More on the Young video blasting Begich

I found out a few things about the video of U.S. Rep. Don Young accusing U.S. Sen. Mark Begich of taking undue credit on projects that involved the entire congressional delegation. The voice on the video asking Young the question about Begich belongs to Fairbanks DJ Tim Palmer, who was working with Moving Images, a Fairbanks production company that has worked on Young’s campaigns in the past. Palmer said that he wasn’t at the airport, but spoke the question into the microphone from his computer and had not seen the final product until I pointed it out to him.

A recent fundraising letter from Young also appears to be attacking Begich. Here’s the relevant passage:

It is imperative we retain a Republican majority in the House and return the U.S. Senate to Republican control. I remind you the state’s junior senator has voted with this president 97% of the time. The president, along with cohorts like Harry Reid, has pitted Alaskan against Alaskan and American against American.

The active campaigning by Young against Begich is surprising given that about five months ago, Young had good things to say about Begich.

“Mark’s done a great job of very frankly representing people. He’s not always on my page, that’s for sure, but he’s done a good job,’ Young told The Hill in January.

The comment caused a stir in Republican circles, but Young didn’t back down. A few weeks later, he told the Alaska Dispatch that Begich has been “good in the energy industry, and I think that’s smart — that’s where we’re getting most of our income in the state.”

“So far so good,” Young said about Begich then.

When asked about the video, his campaign spokesperson sent the following statement:

In recent weeks, Congressman Young has received several requests to comment on Senator Begich’s statements regarding accomplishments in which he has taken sole credit. In the past, Alaska’s Congressional delegation has always prided itself on working together and Congressman Young believes that should continue.

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  1. Allison

    If you found out a few things regarding the Young taping, why can you not figure out that they claims Begich makes are less the accurate? Appropriations hearings are broadcast and there are transcripts. This is easy stuff contrary to your claims about difficulty in determining where credit is due. Begich does not stand up and speak on the important stuff and flat out claims credit regularly post a full Appropriations markup. Again, easy stuff for news/political contributors/pundits/reporters to track down. But this would mean easy facts get in the way of a good story. Let’s stop being lazy.

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