Tweet of the day: Mayoral candidate Coffey on the case in Government Hill

Mayoral candidate Dan Coffey is apparently working on Gov. Sean Parnell to stop the razing of the houses in Government Hill. If he can convince the governor, he’ll gain lots of street cred with the residents of Government Hill.


4 thoughts on “Tweet of the day: Mayoral candidate Coffey on the case in Government Hill

  1. Jim

    Dan Coffey, assuming the Governor follows through, has accomplished more in less than a week than my state legislators have in months and months. Coffey is the kind of “can do” mayor that Anchorage needs. GH residents owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

  2. Lynn Wilis

    Good for you Mr. Coffey. That said, Mr. Coffey might be wary of creating a solution for which Parnell cannot take 100% credit. Parnell would rather others tend to their “assigned duties” which, I suspect, don’t include outshining the Governor. This is from a Juneau Empire Article dated August 10, 2011 regarding a letter of warning from Governor Parnell to Lt. Governor Treadwell:

    “Parnell told Treadwell, in a letter that was also sent to all commissioners, to confine himself to his assigned duties and to communicate through departmental commissioners and not provide conflicting direction to lower level staff.”

  3. Carey

    If Dan Coffey accomplishes this, he not only will get my vote but he’ll have earned my vote. Lots of politicians have been sending out press releases, holding meetings and this yet to be elected guy appears to be on the verge of accomplishing something. If true, we need candidates that do more than those who just make noise.

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