On night of lunar eclipse, House majority release calls breast feeding ‘Smart and Sexy’

6089097_sThe House majority press office is really busy this time of year. The media is particularly pesky. Bills and resolutions are getting passed, and with each one that does so, a press release goes out. Four releases went out Monday from the office. Sometimes the press office writes the releases. But usually, at least the shell of them come from the office of the lawmaker who carried the bill. The press office’s job is to check, proof, and disseminate.

One of them, which was sent out on Monday night about a resolution offered by Palmer Rep. Shelly Hughes encouraging breast feeding, said that the practice was “sexy.” In full the headline read: “Smart and Sexy: Legislature Encourages Hospitals to Promote Breastfeeding.” The “Smart and Sexy” part was taken out of the release that appears on the House Majority website.

The resolution encourages hospitals to implement a program called “The Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding.”

It’s unclear if either of the two press secretaries, who are both men, wrote the release or if it came directly from Hughes’s office. The press office wasn’t available late Monday night, and nobody at Hughes’s office answered the phone. It’s also unclear for whom breastfeeding is supposed to be sexy: The baby? The mother? The viewer?

“As a legislature forever fond of natural resource development, it’s time to endorse the extraction of this God-given, abundant and renewable natural resource,” Hughes is quoted in the release as saying.

In related news: A sexy blood moon was crossing the earth’s shadow on Monday night.

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    “House majority release calls breast feeding ‘Smart and Sexy’”

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