Sarah Palin’s PAC continues to spend and receive

Roll Call’s Money Line is reporting that Sarah Palin’s political action committee, Sarah PAC, spent more than $700,000 in the last six months of 2013.

According to Roll Call, the PAC took in $717,264 and spent $713,551. It still has $1,117,684 on hand:

The PAC spent $242,673 on direct mail and postage; $101,500 on consultants; $69,000 on consultants for fundraising and compliance; $35,750 on research; $26,000 on speechwriting; and $9,909 on Harper Collins books for donors; among other expenditures. The report stated the PAC “did no advocacy.”The PAC gave $5,000 on 10/8 to Lonegan for Senate in the New Jersey Senate special election.

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5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s PAC continues to spend and receive

  1. anethicalvoice

    The lovely dearest Sarah has once again shocked us with her indifference to the golden rules. No one will ever accuse her of being a Robin Hood. Absolutely no one; rather, she taketh from the hardworking and caters to her own selfish indulgences. While I am always surprised by her behavior, I shouldn’t be. It is consistently corrupt of morals. She is by far the most insincere and unjust human being I have ever met that is not in prison. She is morally reprehensible. I wish she would just go away. Many look at her and see beauty. I look at her and see her lack of character. I. Hope that one day she sees the errors of her ways and asks her Savior for forgiveness.

  2. Lynn Willis

    Should I care about this (or her) unless any of this money has been used to assist Alaskan politicians?

  3. Palincrat

    You liberals suck allways critkal of my old boss. She was a goog Goveernor. Iremmemmberred win she gave us the energe dividind. That hellped lots of peple. She was so grate that she got picked as the Vise Presedent of the repuplicans. You peple don’t no shit. Govrnor Palin is a good weman. I wish the libs in the medea wod get off her back. I subport Gov Palin and hope that other grate Aklaskans will allways subport her forreveer. Why do libs and libbers hate conservvatives so much.

  4. anonymous

    Sarah Palin is the chapter of Alaska politics that should be titled ” The Worst of Times in Alaska”. We provided national embarrassment to the rest of the country. Read between the lines and you will realize that her character is sleezy to the bone.

  5. Kenny

    Sarah is such an embarrassment and disgusts me that she takes money from the elderly and others of limited means and spends it to promote herself. Especially when she is banking millions personally. Damn her.

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