Senate candidate Dan Sullivan releases first ad of campaign season

U.S. senate candidate Dan Sullivan released his first ad on Thursday which will only appear online. Sullivan is running against Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller in the Republican primary. The ad serves as an introduction to Sullivan’s time as Alaska attorney general, former commissioner of DNR, and his service in the Marines. It doesn’t mention the other candidates. A series of radio ads produced by an Anchorage-based super-PAC earlier this month did hit Sen. Mark Begich, calling him “Malarkey Mark,” among other things.


21 thoughts on “Senate candidate Dan Sullivan releases first ad of campaign season

  1. AlaskaCodPiece

    DNR Dan is spending all of his ‘face time’ in the Valley, Anchorage and Fairbanks to work the votes in those populous regions. When is he going to take a trip out to the bush and coastal regions of Alaska? He is either 1 )afraid; or 2) doesn’t give a crap about remote Alaskan voters and their opinions or needs.

    I don’t blame him for being a bit fearful of straying into the ‘weeds’ . When is he going to explain his 100% backing of Parnell’s agenda to gut laws that protect our water and land rights and remove the public comment and appeals processes? (HB77)

    How about explaining why Alaska is the only state to not have a coastal management program and again, the public is pulled from the process? He let the hated ‘feds’ have our coastlines.

    Why has DNR Dan (nor Parnell) never visited the Bristol Bay region to talk with the people about his support of Pebble Mine? Likewise the salmon stream ruining proposal at Chuitna coal mine at Cook Inlet?

    DNR Dan boasts about his “all Alaska campaign team” – look more closely and you will find that they are former Bush, Romney and Palin operatives.

    DNR Dan campaign slogan should be: Pave Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot

  2. anethicalvoice

    Dan Sullivan was Palin’s attorney general. Enough said.
    His morals must mirror Palin’s. Thank goodness there are other clear choices. I will vote for anyone but Sulloivan due to his association with Palin.

  3. Kevin Kulalowski

    It seems to me that the Treadwell campaign team has been trolling this page, just like they have with Twitter and on Facebook.

    Overall, Sullivan seems like a great hardworking guy that would represent Alaska well in DC.

  4. Jumpy

    Looks like the Treadwell campaign is commenting on articles about Sullivan again. Are you coming to the realization that you joined the wrong team yet? Instead of trolling blog posts, you need to be out fundraising or else you’re not going to get paid next week. By the way, what has Treadwell accomplished lately? One of the reasons you don’t hear Sullivan supporters bashing Treadwell is because there is no recent record to look at. He’s Lt. Gov., which is like a part-time job with little responsibility. What does he do every day?

  5. Turner

    Dan Sullivan Takes pride in fighting obamacare, the truth is he did so as a follower. In reality he joined on the bandwagon, and only after 18 states had already done so. Saying that he is a leader on the issues is blatantly misleading, and I don’t believe we want another misleading member of congress. And if he really wanted to be a leader and fight the law he would have dedicated more than the $5,000 than he did. That just shows his lack of commitment and dedication that should be expected of a man that hopes to lead this country. We need a man who will say what he means and fully commit to fight the issues that the people need to be fought. This person is clearly not Dan Sullivan.


    Dan Sullivan is an elitist. He doesn’t care about the average guy. He’s always looking for the most important person in the room. This is very disappointing. Sullivan will represent the wealthy and influential very well. He has no connection nor cartes about connecting with average working class people. I don’t think alaskans will be fooled by Sullivan. For the folks who commented negatively about his campaign I sure hope they are right. Regular peoiple matter. I sincerely wish that Dan Sullivan knew that.

  7. J.Kennedy

    I wonder how he will spend his final days in office? I hope reflecting on where the wheels fell off! Like supporting Obamacare and taking earned benefits from retired Veterans! That should keep his mind occupied for a time!
    Treadwell 2014!

  8. Meyer

    Decent tv spot. The fact remains that the Sullivan 2014 campaign appears to be a dysfunctional disaster. The staff is very inexpreienced as is the candodate. It seeems like the campaign is doing well raising funds. However, the rest of the campaign seems inept. Unless Sullivan understands the need for a top-otch campaign organization all his money may be wasted. Within political circles, this campaign is being laughed at. There is no experience or leadership. I am a registered independent and I don’t like Begich. Sullivan is the only hope but his chances are slowly disappaiting as his inexperience shows. I hope he gets it together and understands what it takes to win. I’m bit overly optimistic though.

  9. Nancy W.

    I’m a Sullivan supporter and this add just gets me fired up. I love the look on his face in the beginning while wearing his military uniform. The more people hear Sullivan’s message, the more people like him. I’m looking forward to the next time he gets out to the Valley.

  10. Brad

    I agree with CP and G. Lynn. Sullivan’s campaign is positive and focused on beating Begich, improving the state, and getting the country back on track. Most of the stuff from Miller and Treadwell has been negative. Plus, the best way to predict what each candidate is going do in the future is to look at their past, and Sullivan has a track record of service and getting things done that the other candidates do not. I’m going to trust Condoleeza Rice’s judge of character and continue to support Sullivan. Nice ad, too!

  11. Bush Pilot 420

    If you took the best characteristics of Joe Miller, Mark Begich and Mead Treadwell you’d end up with something about half as good and competent as Dan Sullivan. Check out the guy’s record – – from his military service to

  12. Andrew

    How dare Sullivan claim that he was a leader in the fight on Obamacare! He only dragged himself into the fight AFTER 18 states already began the suit- that is truly “spear heading” the fight. This heartfelt dedication was truly exemplified when he donated a wopping 5000 dollars- any decent lawyer would spend through that in a matter of a couple of days. How can we trust a “leader” like Sullivan if he only hops on political band-wagons?

  13. Sumner

    Dan Sullivan was not a leader in the fight for ObamaCare. Spending $5000 on a suit, an amount that a normal lawyer would have spent in a week, does not make him a leader or prevalent figure fighting against ObamaCare. Sullivan needs to get his priorities straight and stand firmly behind his views instead of going half the distance necessary.

  14. CDQ TRUE


  15. AK Radio

    Still want to learn more about him, but I liked the overall message — his list of accomplishments are in line with my views.

  16. CP

    This is one of the better political messages of the year. Dan Sullivan appears to be a very interesting and positive candidate. Might be worth keeping an eye on.

  17. G. Lynn

    This is a good ad. I knew Dan Sullivan as the DNR Commissioner. He was a doer. He got things done. He reformed the department’s permit system. He’s smart too. As a republican, I believe he is the only candidate that can successfully challebg Obama ‘s boy Mark Begich. I hope and trust that our party will get behind our state’s only hope of getting a chance of contributing to a Republican controlled US Senate.

  18. Booooorrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnngggg AND kinda Bull***T

    Yes, I agree with the last comment. Dan Sullivan can brag all day long about his education, military experience and maybe even his time in DC. But his time in Alaska is a gross exaggeration. I just looked on Wikipedia – 6 months as attorney general, 2 1/2 years as a commissioner and 2 years as a clerk. All well and good, but come on, even a shiny commercial doesn’t make me believes he is an Alaskan at heart.

    He has the “Sarah Palin Problem” and quits every-time there is more money or a better opportunity on the table.

  19. Alaskan says "Whhaaaaatttt???"

    Sullivan seems like a good guy who has done good things for this country…. but no way am I going to accept the idea that he can spend 10 minutes in this great state and claim to have made a meaningful impact! I vote Dan Sullivan for Attorney General or Commissioner but not United States Senator….

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