The RNC’s ‘Growth and Opportunity Project’ comes to Alaska

A year ago today, the Republican National Committee launched a new initiative with a name that only a committee could love. The goal of the “Growth and Opportunity Project” is to expand the party, with a focus on reaching out to women, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Pacific Americans. According to those who pushed for the project, the party “has to stop talking to itself.” It urged Republicans to try to “engage with voters who don’t always identify with Republicans.”

To that end, the RNC has hired field directors throughout the country. Michael Shirley has been assigned to Alaska since September. And though he’s not talking to some of the best Republican consultants in the state — namely Art Hackney and Marc Hellenthal — he is speaking at Republican district conventions and working with party people.

The RNC has also launched a six-figure cable and digital ad buy as part of a “Create Your American Dream” campaign. It features the GOP’s version of diverse Americans, none of whom appear to be Alaskans, talking about what issues matter to them and why they choose to vote Republican. The ads will run in 14 states, including Alaska. Watch for it on a webpage near you, and be prepared to think, “Why am I watching an ad by people who don’t look anything like me or my neighbors, telling me about why they’re Republicans?”

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One thought on “The RNC’s ‘Growth and Opportunity Project’ comes to Alaska

  1. TDG

    Republicans are fundamentally terrible at this. Their approach, as you suggest, is all wrong. Folks from outside spend 3/4 of theoir time trying to figure out who’s on first and who’s on second. Nice theoretical approach that loses something in the practical translation.

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