Planned Parenthood approves of Walker’s plans to expand Medicaid

This is from a press release from Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest:

Under the shaky and soon to end leadership of Sean Parnell, Alaska is one of over 20 states that have refused to expand Medicaid. According to an April Gallup poll, states that have expanded Medicaid and opened their own exchanges have seen a higher rate of decline in the number of uninsured. At the time, the 21 states and the District of Columbia which have both expanded Medicaid and opened their own exchange, saw an average decline in uninsured of 2.5 percent.  The other 29 states that didn’t enact both measures had a dip in uninsured of less than 1 percent on average.


  • 19,000 women aged 18-64 could gain Medicaid coverage under expansion. [Center for American Progress, 2/27/13]
  • 64,000 residents will be newly eligible for the expansion, 44,500 of whom are previously uninsured. [The Lewin Group,4/12/13]
  • Due to Parnell and the legislature’s refusal to expand, about 17,000 uninsured adults who would have been eligible for Medicaid fell into the “coverage gap,” left without access to affordable health care. When a state does not expand Medicaid coverage, many low-income adults without children remain ineligible for Medicaid and are also unable to access financial assistance to purchase private coverage in the Marketplace. [Kaiser Family Foundation,1/6/14]
  • An additional 900 women will receive mammograms and 1,500 will receive pap smears, increasing access to important preventive health care services. [The White House,7/14]
  • Federal dollars for Medicaid expansion would reduce the burden on our overcrowded emergency rooms.In 2008, state and local governments spent nearly $10.6 billion (20 percent) of the cost of caring for uninsured individuals in hospitals. [American Heart Association, 11/6/14]

One thought on “Planned Parenthood approves of Walker’s plans to expand Medicaid

  1. Garand Fellow

    This fits very well politically in that going door to door before the primary and then again before the general election we often ran into Planned Parenthood people who also were going door to door. It was always young women in groups of two. My guess is they were paid and I’m almost certain that most were from out of town. They were supporting Mark Begich, likely using money that came because of the Begich campaign, and I am sure they were anti-Parnell. They were always nice young ladies but were not moving all that fast and spent a lot of time in their autos, especially when it was raining (which was almost always). They were carrying clipboards and doing a sort of push-poll kind of thing. They didn’t appear to like the work. A young, single fellow might have asked them if their feet were tired and if they would like a foot-rub, but that never occurred to an older fellow of course.

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