Parnell’s fight over SARB nominee flabbergasting

Given that even the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner is against Gov. Sean Parnell on Dennis Mandell’s appointment to the State Assessment Review Board, I’m betting that Mandell withdrawals his name himself. Or maybe not. Maybe Parnell will continue to fight through his press secretary and he’ll continue to lose. Why Parnell let himself as deep into this as he has is a mystery. Or, as Sen. Hollis French said today at a press conference, “I’m flabbergasted” From the Fairbanks Daily News Miner, which calls on Parnell to withdraw the appointment:

Mr. Mandell’s appointment is clouded not only by the dispute about qualifications but also by the absence of an explanation of the governor’s motivation in making the changes to the board. From the outside it appears as though he wants to increase oil industry representation so as to reduce the chance of valuation decisions unfavorable to the pipeline’s owners.


8 thoughts on “Parnell’s fight over SARB nominee flabbergasting

  1. Mrs W. Combs

    Governor Parnell has not enjoyed much good press lately. This story is an example of the Governor’s office lack of political smarts. It makes them look like the gang that can’t shoot straight. Tehn there was the HB 77 hearing where the administration was rightly beratted by most everyone who testified. At this rate, Alaskans are going to have a new governor next year. He needs new staff !

  2. Tim Boese

    Wonder what constitution Parnell was taught at what must have been a non traditional education choice by his parents

  3. Brad

    I can’t imagine the shenanigans that will go down in Juneau if Mayor Sullivan becomes Lt. Gov. He and Parnell will piss off every Alaskan before Valentine’s Day 2015.

  4. Mason

    Sean Parnell owes the citizens of Alaska an apology. This selection was so wildly inappropriate that I can’t believe anyone responsible would even contemplate. Sadly, I voted for Parnell. Now, he has proven himself to be either mentally or morally unfit for the job.

  5. From the town known for the bridge to nowhere

    Parnell should get a dunce hat and be given a timeoit for this one. Is he and his team really that stupid or do they have absolutely no political acumen? Someone needs to tell the Governor that there are actually competent Alaskans and he doesn’t have to go to the Lower 48 for appointees. This is an embarassment.

  6. Lynn Willis

    This issue is “flabbergasting” to a few but apparently not to any of those in power, especially in the Executive Branch, who stand to be inconvenienced by any oath of office to uphold the law.
    Apparently the Governor is now standing behind the State Constitution because that position supports his intent in this case. That is exactly opposite of his actions in 2010 when he absolutely ignored the State Constitution to create a brand new position for a sitting legislator.
    With his appointed Attorney General and a compliant legislature he knows he has license to act with impunity in these matters so he might as well do what he wants to do.

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