Pro-Begich super-PAC hits Sullivan on abortion

I missed this ad from the pro-Begich super-PAC, Put Alaska First, released on Sept. 19. I’ve said before that Put Alaska First is running the best ads of the political cycle, and this one is no exception and should appeal to the majority of Alaskans who are pro-choice.

Begich has always been staunchly pro-choice, a stance that is unique among vulnerable red-state Democrats. The issue, however, has gotten more complicated since Begich said that he supports pro-life candidate, Bill Walker, for governor. Though Walker filled out a questionnaire in 2010 that said that he would support pro-life legislation and initiatives in Alaska, this time around he has said that social issues won’t be his focus. However, Senate candidate Dan Sullivan has made similar statements.



13 thoughts on “Pro-Begich super-PAC hits Sullivan on abortion

  1. joeblow

    Walker could have run in the primary as a Democrat or a Republican but chose not to. By filing as an Independent, he goes straight to the general, a strategy pioneered in ’06 by Governor Andrew Halcro.

  2. Jon K

    Lynn, once again you don’t have your facts right. Parnell supported Aces and only decided to change it when he realized it wasn’t working. It was a pragmatic and level headed move based on facts on the ground.

  3. Lynn Willis

    Palin and Parnell were every bit as different as Walker and Mallot on some critical issues such as oil taxation. Amazing in this state what you can away with by simply pasting an “R” after your name. Also, Walker was not allowed to enter the last primary, so I will give you lemons and oranges.

  4. Straitlaced Radical

    One key difference being that Palin and Parnell joined by nature of winning their primaries. Walker and Mallot, not so much. Apples and oranges.

  5. Mike

    I liked the Americans for Shared Prosperity’s ad (from today’s news segment) much more. It too pandered to women, but it was witty. This was just-hollow. It would have made more of an impact if it had more than one woman speak or had something at the end other than her in a red (intentional scarlet color?) raincoat bending over (also intentional considering the content of the ad?) to manage something off camera. 30 seconds never felt so long as this boring commercial.

  6. Lynn Willis

    In retrospect perhaps the most oddest pairing was Palin/Parnell. I don’t see the immediate future of Alaska being jeopardized by these “wedge issues” such as guns, abortion, or same-sex marriage, nearly to the degree we are threatened by issues such as excess state spending and an affordable energy supply for Alaskans.
    I like the idea of a compromise ticket for Governor; however, if the idea of “party uber alles” is that important to you than gain whatever satisfaction (or suffer whatever misery) you may from these partisan ads.

  7. Garand Fellow

    The Walker-Mallott ticket is a choice for strategy over principle, and that seems to bother none in the Democratic Party leadership. But there too many weeks left until the election and too many questions. The odds are that Walker and Mallott won’t be speaking to each other by the middle of next month. And speaking of odd, isn’t this the oddest couple ever seen in Alaska politics?

  8. joeblow

    Put Alaska First is funded by the Senate Majority PAC. Top donors are super-lib Tom Steyer who opposes almost all oil development including Keystone XL and anti-gun Michael Bloomberg.

    If Begich is re-elected, these gentlemen will call in their debts.

  9. Josie

    A woman’s right to choose is a core and valued principle. It sickens me to see Mark Begich pandering to the women’s community capitalizing on his pro-choice stands and then on the other hand supporting pro-life candidate Bill Walker. To me, it voids his integrity and support of this important issue. I will not be supporting Mark Begich because of this nor his gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker. Sen. Begich needs to realize that most Alaskans didn’t fall off the turnip truck. Gee, a few of us even have college educations. By the way, quit lying about your support for women’s equal pay. That too is just another Begich re-election lie.

  10. Anonymous

    Seems like supporting Walker is a more consistent choice than the alternative. Perhaps Begich isn’t a single-issue voter, and he views Walker as the best choice running.

    BTW, when Begich ran the very first time for Anchorage Assembly, Sean Parnell was chair of Begich’s campaign committee.

  11. Des

    Hypocrisy and absurdity is the only way to describe this message from the Begich camp. Begich is clearly a hypocrite and can’t be trusted. If he truly supported a woman’s right to choose, then there is no way that he could support Right to Life Walker. Like all of Begich’s stands on the issues, they are little more than statements to win elections with. Begich is insincere and can’t be trusted.

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