Pro-Begich PAC Put Alaska First’s latest Sullivan attack ad

Here’s the latest ad from the pro-Begich PAC, Put Alaska First, going after Senate candidate Dan Sullivan. The ad has the feel of a closer. (Though trying to tie Sullivan into the National Guard scandal will be tempting, but risky, because it appears there’s no there there.)  In any case, it’s kind of a compilation of the ads that have run before it, all with the same theme: Sullivan’s not one of us, and he’s willing to sell Alaska out to corporate masters. Although it’s nearly completely funded by Senate Majority PAC,  Jim Lottsfeldt, from Anchorage, runs Put Alaska First, and understands what sets Alaskans off: land and fishing rights, to name a few.


12 thoughts on “Pro-Begich PAC Put Alaska First’s latest Sullivan attack ad

  1. Lynn Willis

    Really I do. North Pole Alaska – home of Santa’s House and Radio KJNP (King Jesus North Pole). Fairbanks was my home for six years and if the Republicans seem overwhelming there is always refuge at UAF.

  2. AH HA

    Really? You actually own property in that den of inequity and home of all those weird republicans? If you do, I’ll be that you probably think that Sulfolane is the least of the issues the neighborhood has.

  3. AH HA

    Oddly, according to the owners of the Kensington “The Kensington mine commenced commercial production on July 3, 2010.” One certainly hopes that they were not operating without permit.

    I will readily agree that obtaining those permits was a process that did take most if not all of 20 years with a large portion of that time with the permittee defending the basis for the permits in various courts including one trip to the United States Supreme Court. In fact the process was very instructive for many residents of the region who were some what surprised to see the absolute one sidedness and complete unwillingness to reach any sort of compromise displayed by the greens.

  4. Anonymous

    Last year Kensington Mine in SE Alaska got its final permits to begin operations…after 22 years. Because a lot of outside groups funded by environmental activist organizations file a lawsuit every time anyone tries to develop anything in Alaska. Streamlining our permitting processes is not selling out to anyone. It is Lyn and others who know better yet aid and abet the spread of egregious misinformation by the Harry Reid funded Alaskans First PAC. It should be Alaskans Last PAC. While going to college I worked summers as a union represented employee on the last major new road project in Alaska, 45 years ago. That was the Parks Highway. So where are all these outsiders, raping and pillaging the land? The last time I heard there was less than 2 percent of the State in private ownership…

  5. Susan

    There may not be anything there but that won’t stop Put Alaska First PAC from spreading lies and trying to link Sullivan to the National Guard scandal. Begich won’t put his name on it. I hope the Sullivan campaign is ready to respond. You could see this coming at least two months ago.

  6. Sam P.

    When you call the FBI, you’re doing the right thing in an instance like this. But during an election season, you’re doing the wrong thing. Because opposition has to play it that way, since you can’t possibly have done the right thing.

    This can’t be politically motivated, can it? We’ll find out Nov. 5 if the frothing haters care one bit about the National Guard. Bets, anyone?

  7. Anonymous

    Lynn, nice try. DEC is responsible for environmental protection. DEC must begin an enforcement action then the AG gets involved. Other than selling royalty oil at a discount to the refinery, DNR had nothing to do with this. I know you are desperate to pin every ill on certain politicians, but sometimes life is complicated.

  8. Lynn Wilis

    I have some land near North Pole possibly with Sulfolane ground water contamination -wanna buy it?. Dan Sullivan was the AG and DNR Commissionerfor for many of the years while that pollution was allowed to propagate to a fan now estimated at 3 miles by 2 miles by 600 feet deep. This week the Parnell Administration (after five years) announced they had reached an agreement with Flint Hills to mitigate the spill damage but only on the actual refinery site. The rest of us property owners in the surrounding area apparently don’t donate to political campaigns of the “correct” politicians to get a deal so we get nothing but an effort by the State to raise the allowable level of Sulfolane groundwater contamination to declare the water “safe”.
    I would like to see the Parnell family use North Pole ground water with the new “safe” levels of contaminate for their drinking water.

  9. Anonymous

    If the first report came in Nov. 2010, then Dan was transitioning over to DNR. Moreover, it sounds like Parnell went to Katkus to find out what was going on and was told that the matter was being investigated. Not every allegation of misconduct gets referred to the AG, especially when the agency in question has procedures in place to address these issues.

    This is just another attempt to smear Dan. Virtually every attack on Dan’s actions at the state is a lie or mischaracterization. Why is it okay for Begich to push for legislation that streamlines the permitting process and that limits judicial review, but Dan’s effort to do the same thing is an attempt to silence Alaskans?

  10. Les Moore

    There’s no there, there ? Au contraire my dear friend.

    According to Dan’s official bio, it says that Dan Sullivan’s primary focus as Attorney General was to end Alaska’s epidemic levels of sexual assault and domestic violence, and spearhead Governor Parnell’s “Choose Respect” strategy and campaign to encourage all Alaskans to work together on this urgent issue.

    Why didn’t Governor Parnell consult with his AG over what is turning out to be one of the most appalling stories to have rocked this state in a long, long time…..

    Please don’t fall for this Amanda. Nizich calls in the FBI, the SAC at the time investigates for 6 weeks and says there’s nothing going on in the Guard, and then goes to work for APD, as a patrolman.

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