New attack ad against Senate candidate Sullivan ‘a stretch’

As expected, GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s role in the controversial bill HB 77 is the subject of a new attack ad by Put Alaska First, the pro-Begich super-PAC. Sullivan, as DNR commissioner, was one of the authors of the bill. Had it passed last legislative session, it would have revised Alaska’s water and permitting process to benefit mining and other commercial interests and would have given the DNR commissioner substantially more authority to issue permits on public lands. And while it’s true that Alaska’s permitting system is notoriously arduous, it’s also true that some in Alaska like it that way. The bill was killed amid public outcry. That said, there is nothing in the bill that related directly to hunting, said Deputy Director of DNR Wyn Menefree. He called the tie between the bill and moose hunting, “a stretch.”


6 thoughts on “New attack ad against Senate candidate Sullivan ‘a stretch’

  1. Anonymous

    Hey, show me again where it says HB 77 would take away hunting rights in the Ad?

    What HB77 would do is shorten the window for public comment to an anemic level, ostensibly destroying the our opportunity to protest and defeat proposals that would JEOPARDIZE NATURAL RESOURCES and screw over our natural lands all in the name of DEREGULATION.

    It takes a special kind of right wing shill to say what you said, and I thank you for reminding me why I read as much as possible every day.

  2. Northern Lights of Truth

    This televiision ad is simply a lie. HB 77 which failed would NOT have taken anyone’s hunting rights away. You called it a stretch. I call it another lie from Brgich’s team. Begich has been lying to Alaskans even before he went to DC. Let’s get a new senator like Dan Sullivan who is willing and capable of telling the truth.

  3. Anonymous

    How adorable. You make no mention of even though you loved touting this ‘mostly false’ snippet w/o providing any analysis or clarification.

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