VoteVets goes after Sullivan on Pebble

Here’s the latest ad attacking GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan for his supposed support of Pebble Mine, this one courtesy of by VoteVets Action Fund. VoteVets is a “progressive political organization” which supports vets. The ad features John Christensen, a commercial fisherman from Port Heiden, who is also a Navy Vet. The buy, including online ads, is $675,000.

It’s not the first, and won’t be the last ad tying Sullivan to Pebble. The first ad of the general election by the pro-Begich super-PAC, Put Alaska First, featured Sullivan and Pebble. Alaska Conservation Voters have formed a super-PAC, named SalmonPAC, which is putting up to $1 million into the issue.

Pebble is one of Alaska’s most well-known and controversial projects. If built, it would be one of the largest gold and copper mines in the world, in the waterways of one of the world’s largest wild salmon runs. Alaska is generally a pro-resource-extraction, pro-mining state. This project, however, has huge opposition. Last I heard, about 65 percent of the public is against the mine. Sen. Ted Stevens came out against the mine in 2007. Begich waited until January of this year to do so.

Here’s some backstory:

If built, the Pebble Mine would be on state lands, and the feds, under normal circumstances, would allow the state the first crack at evaluating and possibly denying permits. But the outcry of public opposition was so strong—and the public’s distrust of the state’s mine-permitting process so deep–that the EPA took the unusual step of beginning the process of denying federal permits even before the project plan was completed and submitted for review. The EPA did so, the agency said, because the mining companies continued to delay submitting project plans, in hopes, perhaps, of waiting out the Obama administration for one that was more sympathetic. So the EPA took the information that it had, including information submitted to the state and to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and concluded that under any scenario, a large scale mine would do irreparable damage to fishing habitat.

Few in the state have said that they’re actually for Pebble Mine. But many of the state’s Republican leaders, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Rep. Don Young, Gov. Sean Parnell, and Sullivan, have cried foul over what they call EPA’s usurpation of state’s rights. But because Sullivan was the commissioner of DNR, which approved various permits submitted by Pebble, and because he helped spearhead a lands bill that many considered pro-Pebble, his ties to the project will likely hurt him more than it would otherwise. Too, a voter’s initiative banning large-scale mines in the area will be on the ballot in November, which will help keep the issue front-and-center.

Ironically, one of lead players working for the initiative and against the mine, is ad man Art Hackney, who is also running a pro- Sullivan super-PAC.

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9 thoughts on “VoteVets goes after Sullivan on Pebble

  1. DB

    Dan Sullivan is not a US Marine lawyer. He is assigned to a combat reconnaissance unit. He is in the battle. Mark Begich wouldn’t know how to even act like a US Marine

  2. Wrong

    Federal was Life, State was 99

    Wade was sentenced to 99 years in prison for the murder of Schloss. A state court judge placed a restriction on the parole board to make Wade serve at least 66 years.

    If Wade would be released at age 95, he would serve out the remainder of a federal life sentence for murder committed during a carjacking.

  3. Mae

    L48 Dan is against Alaskan fishermen and fish.
    L48 Dan wants foreign companies to build the largest crater on earth, in the watershed of the largest natural salmon run on earth.
    Cause you all know, L48 Dan is “always fighting for Alaskans”.

  4. Anonymous

    Joshua Wade is one case where someone received a sentence that will lock him away for life.

  5. What Trial

    Where has Sullivan tried a case? Anyone ever see him near a courtroom?

    Please name one case, one defendant, one conviction?

    Oh, that’s right as the A G he was responsible for all the cases!!!

    He does not even know that Alaska does not have “Life” sentences.

    Phony baloney lawyer. Desk jockey as a Marine lawyer, and worse than a

    Desk jockey as a lawyer. Reservist Marines lawyers are pretty but they do

    not get into the fight.

  6. Sick and Tired in Sitka

    I am tired of the negative campaign that Begich and his friends are running. They should be scared of Dan Sullivan. Sullivan has character and a moral compass. Begich doesn’t. Sullivan has served his nation in the military. Begich hasn’t. Dan will stand up for Alaska in DC. Begich didn’t. The list goes on….
    If Begich had something worth saying about hiimself, maybe all the sick negative ads would go away. But they won’t.
    Mark Begich’s son must be really proud of his sick-assed lying Dad.

  7. Hey Stupid

    Re: GOP watcher comment –
    When the Begich campaign gave you this comment to put up did they tell you to wait until Amanda Coyne reviewed the Jerry Active ads? Or like so many of the blind liberals, you just couldn’t wait to exude your activism and put the comment up before Amanda has had the time or inclination to put up the sleazy Begich ad and Sullivan’s response. You’re obviously not very smart and now you look stupid to even the Begich camp for not following their directions. In fact, you’ve shown the light on the sleaze the campaign promotes. Re the active ad: does Begich have to make up lies because he has nothing to say about anything that he’s proud of?

  8. GOPWatcher

    Ohio Dan thinks he was an Alaskan.

    Does anyone know of a trial Sullivan has done, anywhere, anytime?

    Claims he puts people away for life! Not in this State he hasn’t!

    Maybe one of his secret State Department trials that never happened.

  9. Nick

    This ad is very disingenuous and epitomizes the continuous stream of negatiive lies coming out of the Begich campaign and independent expenditure committees. First, these independent committees are not suppose to coordinate with the candidate’s campaign. Obviously, Sen. Begich pays no attention or respects the law in this regard. This is shameful. Sullivan suports the process. That’s better than Begich who waits and reads the polls before making a decision. Begich didn’t state his opposition until the number of Alaskans opposing the mine exceeded 60%. Bad Begich. Bad pro-Begich SuperPAC.

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