Treadwell shows that he’s willing to break Reagan’s 11th Commandment

I’ve been traveling today–hence the few posts–so I haven’t been able to listen to any of recordings of the GOP debate in Homer last Tuesday night, nor have I had much chance to talk to people who were there. But a few press releases from the candidates and from the Democratic party gave me of flavor: Mead Treadwell tried to out conservative Joe Miller, and Dan Sullivan, with an eye on the general election, tried to save something for the middle and for the Independents, votes that will determine if Mark Begich gets sent back to D.C. this winter.

Treadwell went so far as to spend his closing comments on parroting Begich’s attacks on Miller and Sullivan, and he sent out a releasereiterating those attacks. He said that MIller is “handcuffed to his past, to his anger, absent record, and absent solutions.” And he said that Begich had “successfully tagged “ Sullivan as a “carpetbagger.” He said that Sullivan was “someone who moved here for ambition, tax reasons, and someone who can’t remember one fishing license to the next, one tax form to the next, one biography to the next, where he’s from and when he came.”

Sullivan’s campaign released an indignant and vaguely impotent response. “Just last week the Treadwell campaign predicted that their opponents would go negative against Mead. They didn’t, so as he has done for months, Treadwell went negative himself, recycling the same baseless attacks we have heard from Mark Begich and his liberal allies this entire campaign,” the release said.

“Alaskans are tired of election year mudslinging from desperate politicians,” the release said. (Actually, not really but maybe that’s just me.) The release promised that Dan will “continue to share his optimistic vision for Alaska on the campaign trail,” which I guess means that Treadwell and Miller will continue to punch, and Sullivan will continue to absorb those punches.

Miller, who likely realized in 2010 that Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment about not speaking ill of a fellow Republican only applied to a certain kind of Republican, has never been shy of going on the attack against his fellow GOP candidate. If nothing else, the Wednesday night debate shows that Treadwell isn’t either.

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18 thoughts on “Treadwell shows that he’s willing to break Reagan’s 11th Commandment

  1. Elaine

    Why would this surprise anyone? He probably spent more time writing and reviewing this press release than he spent working at his state office last month where he collects a state pay check – – I call this unethical. Mead Treadwell is the true Captain Zero.

  2. Twig

    Treadwell’s press release represents the kind of person he is and the senator he hopes to be.
    No thanks. I could never suport someone like this.

  3. Kent

    Treadwell and his campaign has succeeded in making sure that I wouldn’t vote for him ffor dog catcher. The guy is angry, self-centered and pathological. I guess if you step back and think about it, it’s probably understandable. First, having to make up lies about your successes in public service would be depressing after awhile. Secondly, after changing your whole persona to manufacture an image of conservatism that folks just aren’t buying has to be disappointing to say the least. He’s not a very truthful person. Many of his staffers, both at the campaiign and in his state office, have quit. They just had a hard time being associated with his lack of ethics and meaness. Good luck Mead. You should have spent more time developing some character and dignity. In doing so, Alaskans may have taken your candidacy more seriously.

  4. Steve Brostko

    Sullivan has been fighting 3 against 1 for nine months but with one month to the primary, I have a feeling Sullivan and those who support him are going to focus less on Begich and more on Treadwell and Miller. Sullivan has the resources to drown out his competition and spread the message he wants people to hear. Miller and Treadwell don’t have resources, but Begich will continue to do their work for them.

  5. John Smith

    I was at the debate in Anchorage. Dan Sullivan asked Mead if he had used state money for any of his campaigning trips. Mead answered the question. It was not an accusation as you state.

    Also, the press release was a link to a story written by an independent writer about Treadwell’s attendance at a reception sponsored by a Vodka company, at which Russian delegates were singing Putin’s praises and out yelling anyone that disagreed with them. Funny there is no news out of the Treadwell camp regarding Putin’s support of shooting down passenger jets.

    Lastly, it is too late for you and other Mead supporters to try to take the moral high ground when you have already started in on negative attacks. Accusing Dan of tax fraud, not being Alaskan enough, lying about “stand your ground”, etc. has had zero substance and little effect and has been proven false time and time again. There is plenty of dirt on Mead that could be used and many people know about it, but that doesn’t make it right and it is something everyone in the primary is staying away from. However, should Treadwell win I am afraid it would come out and Begich would win the race.

  6. Milton Friedman

    Is anyone else getting a sense of desperation from Mead? Perhaps it’s just me, but it his latest antics seem to have that tone.

  7. Seth

    Reagan’s so-called “11th Commandment” was never really taken seriously as anything more than a suggestion. All you have to do is look towards the last presidential primary cycle to see that once any type of race gets serious, attacks are going to happen. It’s the natural order of politics. Just look back to the last debate in Anchorage, when Sullivan made that completely unfounded accusation that Treadwell had used state money to go campaigning without any sort of evidence, and when Sullivan earlier this month accused Mead of being “pro-Putin”. Negativity is nothing new to Sullivan’s campaign, regardless of how virtuous he likes to paint himself.

    Honestly, as a voter, I’m glad to see someone making Sullivan defend himself on issues that will be major thorns in his side if he wins the primary, such as his obfuscation on the “stand your ground” debacle, which calls to mind Kerry’s legendary “I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it”. Sullivan at times reminds me very much of Kerry; backed by a lot of big-money groups, but uninspiring in debate and always looking to flip-flop whenever he runs into serious opposition.

    It took me a long time to make up my mind in this race, but at this point, Treadwell seems to be the only candidate who can beat Begich. The only candidate in the race who’s won statewide election, the candidate with the lowest disapproval ratings, and the only candidate with a vast knowledge of Alaskan and national policy–something that this article rather conveniently neglected to mention was also on display at the Homer debate. All Sullivan’s money can’t buy him this Senate seat, and Miller is only in the race to pad his own ego. When it come sot getting Begich out and a conservative in, I say Treadwell is the only option.

  8. Wes

    Been around Alaska a long time. Watched a lot of politicians come and go. Knew most of them. I know Mead Treadwell too. I’m a registered republican. I have not made up my mind as to who will get my vote in the primary; however, I know iit won’t be Mead. This I do know. God bless the simpletons that are supporting him.

  9. Becky

    Mead Treadwell has spent his entire life trying to be something in Alaska. He achieved the highest office, Lite Governor, a do-nothing job by fraudulently attacking his opponent in the 12th hour of the campaign. His charges were later proven false; yet, he got the job so he could collect a government paycheck so that hhe could campaign 24/7 for the senate job. Now, he’s associating with some of the most vile and distasteful Republican attack dogs in the business, namely Chuckie Johnson who sounds like a sociopath. If Mead really accomplished all that he claims, wouldn’t he have legions of supporters and contributors? Wouldn’t the cabinet that he is a member of be supporting him instead of Dan Sullivan? But, instead he breaks the 11th commandment with innuendo, lies, whisper campaigns and negative attacks. He represents what I find to be most despicable about politics. He lacks moral guidance and is in the race for his own enrichment. I truly believe that he has little chance of winning a primary. Too many Alaskans know that his new found conservatism is a lie. If anything, he is a RINO. Let’s take this seat back from Begich.

  10. Karen

    The “legend” of Mr. Treadwell appears to be greates in “HIS” own mind. I think if he had so much to offer Alaskans that Governor Parnell would not have banished him so publicly from his administration. All I think Treadwell has ever done in governmment is sit on a lot of task forces wasting government time and money. One historical accomplishment fair to grant Treadwell is the fact that he has robably spent less time on state business than ANY of his predeccessors. And he calls himself a fiscal conservative.

  11. Steven A.

    As far as I can tell, Mead’s release had some good points. Mead’s goal is not to beat Sullivan and Miller, although he must do that to accomplish his true goal of getting Mark Begich out of the Senate. As far as a general election goes, Mead is the only candidate who can really win. Sullivan and Miller have simply given Begich too much ammo to use against them in a general election, with his fat war chest coming from out of state. Sullivan, Miller, and Treadwell all want to beat Begich, but it is time for Sullivan and Miller to start being realistic about their chances and recognize that they aren’t the best candidates to help take back the Senate from the Democrats.

  12. Kenny

    “Treadwell went so far as to spend his closing comments on parroting Begich’s attacks on Miller and Sullivan.” Yep, because we Democrats have so many reasons to levy attacks on Miller, wait, no, we want him to run…

    And maybe Republicans and Democrats can just agree that Dan Sullivan is a shady, shady guy who will say anything to win political office.

    Especially; “Look, look, they’re attacking me. I haven’t done a single thing except be positive- *Cough*Mead supports Vladamir Putin*Cough* – oh my god you guys, look Treadwell’s attacking me totally unprompted, surprise surprise. He’s a Bad man who’s attacking me, innocent ol’ Dan, who would never attack anyone ever”

    Let’s go back in time to a land of fiefdoms, when rule by birth was Law. The eldest son was awarded the kingdom/province, and the others were to marry and acquire new lands for the Family. JUMP TO, TODAY: Dan Sullivan’s eldest brother runs RPM, the family company, so what does Dan do? Let me marry an Alaskan from a prominent family, because it would be so easy to run in Alaska.
    Everything Dan has done since he was a child, was preparation for political office.

  13. mendacious mead

    As someone who had to attend meetings with Mead in his current position as Lt Gov, I’m not surprised by any of his lame antics. As far as I can tell he hasnt done anything productive over the last four years. Can anyone point to one meaningful contribution he has legitimately made to the state? I suppose when you dont have anything to offer you are forced to stoop to dirty tricks, whisper campaigns, lying about opponents, etc.

    I have never heard anyone who worked closely with Mead come away impressed by the man. Folks at Yukon Pacific have said he was completely useless. He made his mark as Wally’s boy and squeezed everything he could out of it. Alaska would not be well served by the man – it never has been.

  14. Blue Voter in a Red State

    Love reading about the dysfunctional Republican senatorial candidates. First, you have Joe Miller who carries such a high negative that our own Les Gara could beat (ouch! that has to ache you GOPers). Then, there’s Mead Treadwell who has all the personality of a lizard, the ethics of a snake and is like a dead mouse when it comes to inspiring people. . He’s the one person in Alaska that no one wants to have a beer with. And finally, Dan Sullivan who is leading the pack for a good reason – – he has a personality, can raise money, a decent record of accomplishment….but, as a political novice can’t beat Mark. In other words, this red state will continue to have a Democrat as theiir junior senator. Get use to it and continue the in-fighting. I just love watching it.

  15. Nikiski Born

    II went to the Homer debate. Frankly, I was disappointed and disgusted by Mead’s performance. He lost my vote that evening. He’s not thinking beyond the primary. I think Sullivan or Miller would make a better nominee. I think I’ll be voting for Sullivan. I liike his demeanor and service as a Marine. He’s smart. I believe that Sullivan is the one candidate that could beat Begich.

  16. Biill H.

    Mead’s press release says a lot about his lack of character and his continuous self-absorbed promotion. There are thankfully two other better candidates in the Republican primary.

  17. MARY

    As a long time Republican, I want very much to beat Mark Begich; however, Treadwell’s behavior is becoming an embarrassment to our party. His baseless, negative attacks are unwarranted. At times, I shake my head wondering is Treadwell is a paid political operative of Mark Begich’s. Treadwell’s behavior, his fraudulent claims of accomplishments and visions of grandeur has made him my last choice in this race. I am actually beginning to question his mental stability.

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