Treadwell’s new web ad: ‘The True Alaskan Conservative’

On Thursday, GOP Senate candidate Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell released an ad today, entitled “The True Alaskan Conservative.”

The theme of the commercial is that Treadwell is the true conservative who will fight the federal government for Alaska. It feels a little uninspired, say nothing of jumpy, but maybe I’m already inured to political ads. I liked his old ones better, when he hesitated and stuttered some, like a wise professor you want to drink tea with. This one feels a little like he’s been shoved in a suit and told to play a role. The message, however, might resonate with primary voters.

His spokesperson Tom Intorcio, tweeted that it was a TV ad, but it’s not. It’s a web ad.


12 thoughts on “Treadwell’s new web ad: ‘The True Alaskan Conservative’

  1. Able Mabel

    Mead, your campaign is looking awfully white bread-ish. And it kinda late in the game to tag a brown person without making them look mascot-ish.

  2. Steve A.

    Dan Sullivan thinks that sending letters and making court filings is the way to get traction for policy. Mead knows from his 40 years in Alaska that letters are not enough. Mead knows that physical presence, standing up for who you represent, and tireless hard work are the keys to success. Mead’s first election was four years ago. Prior to that, he was a businessman in private enterprise, a place where writing letters doesn’t get things done, action does.

  3. Tom J.

    Mead IS the right candidate for Alaska, because he has a record of fighting for Alaska. He helped manage the clean up of the Valdez spill and oversaw the recovery of local fisheries. Mead knows that action, not process is the way to achieve goals set by Alaskans for Alaskans.

  4. Garand Fellow

    I think this is a great ad; EXCEPT we need to know what Mead has ever done even once in the way of action against the federal government against which this ad is directed. And I don’t mean process (serving papers and the like – although I cannot recall hearing of Mead even doing that), I mean action. I am a Sullivan vote right now – mostly because I think he is the candidate most able to beat Begich – but if one candidate does something to show that if elected he won’t become just one more of the Beltway elite along with Lisa, Don and Mark – then that candidate will have my vote.

    Railing against the federal government is not action, it’s just words. Politicians have been railing about the Cold Bay road for so long it makes Alaska voters look silly to the rest of the US. Will words alone always be enough to gain our votes?

    Mead actually has an advantage in this because he is not an attorney; attorneys think court filings are action but they are merely process.

    Begich is the only US Senator who did not attend college. If he operated a D6 across federal land somewhere in Alaska he would have my vote, but I think he would look just as out of place on a D6 as he does on a snowmobile.

  5. Lynn Willis

    I understand candidates in the primary must appeal to the base as they see it; however, do any of these candidates remember what Lisa Murkowski did to Joe Miller? While some may see a Hollis French or Joe Miller as the ideal, the popularity of Murkowski and Young would belay that perception. Will Bill Walker be able to exploit that political reality in Alaska at the state level? .

  6. Capitol City Republican

    Intorcio is proving to be pretty lame. Then again, Mead’s campaign would have difficulty attracting real professionals given his and his campaign’s lackluster performance. As a Republican, my primary goal is to win back the US Senate and have it in GOP control. I think that Dan Sullivan is the only candidate that has a chance of beating Begich. Mead’s continuance in the race helps Begich daily. Actually, I’m starting to believe that Treadwell is secretly helping Begich with his negativity.

  7. Conservative Patriot

    I’m a true conservative. I don’t think this scripted ad is going to appeal to my friiends. Treadwell almost appears to be disingenuous. Bold, emphatic statements doesn’t make one a true conservative.
    I love America and hold true to the priniples that our country was built on. I. Remain undecided on who I will vote for in the primary. Last time, I supported Joe Miller over Lisa Murkowski. This time, I may vote for him again or maybe Dan Sullivan. The jury of one is still out.

  8. Anonymous

    You know what this ad needs? More zooming in. I’m sure that would punch it right up.

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