Senate candidate Sullivan’s giving Alaska some love

For Valentine’s Day, GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan released a radio ad, entitled “Love.” My favorite part is when he tells us how he fell in love with his wife, Julie, on first sight, and he fell in love with Alaska, first sight. “And, as my Marine Corps brothers know, I fight for the things I love.” That’s pretty good. Listen below:


9 thoughts on “Senate candidate Sullivan’s giving Alaska some love

  1. Make it Stop

    I did ask you to be more specific. How about providing a link and a time code indicating what the image is? Your vagueness is so cute.

  2. Anonymous

    Every speech and article I’ve read on Dan quotes him saying ‘the Fate family this’, and ‘Fate family that’. That’s great Dan, but what have you done? Because this isn’t the mob; you don’t get to just marry into the position of power you so desire. I understand that ‘Dan Fate-Sullivan’ has been married for a while, but continually mentioning his wife’s connections doesn’t mean a thing to me. It just seems desperate. I’m a long time reader, and it’s weird to watch all the comments that pour-in defending Dan, when not that many people know him… I don’t get where his grassroots support is coming from

    – oh wait – a simple TCP data capture on this site will show you it’s from the same one or two computers here in Anchorage. Any refutations along the lines of ‘he’s a hero’, ‘the fate family is this’, or ‘he’s got kids’ – will just be another construction by the campaign staffers who so often frequent this site. Good support there buddy, at least you know that your campaign is working hard for the money they’re paid – I pray that real Alaskans, the ones outside your carefully constructed campaign staff, aren’t so easily swayed by money and empty promises.

  3. Mae

    Okay, I’ll explain it to you.
    In L48 Dan’s first campaign ad (on you tube), he uses a image that is not approved of.
    Apparently L48 Dan chooses to disrespect the request of a lady, who said to quit using her image.

    And quite frankly, L48 Dan doesn’t need the likes of Brown to muck things up. L48 Dan is doing a fine job on his own with disrespecting a lady’s request to quit using her image in this first campaign ad.

    Hey, thanks for asking me to be more specific. This show of disrespect from L48 Dan will follow him around till he chooses respect.

  4. Make it Stop

    Mae. That’s a radio ad. Meaning you don’t see, you hear. Be a tad more specific on your allegation, because you just look like Fred Brown is creeping around on the web trying to make himself useful.

  5. Mae

    You Dan, do not know the meaning of NO.
    Quit using people’s images when they don’t approve.
    Spare me your thoughts on “love”.
    I find you creepy.

  6. Glacier Hwy Bound

    Nice radio spot as it captures his bio and tells of his love for his wife and the state. He is a capable guy and would be a great senator for all alaskans for sure.

  7. Robert G.

    This ad hits it out of the ballpark. Begich thinks that he has some birth right to the Senate seat because he was born in Alaska. That’s bullshit.
    Dan Sullivan married into a great Alaska family, loves our state and served in our nation’s military. Who cares if he is from Ohio? Ted Stevens was from Indiana. I think most Alaskans wish he was still our senator instead of the phoney goof we have now.

  8. A Young Man Fan

    The best line in this radio ad is also the line that is so true: “it’s been six years since we’ve had a warrior in DC”. This says a lot about what we have and what we need. Ted Stevens was a warrior. Begich is so busy playing politics and hustling endorsements from the special interests that he doesn’t have time to fight for Alaska. Begich’s election was something that should never had happen. Let’s all join together to degfeat him and put a warrior, like Dan Sullivan, in the senate.

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