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9 thoughts on “Tweets of the day: #AKSEN

  1. J.. D.

    Go Dan Sullivan. He’s peaking at the right time. What a fabulous turnout an event in Fairbanks. In a few hours, we can tell our children that lying doesn’t pay. It was Mark Begich’s race to lose and he will.

  2. joe blow

    I met Sullivan in Fairbanks in Sept, he seemed pretty tall, almost 6 feet. OTOH, Parnell is pretty short, maybe 5’6″ and very quiet.

  3. Carlos Faura

    23 degrees in Dillingham right now.

    One thing I’ve learned: There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

  4. Amy Carroll

    One question, why aren’t the people in Bristol Bay wearing coats outside on November 1? They must be a very hearty lot.

  5. Amy Carroll

    I wasn’t close enough to see their feet, but both Sullivan and Cruz were a lot shorter than I expected, ergo the heels? Also, their pants didn’t look pressed in person. All the speakers except for the Fairbanks Republican Women, who spoke in favor of Governor Parnell’s administration (600 women state-wide who think Sarah Palin is a disloyal fraud for supporting Bill Walker) were wearing Fairbanks appropriate garb. The 6 ladies on the stage for Parnell looked very nice.

  6. Amy Carroll

    We counted. Upwards of 400 people turned out to see the Interior Republican candidates, which of course included Dan Sullivan. John Binkley was a terrific MC, Ted Cruz gave a rousing talk about some very dreamy-like legislative possibilities (abolishing the IRS, etc), but State Senator Click Bishop stole the show by rewriting “Green Eggs and Ham” to reflect all of Alaska’s problems with the federal government, punctuated with “I do not like it Uncle Sam.” So, in my view, the event was a local Rally (8 Interior legislators spoke in addition to the Cruz/Sullivan show) with some extra pizazz. The Stepovich’s provided a roast pig, with the Fairbanks Republican Women providing everything else for the picnic. Folks lingered eating and talking for a long time after it was over. A very satisfying Interior event which had more local flavor than not. Kudos to the Interior Republicans for putting it on for us. Just what the doctor ordered.

  7. MW

    Proof that Sullivan is an Alaskan and Cruz is a Texan. I’m an Alaskan and I press my jeans, too. 😉

  8. GOPer

    Really quite enjoy your twiter stories. This one gives me a quick glimpse of what’s going on around the state in the final weekend. The tweets and especially the photos are fun and informative. Please keep them coming.

  9. Mike

    A real man’s boots should never be shiny once they’ve left the store. What’s with the high heels and perfectly tailored jeans? Are those jeans ironed? What’s going on here? Who let this guy out on the stage wearing that? This is Fairbanks for Christ Sakes!

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