Parnell raises $285,000 in latest reporting period

Gov. Sean Parnell raised more than $285,000 during the latest reporting period, which runs from February until July. That number includes $100,000 that was given to Parnell from the state Republican Party. In total, the campaign has raised $693,295 since it’s inception in May 2013 and has about $450,000 cash on hand.

“As we travel the state, Sandy and I are humbled by the strong and deep support we see,” Parnell said in a release. “We are especially grateful to all our volunteers, contributors and event hosts. Together, we will continue to build Alaska and ensure more freedom and opportunity for all Alaskans.”

I’ll update when I get the numbers of the other two main candidates in the race: Democrat Byron Mallott and independent Bill Walker.

As of 4 p.m. on Monday, the website of the Alaska Public Offices Commission was down, as it tends to be during high traffic times.


8 thoughts on “Parnell raises $285,000 in latest reporting period

  1. Jerry

    Walker put a pile of his own money in and seems to have spent it. Mallott’s campaign spends like drunken sailors. Parnell does a steady, methodical rate of raising funds.
    Parnell will win.

  2. 101

    Donating money to your own campaign isn’t a winning strategy. Not for republican Mead or democrat Byron. If people won’t support you by money, they won’t by votes.

  3. Derp

    Byron’s numbers are in.. looks like he did better than I thought. Including $59,000 that he got from the Democratic party, and $20,000 that he donated to himself, he raised $297,000. Even subtracting the $79k of party and personal money, that means he raised about $120k from real donors.. not far off of Walker.

    But here’s my question.. what did he do with all the cash? Walker, despite raising slightly less overall, still has over 100k in the bank; Mallott has 66k. Walker has signs and ads and action everywhere.. Mallott has none. Maybe Walker just has a lot more volunteer power? Anyone out there to defend the Mallott campaign in a more serious way? I’d like to see some more polls here soon to let us know who is actually gaining traction…

  4. Lynn Willis

    I completely understand the Governor feeling humbled. He has created a record that should be humbling.
    Now are we Alaskans going to be “Palinized” again as our Governor abandons us for greener pastures? Would somebody please ask Governor Parnell if he will commit to serve his entire term if re-elected and not seek other public office while in office. Or more specifically, will he refuse to run against Lisa Murkowski for US Senate during his next term as Governor if re-elected?

  5. AK DEM

    Byron would NEVER let the Alaskan Democrats go unrepresented. Nor will the Dems ever stop continually supporting him. BACK OFF OF BYRON, DERP.

  6. Derp

    Bill Walker’s numbers are in… $259,000 for the period, with a total of $462,000 raised to date. Wow. Parnell got $100,000 directly from the party, in addition to however much he got through the party network. Great job Bill. Byron– your numbers better be good, and if not.. please get out of the race.

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