Senate races across the country called and in play

Updated: Within the past few hours, the GOP has won more than enough to take the Senate. So although we don’t know who’s going to win in Alaska, one thing is for sure is that Sen. Lisa Murkowski will be chair of the Energy Committee.

Voting Issues

Georgia’s Voter website that is used to verify registration status, has crashed causing Civil Rights groups to become very vocal about this potential lawsuit.

Florida gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist’s campaign has filed an emergency motion with the circuit court to extend voting by 2 hours in Broward County due to several problems at polls across the county. Ugh Florida, you never cease to antagonize me.

Here’s what we know as of 9:14 p.m. AK time. I’ll be updated throughout the night.

Senate races called 


Jeff Sessions wins in an uncontested race.


Tom Cotton (R) has been declared victor over challenger Mark Pryor (D).


Cory Gardner (R) is the newest senator from the Great State of Colorado.  Sen. Mark Udall (D) put up a good fight.


Christopher Coons (D) has won after a close race with Kevin Wade (R).


David Perdue (R) wins against and Michelle Nunn (D) in what was expected to be a close race.


Dick Durbin (D) wins re-election over opponent Jim Oberweis (R).


Joni Earnst (R) beats Bruce Braley (D)  in one of most competitive in the country.


Pat Roberts (R) won this race against Greg Orman (I).


The race has already been called in favor of Sen. Mitch McConnell. According to former White House press secretary Jay Carney, said that candidate Alison Lunderan Grimes “ran a very poor campaign.”


Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) and the Republicans Rep. Bill Cassidy and Rob Maness are officially going into a runoff.  The results of this race won’t be finished until December.  Nothing says Happy Holidays like canvassers.


Susan Collins (R) has been declared winner against Shenna Bellows (D).


Ed Markey (D) has handily beaten Brian Herr (R).


Gary Peters (D) wins over Terri Land (R).


Al Franklin (D) has captured a second term in the U.S. Senate against challenger Mike McFadden.


Thad Cochran (R) wins over Travis Childers (D).


Steve Daines (R) beats Amanda Curtis (D).


Ben Sasse won by a large margin over Dave Domina.

New Hampshire

Jeanne Shaheen (D) wins against Scott Brown (R).

New Jersey

Cory Booker (D) (Remember him? He stumped for Begich earlier this year) has been called winner over Jeff Bell (R).

New Mexico

Tom Udall (D)  held his lead over Allen Weh (R) for the win.

North Carolina

Challenger Thom Tillis (R) won against Kay Hagan (D). 


James Lankford (R) beat Connie Johnson (D).

Jim Inhofe easily beat political newbie Matt Silverstein (D).


Jeff Merkley (D) won against Monica Wehby (R).

Rhode Island

Jack Reed (D) has won against Mark Zaccaria (R).

South Carolina

Tim Scott (R) has become the first African –American elected into the Senate from the great state of South Carolina. He was appointed to replace Sen. Jim DeMint (R) in 2012. Senator Lindsey Graham (R) also easily won reelection too.

South Dakota

Mike Rounds (R) beats Rick Weiland (D).


Lamar Alexander (R) wins over Gordon Ball.


Senator John Cornyn (R) has been declared victor over challenger David Alameel (D).

West Virginia

The first Republican Senate pick-up seat was declared for the retiring Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D). The Hill states that it wasn’t much of a race against his challenger, West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant (D).


Mike Enzi (R) has won re-election against challenger Charlie Hardy (D).


Races still in play. Will update as the night goes on


A Senior Begich campaign aide confided that the exit polling from Bush and Rural Alaska is either meeting or exceeding the campaign’s goals for this segment of Alaska in order to win.


Still too close to call between Ed Gillespie (R) and Mark Warner (D). It might have something to do with Libertarian Party candidate Robert Sarvis’ presence on the ballot. This is going to be another squeaker race.