Primary day tweets and tidbits: Perils of politicking. Mallott peeps for Walker. FREE TATER TOTS.

This from Charles C. Johnson, a conservative blogger who sometimes gets things right, and often times doesn’t. Johnson is Mead Treadwell’s friend and stayed in his house last year. The visit resulted in an inflammatory, error-filled piece about rapist and murderer Jerry Active. One of the headlines read in Johnson’s piece read: “Dan Sullivan AK US Senate child molester coddler.”

In 2006, when then-Gov. Frank Murkowski was running against Sarah Palin in the primary, one of his campaign volunteers was grazed by a bullet in a drive-by while sign waving on Northern Lights. During that same campaign, a Palin supporter whacked an Alaska GOP official on the head with a sign. Now this. A harbinger of things to come for the “No” vote? Shelley Hughes Another harbinger of things to come? The bumper sticker of the day: Mallott admirer for Walker-Round Single This from Colleen Cox, who worked in Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell office as his communications person. She has been mum on why she left the office in early July. His chief of staff Michelle Toohey also left at the same time. Toohey has said that she’s voting for Treadwell: Colleen Cox Headline from MSNBC: In Alaska, will reproductive rights make the difference? Answer: Yes.

Word is that Mark Begich and Mead Treadwell bumped into each other at lunch at the Lucky Wishbone. 


Here’s the best resource so far for elections in the state:

This just because it’s interesting:

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4 thoughts on “Primary day tweets and tidbits: Perils of politicking. Mallott peeps for Walker. FREE TATER TOTS.

  1. Garand Fellow

    In my town, in the evening sign waving the Sullivan people outnumbered the rivals 3 to 1. The Vote No people had the field to themselves as I saw no Yes people. The Tread Meanswell people were morose, at least the adults, as if they knew something. The Miller people were well represented, and while I should know better I will offer the observation that the Miller ladies had in many instances outstanding curb appeal. One Miller tee-shirt was endangering traffic as drivers were distracted. I was sad when the light turned green and I was forced to drive on. Isn’t there some law to deal with that?

  2. John Smith

    I find it hilarious watching these young people who have inserted themselves into the political landscape and have declared themselves to be experts based upon their own self importance. In reality, their political acumen, intelligence and attitude leaves much to be desired. I am thinking of this Charles Johnson character and Ms. Morning Show right off the top of my head. Quite frankly, no one is frightened by you and your ability to make things up in order to disparage your political rival Mr. Johnson. Please come down off of that lofty perch and have a dose of reality. You are not as smart and foreboding as you think.

  3. Mickey

    Free Tater tots. Makes it worthwhile. Love the 360 North website. Always a treat to visit this site. Keep kicking butt girl.

  4. Pulse Taker

    Fun stuff.

    That Charles Johnson guy seems creepy. No wonder he and Mead are buds.

    Poor Shelley.

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