Quote of the Day: Gay marriage ban is ‘blot’ on state constitution

“We have a blot, a stain upon our state constitution, a blot that [this resolution] seeks to erase. We can wait, if you wish for the day, and I think the day is coming soon when the U.S. Supreme Court rules that state prohibitions on same sex marriage are inconsistent with freedom, with justice, with liberty and equality. Better yet I believe it should be erased by our own actions, by passing this resolution and submitting it to the voters.” –Alaska state Sen. Hollis French on the Senate floor, speaking on a Senate Joint Resolution to allow voters to vote on amending the state constitution to allow for same sex marriage.


6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Gay marriage ban is ‘blot’ on state constitution

  1. admin

    Amanda here. I think it has a good chance. I’ll keep watch over it. The testimony was certainly powerful.

  2. Arctic Urbanophile

    What do you think the chances of Sen. Gardner’s SB 131 non-discrimination bill passing? McGuire, Stevens, and Stedman seem supportive of the bill, giving it 10 votes (assuming all 7 dems vote yes).

  3. M4M

    Thank you for your leadership. History will show you as a courageous civil rights leader. There are many of us whose appreciation cannot be expressed in words.

  4. Spenard Voter

    Hollis is all about being a liberal. I wish for a nano second he would approach his job with the thought that the best social program is a job. Boldly speaking, this issue is important and should be addressed; however, Hollis has done such a poor job of being relevant of late and unwilling to approach issues in a workable way makes this introduction little more than pathetic showmanship. His speech under special orders was anything but inspirational. His heart is in the right place; unfortunately, his colleagues could care less. If he wants people to work with him, he needs to learn to work with people too.

  5. akmom

    It is a blot from something I did not vote for 16 yrs ago. You love who you love. I appreciate Hollis bringing it to the floor but with Huggins in charge no democrat will receive fair treatment. His response to the bill, complete with smirking, proves that. No matter. Alaska is on the wrong side of history on this one and it will happen regardless.

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