Senate candidates Sullivan and Begich release new ads

Here’s GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s recent ad, using Elaina Spraker to attack Sen. Mark Begich on gun rights and on his record of supporting Obama’s judicial nominees. Elaina is an icon in the largely male-dominated hunting world. She’s married to former Board of Game member Ted Spraker, a well-known, outspoken hunting rights advocate in the Kenai. The charge that Begich is anti-gun is a bit of a stretch. He was one of five Democratic Senators to vote against a gun control bill last year, helping to kill it. However, he also voted to confirm Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, both of whom the NRA opposed. Too, generally speaking, Begich has been accommodating to Obama’s bench picks, voting to confirm all but one of Obama’s federal nominees following filibuster reform.

Begich came out with his own more uplifting ad on Monday, where his mother Peggy and wife Deborah debate whether Begich is frugal or cheap.


10 thoughts on “Senate candidates Sullivan and Begich release new ads

  1. Elaina Spraker

    Mae, your ignorance is now comical. Let me spell this out so someone like you can understand,
    AFN AND Tribal Leaders from across the state endorsed Ted. BTW it’s BOG not BoG.

  2. Mae

    Bull Elaina, I’ve watched Ted’s votes. He has a preference and it ain’t rural. It IS the BoG. A state regulatory entity. Last I checked the state lost control of managing game management on federal lands because…. (Insert huge DUH factor here).
    Further more there is a huge difference between Native corporations and Tribal Leaders.
    And take note country bumpkin, Tribal is capitalized.

  3. LysanderSpooner

    Considering your recent op-ed, you’re probably not the best person to demand that someone else check their facts.

  4. LysanderSpooner

    LOL. Obama’s “gun confiscation”? Really? This post is baseless, agenda-driven, fear-mongering nonsense.

  5. Elaina Spraker

    Mae, your comments are flat ignorant and illustrates how little you know about the “Spraker’s” Check your facts before you start bloviating about things you know nothing about.
    In addition to the Alaska Federation of Natives a plethora of letters were sent to the Governor from Native organizations and tribal leaders supporting Ted for re-appointment.

  6. Garand Fellow

    Mark Begich is anti-gun. True, he pushed back against the Obama-Reid attempt to take guns away from law-abiding Alaskans, but that was a freebie because it never would have passed the House. More telling is that Mayor Begich signed Anchorage to the Michael Bloomberg Mayors Against Guns, and he hired anti-gun political strategist Celinda Lake.

    I would not be surprised if the NRA endorses Mark Begich because he didn’t go with Obama on gun confiscation. The NRA is careful to not side with any one political party, and I don’t fault them for that. But the certainty that Begich would continue to follow Obama if re-elected, especially with federal court appointments during the next two years means that Alaskans must defeat Begich if we want to keep our guns!

    The ammunition and component shortage, and banning the use of lead bullets on federal land, is just a preview of what Obama has in store for us. Alaska gun owners should be working on the Sullivan campaign right now.

  7. Trainer

    Sullivan’s ad is rather compelling by showing the errors of voting 97% of the time with Obama. These votes have hurt America.

  8. LysanderSpooner

    Voting to confirm a judge not endorsed by the NRA does not, by itself, make Begich anti-gun. The NRA should never be the final authority about who is, or isn’t, a supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

    That said, the general tenor of both candidates’ ads has been disappointing. I care less about what it means to be an Alaskan, than I do about what it means to best represent Alaskans.

  9. Mae

    Well, well… Ya can’t get anymore anti subsistence or anti rural subsistence than the Sprakers. How does L48 Dan live with himself knowing he pretty much lives to do away with the rural subsistence way of life? That very way of life his wife derives from.

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