Special interests planning annual Juneau invasion

The legislative session begins next week on Jan. 21, and if all goes smoothly, which it likely won’t, it’s scheduled to end on April 20. That leaves lots of time for various businesses, trade associations, groups, and individuals to fly to Juneau to try and have their say. (Psst, here’s a secret: a real person visiting Juneau to lobby for or against a bill can be more effective than five lobbyists doing the same.)

A significant number of uber organized organizations, already scheduled a visit. There are some groups missing however. Here’s the fly-ins that I’m aware of:

  • January 22-23: State Chamber
  • January 27-28: Resource Development Council
  • January 28-29: AK Power Association Managers
  • January 29: AK Oil and Gas Association
  • January 29: ConocoPhillips Executive and CAP Board
  • February 2-5: AK Assn School Boards
  • February 4: AK General Contractors, AK Trucking Association, AK Miners Association
  • February 4-6: Fairbanks Chamber
  • February 11-12: Council of AK Producers
  • February 11-14: AK Fire Chief Assn Summit
  • February 12: Women in Resources
  • February 17-20: AK Municipal League
  • February 18-19: Anchorage Chamber
  • February 25-26: ANSCA CEOs
  • February 26-27: AK Power Assn Leg Conf
  • March 2-4: AK Association School Administrators
  • March 5-7: AK Forest Association
  • April 16: AK Association of those who celebrate Laurie Herman day

Some groups who haven’t yet scheduled, but that usually make a large presence include: CHARR, the AK Hospital and Nursing Home Association, AFL-CIO,  AK Travel Industry Association and the AK Support Industry Alliance

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  1. the best offense is a good defense

    What is the Council of Alaska Producers? Who are they and what do they produce?

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