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Fiscal conservative Nancy Dahlstrom gets another government job

Former Eagle River state Rep. Nancy Dahlstrom who ran Gov. Sean Parnell’s Anchorage office is now going to work for the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development. She’ll serve as the Executive Director of Serve Alaska, an organization that brings AmeriCorps’ programs to Alaska.

You might remember that Dahlstrom left the Alaska state Legislature in 2010 in order to fill the newly created job of military liaison, which as it turns out, was against the law. Dan Sullivan, who was then the state’s attorney general, deemed that the Alaska Constitution doesn’t allow legislators to accept jobs created while they are in office. She resigned less than a month later. After an appropriate amount of time had passed, Parnell hired her to run his Anchorage office.

You also might remember that Dahlstrom ran as the “real” fiscal and social conservative alternative to Lisa Murkowski for the House seat. She lost the race against Lisa, but was appointed to her seat by father Frank after Frank appointed Lisa to fill his seat in the U.S. Senate.

One of many Republican politicians on the public dole railing against government spending, Dahlstrom has been a state worker since 2001, with the exception of a short stint at Providence Hospital between government jobs.

During her first year as a fiscally conservative legislator, she spent three times what Murkowski did on travel and twice as much for all discretionary expenses.  And she and a majority of her fiscally conservative Republican colleagues voted for ACES, the largest increase in oil taxes in the state’s history.

Word is that she’s eyeing Sen. Fred Dyson’s seat. Perhaps working on the state dime to administer a federal program that has been repeatedly derided by fiscal conservatives will allow her ample time to do so.

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