Loose Lips: The Valley ‘Charmer.’ Reports from the gutter. The not-so subtle Dubey.

feminism Spotted in May with his thumb out: Brad Snowden, who few know but who is running for governor, on the Park’s Highway, making his way from Wasilla to Anchorage after the tea party Freedom Festival. Spotted recently: lite gov. candidate Hollis French with his thumb out in Juneau, going from the ferry terminal headed downtown. Really, where else?

Valley folks are talking about how Arni Thomson, a big commercial fishing advocate, is increasing his opposition to sitting Valley legislators who are more inclined to support sports fishing than commercial fishing. First he went after Sen, Mike Dunleavy in a letter earlier this year to the Board of Fish, where he called a letter from Dunleavy “disingenuous,” “outlandish” and “lacking leadership.” Now Thomson appears to be supporting DeLena Johnson’s Senate bid against Rep. Bill Stoltze. Street talk is he also intends to support the “Three Amigos” next. Para el pescado?

Brad Keithley is also supporting Johnson over Stoltze. “I am contributing to DeLena Johnson’s run for State Senate because I think her opponent, Bill Stoltze, while probably well intentioned, is seriously undermining Alaska’s next twenty-five and fifty, not to mention its next 10,000 years.”

The Mat-Su Business Alliance held a candidate’s forum on Friday featuring state House District 12 candidates Ron Arvin and Cathy Tilton. Straw poll results: Arvin 30 votes and Tilton 21. It also featured candidates for Senate District F Bill Stoltze and DeLena Johnson. Straw poll results: Stoltze 39 votes and Johnson 12.

Speaking of Valley legislators: This straight from the last constituent newsletter sent by Rep. Eric Feige, heretofore known as “The Charmer:” “I try to make sure the government stays out of what it has not business doing. Telling folks how to live their lives is not the government’s job. Providing public safety to protect citizens from crime, fire, and their own stupidity is a legitimate function.” Writing about how stupid voters are is apparently a legitimate government function, too, according to “The Charmer.”

More on the second quarter FEC filings: The Republican Governor’s Association reported raising $24 million. The Democratic Governor’s Association raised $13.8 million. This is really good news for Gov. Sean Parnell. The NGA RGA is no stranger to Alaska, nor to Parnell’s campaign. Just ask Ethan Berkowitz. It’s also bad news for Byron Mallott and really bad news for Bill Walker, who has no party support.

FEC reports require occupations to be listed for contributions $250 and higher. There were some interesting occupations listed on Dan Sullivan’s FEC report, including: 43rd President of the United States (George W.); former first lady (Laura Bush); former Republican presidential nominee (Bob Dole); and, NFL Hall of Fame Coach (Don Shula).

Speaking of second quarter reports: Word is that we might not see ones from Mead Treadwell or Joe Miller for weeks yet. Apparently, they used the mail system instead of filing them electronically. Both would have probably used a carrier pigeon service if they could have, to delay the bad news for as long as possible.

Voter registration deadline: Sunday, July 20 is the deadline to register to vote or update your registration for the August 19th primary. Follow this link to register to vote.

The Red Dog Mine celebrated its 25th anniversary last Monday. Willie Hensley, John Schaeffer, John Shively and former Gov. Bill Sheffield were recognized for their vision, leadership and hard work making the mine a reality. The events’ hosts were Cominco and NANA. To date, the mine has generated in excess of $1 billion in profits which all the Regional Native corporations have benefited from due to the sharing provisions under ANSCA section 7 (I).

Reports from the gutter: A few people have told me that they’re getting calls from a pollster, presumably testing negative themes about GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan. Questions like: “did you know…child molester,” and “$1.2 million home,” and “not active service as Marine.”

I missed what sounded like one of the more fun and innovative political fundraisers of the year for senate candidate Mia Costello at SuzyQ Shoes. Was it a success? Probably not in terms of raising cash. One, women, who presumably were in the majority, don’t tend to be big givers. Secondly, there were all those shoes to buy.

Speaking of a different type of political fundraising event: Rep. Shelley Hughes’ Drone Expo and BBQ political fundraiser was a first in the 49th state. The event was held in Palmer and about 75 people showed up to a busy evening of drone demonstrations and good eating, including: Mat-Su Assemblyman Steve Colligan; Beth Fread; Rep. Bill Stoltze; Edna DeVries; Fred Teller; Ron Arvin; Mike Coons; and Wasilla Councilwoman Gretchen O’Barr.

On Wednesday evening, former Gov. Bill Sheffield hosted current Gov. Sean Parnell at his west Turnagain home. About 60 supporters showed. Spotted: Carl Brady Jr; Colleen Starring from ENSTAR; architect Larry Cash; both Dan Sullivans; Dick Stallone; Bob Stinson from Con Am Construction; ARRC President Bill O’Leary; Dan Coffey and Father Norman Elliott.

Nobody can accuse Republican West Anchorage House candidate Anand Dubey of being subtle. Behold:


31 thoughts on “Loose Lips: The Valley ‘Charmer.’ Reports from the gutter. The not-so subtle Dubey.

  1. Jack

    Pseudo Jack, clear and transparent, (aka Ashley Reed, Bob Penney/Eldon Mulder, Eddie Grasser, John Harris, Mat-Su Borough, Bruce Knowles, AOGA, Karl Johnstone, see Amanda’s June post for a more complete list of Bill’s Anchorage following).
    I am not DeLana’s husband and I have no connections with the family, but like a lot of others, I know the Mat-Su political scene well. I also know MSBA operations and I am well aware that Crystal Games pulled off a major game change in January to reorganize the sagging funding base for MSBA. From years of experience, we know that both Bill and she are clever and devious. Crystal, Stoltze and her MSBA insiders are developing a subsidiary of her MSBA club, that has no membership, no president, and no board of directors. It is confidential by design. Clear and transparent? Show us the list. The new MSBA group, is destined to become a model in Alaska for business/political corruption to evade APOC reporting requirements. Question is how does such a private entity qualify as a recipient for public funding from the Alaska Legislature? The only answer is, Bill and the Borough will take care of it……they always do.

  2. Valley Voter

    I was at the Mat-Su Business Alliance Forum. Bill Stoltze was heads and shoulders above Johnson. He’s got my vote.

  3. A Woman Scorned

    I have to chuckle at first. Then my skin cringes. Bradford Keithley talking about integrity is like Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler magazine, recommending children’s books to our churches.

  4. Jack (not the Jack seudnym for DeLana's husband)

    Hi, I’m a different Jack. Fortunately I am not associated with DrLana Johnson or her campaign. Maybe you could already tell since I don’t appear to be filled wiith anger, hate or consiracy theories. To suggest that the Mat-Su Business Alliance scammed the results or to attack Crystal’s integrity is a bit much. To be clear and transparent, I am supportting Bill Stoltze; however, I’m not a “crony” and am doing so because he is likeable, works hard for the district and has proven himself. For Johnson’s camaign to slander him is so pathetic and immature it is best described as gross. Back in Setember, I recall a speech where DeLana went on and on singing Rep. Stoltze’s praises. I was at her fundraiser for her mayoral reelection where she was using Stoltze’s biirthday to attract attendees and dollars. Right now, I have to bite my lip to keep my mouth shut because I don’t like two-faced liars. DeLana, you are not going to win this race. The question is how low will you go and how much will you hurt yourself? My suggestion: lose with dignity.

  5. Milton Friedman

    You’ve never served in the military or been appointed to a federal position before have you?

  6. Jack

    More on Stoltze scams, the Frontiersman reports on the MatSu Business Alliance candidate debates today, House Dist 12 and Senate Dist F and refers to a poll taken after the debate, Stoltze over Johnson 39 to 12 and Arvin over Tilton 30 to 21. The poll was from all appearances rigged, with the number of legislative and Borough staff and Stoltze related machine lobbyists present. It was obvious no one knew there was going to be a poll except Stoltze and Crystal Nygard, the E.D. Crystal has recently got Stoltze religion as rumor has it he and some other Valley delegation “team” members (how about “cronies”) are working with the Borough to funnel several hundred K in Borough legislative pork to MSBA to do a Borough economic analysis. Makes a lot of sense, MSBA doesn’t even have an economist on staff? Don’t be surprised when an out of State group that’s cozy with KRSA and Bill’s Blue Ribbon fish cabal shows up with the contract. Since Bill and the boys got Don Dyer the Borough economist fired, they have found their customary and traditional way of blending politics and economics to predetermine solutions that work for them and their cronies.

  7. Stockholder


    Tell us about the fraud Sullivan committed by taking a residential homeowners property tax exemption in the Lower 48. How does a person claim residency in two states simultaneously?

    Sullivan is dirty. This fraud is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll see.

  8. s


    It would be of keen interest if you could get Dermot Cole to share with you what happened at the blowout “debate” between the “Vote Yes” supporters and the “Vote No” clowns.

    It was in Fairbanks. On the “Yes” side was Sen. Paskvan (ret.) and Rep. Metcalf (ret.). On the “No” side was housewife Leslie Hajdukovich and Sen. Coghill, who thinks the Earth is a few thousand years old.

    It was a blowout. Leslie keep repeating that she did not know what she was talking about, but was willing to tell us how to vote. Coghill was utterly lost.

    On the “Yes” Sen. Paskvan spoke extemporaneously and clearly won the debate by offering specific facts. Metcalf did well too.

    We have the arrogant oil corporations (and their puppets) versus 50,000 Alaskans. If the oil corporations were honest, their campaign ads would say, “Screw you, Alaska. We want your money. Give it to us. Rex Tillerson of Exxon only makes $500,000 per week. He needs more. Greed is good.”

  9. Milton Friedman

    There are no skeletons, there is no hidden records, there is only this whisper campaign idiocy from Mead and his most staunch supporters. It is this type of thing that may tip the scales toward Begich. While Sullivan his supporters want a Republican to win, Treadwell seems to be taking a win at all costs/scorched earth tactic. It’s sad really that you people have become so hateful and intellectually obtuse.

  10. Lynn Willis

    The longest journey starts with the first step and Parnell won’t even take that first step. When you are in a hole and want out, the first thing you should so is stop digging – and Parnell and his ilk just keep the dirt flying.
    A billion dollars is one thousand million dollars so bickering over 40 million dollar LIO’s and half a million dollars for pregnancy tests won’t do a thing. You want to understand how serious money flew out the door look at AGIA and how long we continued to pay for a project that had no viability. You want to scare yourself, go look at the projected costs of the AKLNG project to the state as we “partner” with folks in a league we where have no business acting as a player. This AKLNG pipeline isn’t just funding a state capital project; this is serious participation by a sovereign (Alaska) acting as a minority corporate partner with open ended financial liability.
    I understand pensions, health care and education account for the bulk of the budget. So why doesn’t the Governor cut these programs? You answer the question with your comment that spending on these programs is “what Alaskans want”. Alright then, if Parnell and his ilk won’t cut spending why doesn’t Parnell support taxing us and/or eliminating the PFD to pay for this spending? If Alaska was to run like a business (which so many of Alaskans seem to want us to do) what business would declare a dividend when in deficit spending and facing doubtful revenue amounts?
    My point is after five years, we can do better. We need a Governor who has already has the power and only needs the courage to do what is right.

  11. Care Clift

    I agree with this author that Parnell has been derelict in his duties by not using the veto pen! As the governor candidate not mentioned, I can assure you that I will be using my veto power when I am elected. I am a former teacher, and my students will tell you that I used my red pen and made them all “do-over” most assignments! Also, as a Libertarian, the caucus system will be meaningless to this governor. Vote for me, in the ADL primary and again in the general election. Care Clift for Alaska.

  12. Jon K


    While there are stupid capital projects that Parnell continues to fund, they are not driving the deficit. The primary cause of the deficits are things most Alaskans want: health care spending, education, and pension liability. If we want to move the ball forward on addressing the deficits we need to know what the real drivers are.

  13. Danny

    The Q2. FEC reports will be interesting to see for Treadwell and Miller. Once again, Treadwell will show that he’s self funding his campaign due to a lack of supporters. Miller might actually out raise him. Miller is a true conservative where your guess about Treadwell is as good as mine. Sort of depends on who he is talking to.

  14. Stockholder

    What’s best for Alaska? A good start, do not support any political candidate that is bought and paid for by Lower 48 interests.

    In the Governor’s race, Parnell is clearly the guy backed by the L-48 interests. He’s such an arrogant jerk that he has done everything possible to undermine the instructions of Alaskans. He overrode the initiative passed by Alaskans regarding cruise ships. He overturned the 2002 voter initiative overwhelmingly passed by Alaskans on the gas line. He then overturned ACES which was strongly backed by all Alaskans, and now fights the 50,000 Alaskans who want to overturn his corrupt SB-21- giveaway.

    Sullivan fraudulently claimed to live in Maryland while he also pretended to live in Alaska. His supporters do not come from Alaska- as evidenced by the money that comes from the L-48. A sad indictment that some of his money comes from the mildly mentally retarded Bush, one of the worst presidents- and worst administrations- American has ever witnessed.

    Walker, however, was born here. His support comes from Alaskans.

    Mead Tredwell has lived here roughly ten times longer than Sullivan, and his support comes mostly from Alaskans.

    Soon, very soon, you’ll be hearing more about the Sullivan and Parnell skeletons.

  15. Lynn Willis

    We have created the perfect storm for a fiscal disaster. In these times of declining revenues the actions of the co-chair of the House Finance Committee has demonstrated poor stewardship over the peoples money; however, regardless of who sits in that finance co-chair seat, one other person and one other “tradition” significantly contribute to this dilemma of unsustainable spending.
    The person to blame is Governor Parnell who refuses to exercise the power to veto items in appropriation bills as granted to the Governor by Article 2 Section 15 of the Alaska State Constitution: “The governor may veto bills passed by the legislature. He may, by veto, strike or reduce items in appropriation bills. He shall return any vetoed bill, with a statement of his objections, to the house of origin.” This year not one penny was vetoed from the budget by the Governor.
    The “tradition” that insures bloated budgets is that failure to vote with the majority caucus on the final budget will result in banishment from the caucus with subsequent loss of all legislative influence and the defacto disenfranchisement of constituents.

  16. Brad Keithley

    I am still chuckling about the comment below that begins “DeLanna (sic) Johnson is running a hateful and negative race against Bill Stoltze.” All that DeLena (correct spelling) Johnson is doing is talking about Stoltze’s actual record of pushing as House Finance Co-Chair the back-to-back passage of the two largest budget deficits in Alaska’s history and in a very short two year span, the draw down of over a third (35%, $6 billion) of the state’s current savings accounts. I suppose only in Alaska do some consider talking about someone’s actual legislative record a “hateful and negative race,” and I suppose only in Alaska does a legislator get upset when focuses on what he actually did.

  17. akmom

    Mike: That is funny! I was thinking the same thing. I kept expecting the cast of “300” to come charging on screen with swords to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of fish! I don’t know the candidate but, I strongly suspect he was serious.

  18. Big Government Watxher

    Mayor Johnson in her role with the state’s municipal league has advocated for budgets that even the legislature couldn’t stomach. So, for her or her supporters to suggest that Stoltze is a big spender is the pot calling the kettle black. Also, from what I hear the mayor doesn’t even enjoy much support from her council members. I doubt that they’re very hapy that she has sold out to the commercial fishing interests instead of fighting to protect the sports fishing interests of the Mat-Su. Several of the businesses in Palmer committed their support to Johnson befoe Stoltze got in the race and now feel trapped. In the privacy of the voting booth, they’ll do as they please.

  19. Al

    Jack, right on point at the event Johnson was supported by one of the biggest private employers in Palmer, she also is supported by numerous other major small business owners in the Valley. For a business event it was curious that Stoltze once again came surrounded by lobbiests, big government money recipients, and local politicians worried that the Stoltze gravy train may derail I didn’t see any strong business support for him. The only negativity and name calling came from Stoltze’s mouth when he made derogatory remarks about Talkettna residents and attacked members in the audeince that support Johnson, Class act Bill!

  20. Lynn Willis

    The condescending arrogance of these legislators like Eric Feige is stunning. Apparently their values and behaviors are above reproach, while yours and mine are suspect at best if not downright stupid.
    Eric Feige’s protection from stupid behavior efforts might want to focus on his peers in Juneau. I would suggest that “stupid behavior” abounds during the legislative session. Want an example of legislative stupid behavior that the “charmer” might want to address? My State Representative (Reinbold) left the session early for a birthday vacation yet not a peep from the “charmer” or his peers so intent on protecting me from stupid behavior.

  21. MAF

    Anytime you mention gutter and politics, you must be talking about Mead Treadwell or his campaign. The straw poll in the Valley shows Stoltze a winner over his opponent almost 3 – 1 and that’s the weak side of his district. Anand Dubey’s video does command one’s attention. I hear that he is working hard going door-to-door. My favorite Loose Lips os the ‘Charmer’ – – Eric is anything but……
    As always, a fun and informative read.

  22. John

    The Mat-Su Borough and its legislative delegation has been fighting the commercial fishing interests for years. The Valley is all about sports fishing. Sounds to me like Mayor Johnson made a deal with the devil and is trading the Valley’s fish for the enrichment of her campaign. No wonder Eddie Grasser , one of the state’s best advocates for the hunting and fishing community, is against her. Now that I have said my peace, I’m going to hook u my buat and head out fishing. When I vote, I’ll (voting FISH FOREVER, JOHNSON NEVER.

  23. Frank

    Valley folks in the know, know that the truth hurts. DeLanna Johnson is running a hateful and negative race against Bill Stoltze. From the straw poll, you can see that’s not working very well for her. Triith is, she probably would never have been re-elected to her position as mayor without Stoltze’s endorsement and support. And if the unhappy mayor is relying on the commercial fishing community to win her the election, she is really out of touch with the district’s values and interests. Here’s a tip: sports fishing interests in the Valley matter – – that’s why the delegation is made up of strong sports fishing advocates.

  24. Jack

    Valley folks in the know about the Arni Thomson commentary, know this post is not about Dunleavy, but likely planted by Stoltz handlers, Ashley Reed and Borough lobbyists, Eddie Grasser and John Harris to taint DeLena’s campaign. Bill, the Don Corleone of the Mat-Su Valley and the Alaska State Legislature is Bob Penney’s “keeper”. As previously reported by Amanda in June, Bob and Cara with the Mat-Su mafia and the KRSA alliance crowd raised $15 K from Anchorage big business for Billy to continue his 30 year reign of terror for another four years. Thomson’s name has recently been added to that of Brad Keithley and a league of others on the Don’s hit list DeLena is an experienced, skilled and forthright candidate. Jack

  25. Mike

    Holy Sh!t!! That had to be the most entertaining political commercials I have watched. I felt like I was watching an 80’s music video spliced with an opera song. If this is the kind of stuff Dubey coming out with, then I’ll be bringing popcorn to the next panel discussion.

    One question though, was this intentionally funny? If any of the other commentators know the candidate, I’d appreciate some insight. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but he is now on my radar.

  26. DP

    Can’t believe there wasn’t more coverage of the Red Dog anniversary. The success of this mine is a huge deal and one Alaskans point to with pride.
    Bill Sheffield played a huge role in the development of this mine. Red Dog and the acquisition of the ARRC will be Sheffield’s legacy.

  27. Harry

    Inquiriing minds want to know: does Bradford Keithley ever make political contributions without hoping to date the recipient?
    Just wondering.

  28. Brad

    I think with what you said, considering Treadwell probably had another lack-luster fundraising quarter; probably safe to assume it’s not Mead paying for those calls. It’s another example of Begich showing who he’s really afraid of.

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