Outside Dem groups dropping about $8 million into new pro-Begich ads

I found this on my Facebook feed on the day that I learned that the pro-Begich super-PAC, Put Alaska First, was buying as much as $4.6 million of television ads which will begin to run eight weeks before the election. Put Alaska First is about 90 percent funded by the Senate Majority PAC, which is run by former aides to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is also preparing to spend $3.5 million in the same time period. This money, it should be noted, is above and beyond the millions that Begich himself will put into the race, more than 80 percent of which has come from Outsiders.
Begich special interest money


15 thoughts on “Outside Dem groups dropping about $8 million into new pro-Begich ads

  1. Garand Fellow

    It seems to me that Begich is running on what he will do if sent back to DC. He seems to have no record of accomplishments. He also is running against DC, and I cannot understand how that works when he is in the party that controls the White House and the Senate. He talks about protecting veterans even as veterans demand the resignation of Obama’s guy running veteran’s matters. I cannot believe this is a winning strategy.

  2. Anonymous

    The US Senate race is giving Alaskans a chance to both defeat Harry Reid and send a message to Barack Hussein Obama. What could be better?

    I will be voting for Dan Sullivan in August and in November, and thinking of Ted Stevens as I do so. I am entirely optimistic.

  3. Smv1361

    Hopefully Alaskan’s will not be misled by the quantity or quality of the AD barrage that will definitely be coming our way. If they will just look at how he got elected (Ted’s phony charges at the last minute) and his track record they will see what he has done and who he really supports. It isn’t Alaskans that’s for sure!

  4. John Smith

    Money will come in from all parts of the country and every interest imaginable, and it will come in for both sides of the political spectrum. That of course is not the real issue. The real issue points to a person’s character, integrity and credibility. These three traits make a person trustworthy. Without trust, a leader fails. Senator Begich is continuing to lose the trust of Alaskans. This is yet another example of Senator Begich preaching one thing and then doing another. Senator Begich has not integrity. Senator Begich has no integrity. Senator Begich has no honor. It is time to fire Mr. Begich.

  5. Note to Ms. Anderson

    I think you missed the point of the story :The point of this story is the hypocrisy that is coming from the Begich campaign. His Facebook post has caught him red handed. Not disputing your facts as you are correct. Just showing that Begich’s talk is ALWAYS different than his WALK. Begich can best be described as a liar, fraud, untruthful, phoney and more. The word “honesty” just doesn’t fit. This is so typical Sen. Begich loud and clear.

  6. kathie anderson

    And how much is the National Chamber of Commerce pouring into Dan Sullivan’s bid for the same spot? I don’t think either side should spend that amount of money BUT once it is in the mix it will pour in from everywhere.

  7. Anna

    So should we sign his petition so Harry Reed stops financing his election from outside funds?

  8. Sandy

    OMG. This captures Begich’s behavior 100%. For years, he has said one thing and done another. He talks about standing up for Alaska and his indepence; yet, he votes 97% of the timme with Obama’s administration which has been one of the most antagonistic administrations ever in terms of the way they treat Alaska. Begich is more the president’s lap dog than he our senator. This article, coupled with his Face Book posting, epitomzes and captures Begich’s true self. He is a liar and a fraud.

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