New ads: DSCC bashes Sullivan. Sullivan has a doozy of his own.

The DSCC has come out with a new ad titled, “Everything You Need to Know.” As in everything you need to know about GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s stances regarding women’s access to medical care from how he answered the Alaska Family Action questionnaire. Also, here’s Sullivan’s most recent ad. It’s a doozy. Here they are:


5 thoughts on “New ads: DSCC bashes Sullivan. Sullivan has a doozy of his own.

  1. Amy Carroll

    To the many people at work and around town who have asked if the above comment is mine: NO. It’s someone else with the same name.

    Amy Carroll (from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Juneau Alaska)

  2. Amy Carroll

    Hmmm…neither ad is particularly compelling. I doubt either ad would change anyone’s mind.

    Except if a woman is stupid enough to think that Dan Sullivan would have any effect over her decisions about reproductive rights.

    As for healthcare, Sullivan would likely improve everyone’s chances for good healthcare by scrapping Obamacare.

  3. Sitka Spruce

    Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s ad is really compelling. Its the kind of ad that I want my son and daughter to see. I want them to be proud of their public officials. I want our public officials to be role models for our youth.
    Great ad for a great candidate.

  4. Frank

    Sullivan’s ad titled “Leader” is terrific. Patriotic, leadership, warmth, et al. All the things Begich isn’t.
    This campaign has felt like Begich resents Sullivan’s service to our country. Mark Begich just seems to be negative all the time. He’s whinney and is known for his groundless and unfair attacks on Sullivan. The DSCC attcks Sullivan too. What can they say about their boy? He supports Harry Reid. He supports the enviironmental agenda. He mostly supports our fight to make guns illegal. He votes with Obama 97% of the timeep, he probably doesn’t want to hear those things. So, expect them to attack Sullivan because he has nothing else to say.

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