Mike Miller and Mikse Willoya-Marx withdraw from state Senate races

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner is reporting that former Alaska state Senate President Mike Miller is dropping his bid against Fairbanks Sen. Click Bishop. Miller told the paper that he withdrew because the race would be a “‘distraction” for the Republican party at a time when the party needs cohesion. He told the paper that he had been talking to Bishop over the past few weeks, and that the two “agree on a whole lot more issues than we disagree on.” Bishop is considered a moderate, union-friendly Republican. Miller was likely to draw conservative votes in the race.

Mikse Willoya-Marx, the Wasilla Democrat in Senate District E, has also dropped out of the race. Willoya-Marx was challenging state Sen. Mike Dunleavy, who will now face former Mat-Su Assemblyman Warren Keogh, who’s running as an independent, in the general.


4 thoughts on “Mike Miller and Mikse Willoya-Marx withdraw from state Senate races

  1. LysanderSpooner

    This is demonstrable nonsense. Anyone who looks at APOC reports, as you suggest doing yourself, can see, for example, that the multimillion-dollar “Vote No on 1” campaign is being funded almost exclusively by the big three — BP, ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil.

  2. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t want to run against Dunleavy either. Dude thinks his every move is for god and god only. Like he has been brain washed or hypnotized. Creepy.

  3. 357

    Jim Bob’s comment makes little sense to me. His assertion is either to inarticulate to understand or doesn’t ake sense at all. I suspect that Jim Bob is abiut as informed as you might guess someone with this name might be. Obviously, he disdains oil companies to some degree. What he needs to do is to loon at APOC reports and see how insignificant their contributions are – – the corporations cannot contribute, their executives are very cheap and a few have limited PACs that are small compared to the labor unions.

  4. Jim Bob

    The Democrats are contesting almost every seat in the Legislature, so no surprise that the oil companies are lining up their candidates for November.

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