Public safety officials endorse ‘Unity’ ticket

The Walker/Mallott “Unity” ticket have received the endorsement of the state’s largest law enforcement and public safety unions, including the following:

  • Public Safety Employees Association
  • Alaska Correctional Officers Association
  • Alaska Professional Fire Fighters Association
  • Anchorage Police Department Employees Association
  • Alaska State Employees Association
  • Alaska Public Employees Association/Alaska Federation of Teachers

7 thoughts on “Public safety officials endorse ‘Unity’ ticket

  1. Anonymous

    Garand Fellow – Mayor Sullivan was re-elected by the largest margin in mayoral history because he knows how to do the right thing for the taxpayers and doesn’t pander to the union bullies. Anchorage is so much better off because of his leadership. Once the unions had their liberal dream team, it didn’t matter who Parnell’s running mate was – they’ll support whoever will promise more of the public treasure, plain and simple. Don’t count out the voters who respect candidates that are unwavering in their core principals, as Scott Walker proved in normally liberal Wisconsin.

  2. Garand Fellow

    Actually, from an organized labor perspective Walker is far worse than Parnell. And there is not a single issue upon which Parnell and Walker disagree except who should be governor. Alaska has joined Russia and China in having a one-party political system, and it was the subtracted party that did it!

    Moreover, there is no evidence whatsoever that Byron Mallott is pro-labor. When Sealaska Corp. began harvesting timber there were union logging camps in southeast Alaska but not one tree has ever been cut on Sealaska land by a union faller or hauled by a union truck driver. Byron was on the board of Alaska Airlines when that company did its union-busting. This anger at Parnell and fear of Mayor Sullivan brings blinders it seems.

  3. Northern Observer

    The comment by Sam Abney is beyond ridiculous. It sounds like another ill-informed voter for the Democratic ticket turned Republican that changes its key provisions daily. Come on Mr. Abney, surely you can write something more analytical or inspiring than this. As a Democrat don’t you think that your party needs to be a bit introspective, reflective and make some changes? Or, do you just support giving your party mantle away to some pro-life, anti-LBGT, fool. Yp, that’s a party that really stands for something. No wonder the Ds are losing voters.

  4. Samuel Abney

    See you, Captain Zero! The guy we’re putting up may be as bad or worse, but we can’t let you get away with the atrocity that’s been your administration.

  5. Sam P.

    Looks like Boss Beltrami intends to call the shots in Juneau with Bloviating Bill Walker as his stooge.

  6. Straitlaced Radical

    Unions wanted a merged ticket to take on Parnell. In that context, this does not really surprise me.

  7. Garand Fellow

    The good ship Parnell may founder if no one can find a way to pitch Mayor Sullivan over the side.

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