Loose Lips: Three Amigos! Walker gaining steam. Sen. Barrasso gets warmer reception.

Loose LipsThis week, Byron Mallott’s campaign issued a series of fundraising emails related to the opening of their Fairbanks office. One asked for a contribution to pay the rent, another to keep the lights on. Gimmick? Those of us who are hoping for a vital governor’s race with good representatives from both parties hope so.

Speaking of the governor’s race: As most readers of this blog have probably heard, there’s a push among some to get Mallott out of the governor’s race, so that independent candidate Bill Walker might stand a chance against Gov. Sean Parnell. It’s unlikely however.

First, Mallott is said to be proud and stubborn. Secondly, if Mark Begich has anything to say about it, and it’s said that he does, he won’t let that happen. He needs the voter turnout, particularly in the Alaska Native community. It will be especially important now that the Arctic Slope Regional Corp. has endorsed Dan Sullivan.

More on endorsements: There’s ASRC for Sullivan. The United Fishermen of Alaska endorsed Begich and the Conservative Patriots Group for Joe Miller.

There is no doubt that Bill Walker is gaining steam. You can feel it. He’s traveling, pressing the flesh and signs are everywhere. And mostly, Parnell’s campaign is beginning to notice, as evidenced by their slaps against Walker. News flash to the incumbent: the more you pay attention, the more the public pays attention. One of Walker’s needs is name recognition. Parnell’s helping.

Me gusta mucho: The Three Amigos who are running as a trio in the Valley are embracing the moniker. Behold:

wanted 3 amigos

The hombres even marched in the Wasilla 4th of July parade together. Be careful all, they’re having fun, which can be infectious and can cause dolor en la cabeza for certain incumbents.

Speaking of fun: Look what’s being plastered around the state?
Don Young

Clare Ross, who’s running for the seat that Sen. Hollis French is vacating, is everywhere. Rep. Mia Costello, who’s also running for that seat, is not.

A 25th anniversary is silver. Some smart Alaskan might think of proclaiming it to be zinc in Alaska. On July 14, NANA will be celebrating its 25th anniversary of the Red Dog Mine.

Mother-daughter trip, Valley style: Senate President Charlie Huggins’ wife, Becky and their daughter Hallie, are off to South Africa to go hunting. 

Remember when U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R – WY) traveled to Alaska in 2012 and got caught in the throes of the state GOP meltdown? Back then he and Lisa Murkowski got booed off the stage at the Republican Party convention by a very scary group of Ron Paul and Joe Miller supporters. Many of them were tattooed and pierced. They talked Agenda 21 like some talk hairstyles. It was freaky. Barrasso got a very different reception last week when he came to help Dan Sullivan’s senatorial bid. The crowd at the fundraiser was so big that they had to spread out onto the deck of General Joe and Dede Ralston’s home. Not one tattooed, pierced, Agenda 21-spouting sprite among them.

On July 3, a suspicious item was found by a staff member near the back door of Wasilla Veterans Affairs clinic. According to troopers, the item was described as a duffle bag with wires sticking out of it. The building, as you might guess, was evacuated, a perimeter set up and a section of the Seward Meridian was shut down. Nearly all divisions of emergency services got involved. The joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) provided guidance. On closer inspection, the duffle bag showed the item to be some sort of sound equipment, the kind of equipment that broadcast news stations use, like, KTVA used the night before when Lisa Murkowski had a town hall at the meeting at the clinic.

July 4th parades were everywhere and every politician worth half their spit was in one or more of them. Spotted: dozens, if not more, of Begich people swarming the state, clip boards with voter-registration forms in hand. Not spotted: Republican equivalents swarming the state, clipboards in hand.

Rumor has it that Cathy Tilton’s first batch of signs came back “Kathy” instead of “Cathy.” If that’s true, it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened to a candidate. Anyway, it’s been corrected and her signs are starting to sprout around the district. Because of the problem, her opponent, Ron Arvin, had gotten a lead in the sign war.

Federal candidates’ FEC reports for the 2nd quarter are due July 15. Word is that GOP candidate Dan Sullivan is expected to report his third consecutive quarter of having raised seven figures.

Rumors abound over Sherry Jackson’s residency in District 22 in West Anchorage, where she’s running in a contested Republican primary against Liz Vasquez for state House. Will it end up in the courts?

Begich gets his gun: It was only a matter of time that one of the Senate candidates would go there. Word is that Sen. Begich filmed a spot on July 1st showing him shooting something, which will likely be on TV sets soon. Begich comes by this one honestly. He was one of a few Democrats to buck his party by voting against an effort to extend background checks to gun shows and online purchases.

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26 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Three Amigos! Walker gaining steam. Sen. Barrasso gets warmer reception.

  1. LysanderSpooner

    Fake name? LOL. And I suppose “Spoonie” is your real name?

    Your assertions to the contrary aside, I’d say you know very little, except maybe how to prove my point about Sullivan supporters only being capable of attacking others instead of explaining why their guy is best. Disparaging a comment is not really the same thing as factually refuting it — a concept you Sullivan lackeys appear to be unable to understand.

    Not that it would matter to someone whose only intent is to disparage and dismiss, but I did not vote for Begich. I also would have no heartburn about Sullivan possibly being our senator. I think he is a bright, energetic guy with a lot on the ball. He would serve Alaskans — and Alaska interests — well, in my opinion. I just happen to think Treadwell would be a better choice. (Kind of funny how I can talk your guy up better than you can, eh?)

    Your assessment of my feelings about Parnell (whom I have voted for) is laughable, considering my comment here had nothing to do with him.

    One last suggestion, if you have any interest at all in appearing credible: When criticizing someone else’s “lack of intellect,” it is probably best to have a better grasp of spelling and basic sentence structure. Just sayin.

  2. Larry Smith

    AMANDA, Ted Spraker is chairman not just a former member of the BOGame. Elaina Spraker led the fight on the Kenai. against the Alaska subsistence statute. She fronted for Ted who was then an employee of ADF&G Game Div (later changed to Div of Wildlife Conservation.) and had to work behind the scenes. Gov Hammond ‘fired’ a member of the Bd of Game and the Div director for promoting anti-subsistence fervor for the repeal of the statute. They backed “The Alaska Association of White Men” which died fighting the law. Only around Fairbanks was there a majority against subsistence. Anchorage, as a working man’s town, came through like a champ voting to retain the rural priority for subsistence, on the grounds that subsistence was work, jobs and people in the bush needed a livelihood too. In present times the Sprakers, (and Craig Fleener by the way), and the Parnell DFG are strongest enhanced game management (predator control) advocates.
    Thanks for your work. I worry about the Alice Daily News controlling too much. Larry Smith, Kachemak Resource Inst, Homer (299 0699)

  3. Mayor Dan

    Lynn, you are incorrect. The legislative intent language for the facility grant clearly states that expansion on the Dempsey Anderson complex for new multi-use courts including tennis, basketball etc. are part of the grant. The Department of Commerce wrote a letter confirming that as well. I will gladly send you those documents. I didn’t request the grant or write the legislation but I support any new recreational assets for our community because I know how valuable they are to our quality of life. So, what is it that I won’t admit?

  4. Anonymous

    Dunleavey has only one challenger? What happened to the democrat chick who spoke in support of a murdered drug dealer?

  5. spoonie

    Glad Spooner uses the fake name for commenting. I’m sure he finds it liberating and allows him to express unpopular views. It also helps hide his lack of intellect and accumen. All II know is that he hates Sullivan, likes Mead, hates Parnell and makes little sense. I suspect the truth be told he’s a Begich guy. They want to run against Treadwell. Badly.

  6. LysanderSpooner

    Whatever label you want to carelessly slap on Keogh does not change that he is not bound to any party or ideology, which is something Dunleavy cannot say. Keogh has a track record of listening to all of his constituents, not just the ones he agrees with. Again, this is not something Dunleavy can say.

  7. valley voter

    Mike Dunleavy’s opponent is anything but nonpartisan. Warren Keogh isn’t fooling anyone by running as Independent. Just look at Keogh’s record while on the MSB Assembly, his affiliation with multiple anti-development enviro-left groups, his support of and by present and former Democrat candidates and his joining the Alaska Democrat Party’s lawsuit in opposition to the Re-districting Plan. Keogh simlpy knows that a Democrat State Senate candidate has no chance of winning in District E.

  8. Lynn Willis

    ‘Good job’, Garand Fellow, Good job? Allow me to point out just three examples of Parnell’s “good job” since he became Governor. First, Parnell’s absolute failure to control state spending despite having line item veto authority thus forcing the state into serious deficit spending. Second, Parnell’s absolute failure to have the State DEC mitigate the spill of Sulfolane from the North Pole Refinery over the last five years both making the property a huge potential liability for future owners and jeopardizing residents in North Pole from the Sulfolane contaminated drinking water, Third, failure to use the office of the Attorney General to protect South Central gas consumers from a dysfunctional RCA who recently endorsed a 48.5% increase in consumer gas costs because ENSTAR claimed consumers didn’t consume enough gas. Good job indeed……..

  9. Lynn Willis

    He was both a city councilman and the Mayor of Valdez. Do you suppose he was appointed to both of those offices?

  10. jane doe

    Walker has never EVER held an office position… what makes people think he would do us ANY GOOD at having a position of GOVERNOR?!?! He wont.

  11. Garand Fellow

    There is no governor’s race. Gov. Parnell is doing a good job and will have no difficulty winning.

    Sen. Begich did protect America from the Obama-Reid gun grab attempt but he is not solid on the Second Amendment. He is too close to Bloomberg, Lake and the Brady Campaign.

    If Tread Meanswell, as Lt. Gov. had come clean on the lack of responsibilities the job has, and if he had said he needed no press secretary, chief of staff, etc. then I would have much more respect for him. Officialness costs too much money.

  12. LysanderSpooner

    Funny how the Sullivan sock puppets never talk up their guy or explain why he and his ideas are the best. All they seem to be able to do instead is point fingers at others. I wonder why.

  13. Brad

    That was an election for Lite Gov, we all know those mean nothign in comparison to the US. Senate race. Listen, don’t get your panties in a knot, Dan’s gonna win. Just come and be part of the team. There’s no second wind, this is not a david and goliath story – Dan’s going to take on Mark, and Joe and Mead will be footnotes in history. The primaries over, the entire Republican Party has basically joined Dan’s team; toe-the-line or we’ll have Mark Begich for another 6 years.

  14. LysanderSpooner

    LOL. Ask Jay Ramras about underestimating Mead Treadwell’s broad electoral appeal. Treadwell is an intelligent, reasonable and visionary leader whose understanding of this state, its people and — especially — the immense opportunities within our reach is unsurpassed on the political landscape.

  15. LysanderSpooner

    Nice to see the Three Amigos shaking things up in the Valley. Nonpartisan candidates improve the system by taking representation out of the hands of ideologue primary voters.

    I hear Mike Dunleavy had no presence at the Wasilla parade, including any mention on a float that combined the efforts of Mark Neuman, Bill Stoltze and Charlie Huggins. Dunleavy has a nonpartisan challenger, too, no doubt motivated by Dunleavy’s unpopular advocacy of a measure that would radically change our public education system. Huggins complicit in that nonsense. So he’s got to be feeling lucky not to have to face voters this fall.

  16. Jack

    Craig Fleener has time to beat back the attack by keeping the discussion on Parnell`s lack of vision, and that lack of vision has set back CRITICALLY NEEDED affordable natural gas energy development and infrastructure in this state. Especially throughout Fairbanks, and the interior towns and villages tied so closely to it, and the rail, road, and river heads that combine to meet in that important dead center of Alaska. Parnell doesn`t have a clue, or these issues would have been addressed, and bettered by now, instead of being “formulated” comfortably prior to a critical election, for appearances only. That the vision needed has not been there under Parnell`s administration, not only reflects his laser-beamed, horse-blindered devotion, to unceasingly cutting taxes for his friends in industry, at the expense of Alaska`s sovereignty and ability to save for the future as we intended to do with the help of a FAIR tax system like ACES. Effectively, it is ALL he has done since being in office!!!! ( that is give away our commonly-owned resource value, and stifle competition on the slope) Look back and see what dominated headlines since his first taking office!! As far as this old Alaskan voter goes it`s Walker by a mile, regardless of who wins the the job of keeping the state seal safe, and protecting the honesty of elections. Parnell doesn`t have a great record on that score either… if you speak a certain dialect.

  17. Brad

    Barrasso gets up here and kicks butt for our state’s new War Hero U.S. Senator – while Dan sures up the vote from natives by getting ASRC’s endorsement. Go DAN!

    Looks like you were wrong the other day when you hinted at a second wind for Mead. The national journalists are right (no offense to you, they’re just more experienced at predicting things like this), Dan’s going to take on Mark!

    Now the Republicans can stop squabbling and line up to get their marching orders, it’s time to go to war!

  18. Jack

    I disagree with your characterization of Bill Walker and the word ineptitude. I would like facts if you are going to skewer a good Alaskan like Bill Walker and his effort to unseat Parnell. So I reckon your just a shill for Parnell,.. blathering his old same tired rhetoric to kill the messenger to silence the message.. while Parnell hides behind skirts,… instead of facing the public face to face in honest debate in one of the most important elections Alaskans will ever face. What kind of politician hides from defending his policies if he`s RUNNING FOR OFFICE???? The oily kind,..that`s what kind. The kind who cannot offer facts to support his failed policies, and make excuses for failure to unite Alaskans,..dividing them instead. The oil companies strategy is to “divide and conquer” with the aim to minimize and obfuscate opposition to Parnell no matter what quarter it arises from,..with unlimited millions ( unlimited corporate donations is free speech now…….!) from his industry supporters. Need some evidence?..read on; http://juneauempire.com/stories/102807/let_20071028011.shtml

  19. Jack

    …Walker has my vote, and Craig Fleener has thicker hide than Parnell gives him credit for I think. That Parnell`s people obfuscated the point of the criticism (his failure to respect a large important congregation of his constituents and national supporters. To be on the official agenda (Parnell was listed to speak) then not send a state official “in your stead”,..is a further slap to ALL Alaskans. If Fleener was out to demonstrate Parnell`s lack of respect (ironic) for natives and issues affecting them,..then he has succeeded, and deserves to be in this debate over issues too important to be “minimized” by Parnell`s campaign puppets.

  20. Twig

    I like Bill Walker and will be voting for him. People don’t vote for a gubernatorial candidate because of who their running mate is or isn’t . Nobody voted against Parnell because Treadwell was his running mate. Nobody is going to vote against Walker because Fleener is his running mate. I fully expect Walker to be our next governor.

  21. sad truth

    The sad truth is that Parnell is a silver-tongued oil lackey, a disgusting wretch of an Alaska raping cretin. Walker has some OK ideas, but then veers off into social ineptitude on issues. Sadly, Mallott has the right ideas (prioritize education over short term earth-sodomy) and a healthy set of social attitudes, but his delivery is too remote, not passionate enough to catch the attention of the Alaskan voting demographic. The people need some electricity and passion in a candidate and Byron, however sincere and correct he is, lacks this. It pains me more than I care to admit to think about Parnell getting re-elected. Is there a more odious politician in the state?

  22. Lynn Willis

    I suggest Alaskans are becoming more aware of the problems we now have with revenue vs. spending. Who ever wins the race for Governor inherits the legacy of the last five years of Governor Parnell who refused to control legislative budgets using the line item veto. The next Governor also faces the daunting task of dealing with permanent declining oil production (regardless of taxing policy) while preparing to eventually pay for the AKLNG gas line project which, according to State Revenue Projections, will consume significant amounts of General Fund Unrestricted Revenues even before final decision to build the line or, if built, before any income from that project is realized.
    I agree that, at this time, the race is between Walker and Parnell. I personally have lost all faith in the two party system in America and Alaska. I encourage the participation of qualified candidates who will run as independents and thereby owe their primary allegiance to their constituents instead of a party or a permanent standing caucus. I believe Walker is qualified to be Governor and is willing to run as an independent; therefore, I will support that effort
    Parnell will apparently depend on those he rewards with state spending to keep him in office. Mallot is the choice of a minority political party apparatus. Parnell is once again refusing to campaign even against his primary opponents. He now depends on promises to win election, primarily promises of more revenue by lowering tax rates on the producers and a promise of a gas line that may or may not ever be built.
    Walker’s efforts seem to have much more of a grass roots momentum than does Parnell who will, I assume, have the finest campaign that can be purchased for him. What were Parnell’s polling numbers after Palin quit? I sense that Parnell is not that popular now with Alaskans and the ghost of what Palin did to Frank Murkowski must now haunt Parnell.
    As to Lt. Governor, the inability of any politician to admit to error is a significant warning sign. That said, is candidate for Lt. Governor Fleener’s refusal to cleanly admit he made a mistake regarding why the Parnell did not attend, or even acknowledge, the Native American conference held in Anchorage any worse than Candidate for Lt. Governor Mayor Dan Sullivan’s absolute refusal to admit money allocated by the legislature for maintenance of existing recreational facilities is not intended for new construction, including those tennis courts? And, what happened to our 4th of July weather?

  23. Northern Observer

    Alker may be experiemcing some momentum; however, to suggest his campaign is a threat to Parnell is deficient for two reasons: 1. In a three-way race, he will never be able to garner enough support to beat the governor, and 2. Walker’s running mate, Craig Fleener, will be a drag on the ticket should Walker ever be competetive. The reason for this is many, however, Fleener’s immature handling of his mistake in wrongly accusing Parnell of something that wasn’t true and then mishandling it speaks legions about his judgement and fitness for office. When people think about it and understand that this bafoon is a heart beat away, I think Walker’s campaign will loose momentum and stall. In other words, Walker can’t win with someone like Fleener on the ticket.

  24. Debbie F.

    Absolutely loved the story about the duffle bag found outside the vet clinic. Was hoping that you told us a little more about the parades and what the politicians did or didn’t do to get the crowd’s attention. Keep up the good work. You make politics fun for the rest of us.

  25. Larry D.

    The governor’s race is going to boil down to a race between Walker and Parnell. Your feeling that Walker is starting to come on is accurate. Mallott will prove to be a non-factor. His campaign is poorly organized and lacks inspiration. Parnell’s campaign better wake up to the reality and engage. The guy running Parnell’s campaign is about as incompetent as the woman running Mallott’s campaign. It’ll be fun to watch. Smart money is on Parnell. Give me some odds and I’ll take Walker.

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