about…”
    Anchorage’s other publication, since the new ownership has taken over, seems to be in a perilous state of decline. I can’t believe how quickly they’ve changed things to create the level of criticism I hear from friends and from the community at large. You are a valuable resource to those of us who are interested in state government and politics. Right now without you, there would be a huge void.

  5. CPG49

    Cottel and Straub have more affiliation to Valdez than Wasilla. They can take their excessive govt rules, like banning four-wheelers, and get the heck out of town as far as I’m concerned! And now!

  6. Celia Harrison

    Having a sense of humor makes you a well rounded person, not a small person. Thank you for stepping up and reporting this story which would have the rest of us charged with crimes, arrested and taken to jail immediately. The secondary story here is the corruption of the justice system in Alaska.

  7. crystalwolf

    Can SP v.2.0 run 4 ever? You guys need to get rid of him to get rid of Wasilla hillbillies running the state still!
    He’s done 2 terms now, how many times can he run? Or did I read your update wrong?

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