Video of the day: Volunteers have fun with oil taxes

After upwards of $12 million spent by industry and their allies to try to keep the public from voting to repeal the oil tax regime that was passed in 2013, this video is the best thing to come out of the issue. It’s a take-off of the song “Let It Go,” from the Disney movie “Frozen.” A Facebook posting said it came from a group of volunteers. It appears to have been made by Michael Sedor, who is a graduate of Dimond High School and attends Gonzaga. who is a senior at Colony High School. However it works out on Tuesday, Sedore’s got a bright career ahead of him.


5 thoughts on “Video of the day: Volunteers have fun with oil taxes

  1. Jon K

    I agree – but I just hope that they approach the ballot box with facts. The simple fact is nobody can predict which system will bring in more revenue because it depends on conditions that nobody can know: price, costs, and spending. What we do know for a fact is that SB 21 is currently bringing in more revenue than ACES would have — at least according to Prof Berman’s ISER report and the most recent DOR report. If the YES crowd wins its sponsers are going to have some explaining to do if, as expected, ACES does not bring in additional review for FY 2015.

  2. CPG49

    A+ for creativity! This video makes the issue so much more fun. Nice to see younger folks getting involved. After all, Ballot Measure #1 ia about their future.

  3. Rob G.

    I’m leaning to “yes” on Ballot Measure Number 1. However, I agree with you that this is the best video, ad or whatever of the campaign. Whoever produced this ad should have been the producer for the other $10 million worth of ads for the oil industry. This is a tough issue on so many levels for Alaskans. What’s important is that every registered voter excercise their constitutional right and responsibility by voting on August 19th.

  4. Tracey

    This is terrific. Lots of fun. Thanks for sharing. Nice to see some levity brought into this otherwise contentious issue.

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