Obama declares Bristol Bay off limits to oil exploration

Here’s President Obama announcing his decision to invoke executive action to make Bristol Bay off limits to oil and gas leasing. It’s being hailed as a big victory by environmentalists and local groups. Sen. Mark Begich also weighed in: “I stand with the majority of Alaskans who agree that protecting Bristol Bay’s salmon fishery is a top priority.” To me the action seemed largely symbolic. No one seems to have any immediate plans to develop oil and gas in the area. It does, however, call to attention the value of the world-class fishery in Bristol Bay.


5 thoughts on “Obama declares Bristol Bay off limits to oil exploration

  1. AH HA

    @Oscar, I get my information from ADF&G, Statewide the majority of the commercial salmon harvest is “Ranched”.

    Not only that, those guys fishing in the bay still refuse to even ice their catch. Ergo, the reason that most bay sockeye is only fit for the can.

  2. oscar

    Ah HA — where do you get your fisheries information? Bristol Bay sockeye are not “ranched” hatchery fish but are truly wildstock. You are welcome to consume the Chlean salmon mush, but we will stick to your Bristol Bay salmon.

  3. AH HA

    I wonder if anyone realizes that most of the ‘Wild Alaska’ Salmon that is harvested are Hatchery stock and that these ‘Ranched’ hatchery fish are carrying significant genetic modifications? Yep, GMO….

    Our Salmon fishery is neither sustainable nor ‘Wlid’.

  4. AH HA

    That’s it. I’m done. These boob Commercial Fishermen and their ‘Ranched’ Salmon are getting old. from now on, I’ll promote “Farmed” fish.

    Hell, I can get it fresh from Chile four or five dollars a pound cheaper, It’s in better shape when it gets to market and It’s always available…..

  5. Garand Fellow

    We can give thanks during the Christmas season that the President Barack Hussein Obama White House is doing so well for America both around the world and domestically that protecting this part of Alaska against oil and gas development (even though none is known to even be under consideration) has come to the forefront. The Obama White House is clearly on the ball.

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