Quote of the day: The Palins selling their ‘top of the line’ RV

From a description of Todd and Sarah Palin’s RV, which is being sold for $279,000.

The majority of the Coaches miles were put on by current owners Todd and Sarah Palin! This is the top of the line in Country Coaches’ impressive line up of high end Coaches, engineered for style and performance and custom built from the ground up on a Dynomax chassis!…The unique and stylish look comes with very clean lines including a full height windshield, flush mount windows and integrated hidden bay latches!   The awning package is like no other, consisting of 4 high roof cap awnings with wind sensors! The coach is fully loaded with all the right equipment including electronic dash display, GPS, stacked inverters, In-motion satellite, 2 new HD LED TV’s with premium sound, fully automatic leveling system, new Life-line 8D batteries, stacked washer & dryer, 2×90″ dual directional slide trays, 3X15K btu AC’s with heat pumps, radiant floor heat and a full hydronic heating system to name a few of the featured options! This is one of the best looking, best working Coaches I’ve seen and has been maintained at the highest level service!!!


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day: The Palins selling their ‘top of the line’ RV

  1. Amazed by the stupid

    Sam Abney says that the Palins are vindictive but not unkind. What the hell does that mean ? Does he even understand the words he uses ?

  2. Samuel Abney

    Not to be combative, but I’ve never heard anything about them being unkind. Opportunistic and vindictive, yes, but not unkind.

  3. nurse

    Why doesn’t someone do a reality show featuring an inept ex-beauty pagent contestant that becomes governor and is then tapped for the #2 spot on the Republican national ticket. Her husband could be someone who has affairs with hookers. She could have a high school daughter that does ads for abstinance campaigns who gets pregnent by a friend whose mother is a drug dealer that gets caught and …….,
    Never mind, no one would believe it. Too made up. Too weird.

  4. SJ

    The Palin’s remind me of the Beverly Hillbillies.
    Apology to the Beverly Hillbillies : please accept my apologies as you guys are both smarter and nicer than the Palin’s.

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