The NRSC sends Begich a b-day cake. Any good? Nope, his office said.

It’s Sen. Mark Begich’s 52 birthday on Monday, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee was sweet enough to send him a cake to his D.C. office, onto which was written, “Happy Birthday to the Senator that votes with Obama 97 percent of the time.” Any good? I asked his office. Nah. They said that much like the NRSC, it was “just plain vanilla with artificially sweetened facts.”



14 thoughts on “The NRSC sends Begich a b-day cake. Any good? Nope, his office said.

  1. akmom

    Oh, gosh I so hoping for your approval. Excuse me while I fan myself…….Aw. All better now. I expressed myself poorly due to 3 things…..small keyboard, fat fingers, and Friday night wine, baby. What’s your excuse?

  2. You guys are AK bitches

    Oh-maugaosh. It just came to me! I know what’s gonna really show how smart I am! If I just write verbosely instead of veraciously. If I expand upon the mean lexicon of our colloquial vernacular then I shall be renowned and respected.

    Ak mom, your first comment deserved to be made fun of – if you’re expressing yourself through words, and you do so poorly…what do you expect?

    Ak dad, who are you a staffer for, which candidate? I think staffers who’ve commented on this site are the only people who’ve I’ve ever read about who agree with anyone 97% of the time.

  3. akmom

    I applaud your willingness to assume that I am uninformed without any verifiable empirical data. Ha. I know Senator Begich is one of our two US Senators. I was typing on a Kindle, which doesn’t have the most user friendly keyboard, and missed an apostrophe and a “S”. Sue me. Probably wont be the worst mistake I make today. ha. Relax and enjoy the sunshine of a beautiful Alaskan Spring Day.

  4. Ak Dad

    To: Ak Mom – contrary to your observations and comment, this is the first time I have ever posted a comment on any blog or in response to a story. The impetus of my comments here were provoked by your comments and not from the story itself. First, for sake of correction, Begich is ouir US Senatorr and not our state senator. Seconfly, I haven’t seen comments expressing hatred towards the President; rather, the comments seem to focus on their frustration and view that the Obama administration is not good for Alaska. The Obama administration has fought to keep ANWR closed and has stopped development wherever and whenever the could. They have stopped the road to King Cove to protect habitat for the birds while promoting the area as a world class hunting spot. They continue to pass unfunded mandates. They lied about the Affordable Care Act. These are not points of hatred and are simply frustrating points that many Alaskans, like myself, strongly disagree with. You say you make voting decisions independently which I admire and applaud. These are issues that fall in the relm of our daily lives. Senator Begich supports the President far more than most Alaskans do. That is his perogative and one in which I disagree with. In closing, again I want to appindependence in making your voting decisions. I wish that you would add “informed” to your voting decisions. At least then you would know that he was a federal official and not a state official. One more thing AK Mom, I too make my voting decisions independently and based on information. Somehow I even find the time and information to differentiate between my state senators and members of Congress. I just have been disappointed with our junior senator’s support of a Prresident who shows little support for the 49th state.

  5. Anonymous

    It doesn’t…its the “factual data” that begich voted with the president 97% of the time that must be confusing you…

  6. akmom

    I support Mark. I am tired of seeing the negative comments from the same posters. Your hatred of our President should not affect your opinion of our state senator. I make my voting decisions with an independent mind informed with actual data.

  7. Pioneer

    Begich spends more time helping the District of Columbia with their agenda than he does for the people of King Cove. I’m upset that the Republican Party wasted their money even to buy you a birthday cake even though it was intended to poke fun at your record of support for Pres Obama. Alaskans won’t be fooled.

  8. cotopacific

    I don’t have it in me to support anyone who regularly rolls over for Obama and lies on top of it. I truly hope that Sen. Begich will be able to enjoy his 53rd birthday either in Alaska or on K Street where all the other members of Congree go after theu ate defeated or retire.

  9. Rolls

    I wouldn’t wast a good cake on Begich even to make a point. He is the worst. All fake, all lies, all the tiime. Gee, he sounds like Obama.

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