10 thoughts on “Tweet of the day

  1. alaskapolitico

    This tweet represents one of two things: 1) it is an example of the campaign’s inexperience and poor political judgement, or 2) the campaign is angry, frustrated and knows there is no chance for victory and is planning to throw in the towel. No Repunlican political operative, with any hope of winning a general election, would have made such a careless and sophomoric remark about one of the GOPs primary strategists and his PAC. For Mr. Treadwell, this tweet may haunt him in the future even. Actions like these provide illustrations why this campaign never got out of the starting gate.

  2. Really Sullivanites?

    As somebody who’s already voting for Begich, I feel like I can sit back and laugh at your comment war-fare on a liberal blog. I’m not too sure if Real Conservatives spend all day trolling a 22 on blogs. I’m joking, of course they/you do! And you wonder why nobody takes your out-of-state candidate seriously in-state.

  3. apa

    First, what the heck does Treadwell know about being. Conservative ? His life in politics has been mostly as a liberal to moderate Republican until he ran for his current office when he decided to “pretend” that he was a conservative. Real conservatives laugh at Treadwell.

  4. Carol B.

    Treadwell’s candidacy is almost a joke. How can such an okay guy be so uninspiring. If this kid is such a good political worker it’s a shame he’s associated with such a losing proposition. Mead is more of a government crat than a elected official. All he’s done at Lite Gov is travel the world on the state nickel. I use to like the guy, now I feel that he’s doing more to elect Mark Begich than anyone. This Republican will remember this. I believe as time goes on so will others.

  5. Aaron

    He’s back! I was beginning to think that my favorite tweeter had backed away from the scene. I realize now, that it was probably only to prepare for hilarious tweets like this one. I’m glad that a young Alaskan like Fred is involved in this race. He’s great, and I think he’s making a great name for himself in the ashes of our tattered ARP, we need more candid young Alaskan voices like Fred’s in this state. GO KID GO!

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