Why so few female candidates?

From Slate’s Amanda Marcotte on why politics is so male-dominated:

After performing 45 interviews with experienced candidates and officeholders and holding multiple focus groups with other politicians and staff members, the [Institute for Women’s Policy Research] found that women had smaller networks than men to access for funding, faced sexist nonsense while campaigning, and had far less support on the homefront than male candidates, who can often depend on a wife who devotes herself to his career full time. One thing the researchers did not find is that women lack ambition. “Ambition is not an issue or a deficit with these women,” Denise L. Baer and Heidi Hartmann, the study’s authors, write. “Most women self-recruited for their first office or campaign, and only one in four say others recruited them for their first office.

In the upcoming races in Alaska, nine women are running for state Senate, compared to 16 men who are doing so. Twenty-six women and 56 men are running for state House.


3 thoughts on “Why so few female candidates?

  1. Barbara from Seattle

    I read this site to keep up on politics in Alaska. As a female political activist, this article hits home with me. It should also be a reminder to me and all my sisters that we can and must do more to help women candidates running for political office. Take the time and go on-line right now and make a contribution to a woman running for office. Let’s help ourselves.

  2. A. Newman

    Thanks Amanda. I really appreciate your perspective and choice of stories. I mostly read your blog for the Loose Lips columns to follow all the gossip. However, I’ve become a lot more policy focused and interested in politics thru your writings. Your perspective is interesting, engaging and fun. I’m addicted to your site. Thanks for all you do. Your fairness and explanations are a benefit to our community. Keep up the good work.

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