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Washington’s Doc Hastings hunts for big bucks in Alaska

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski recently said that she’s not actively fundraising for her 2016 run in Alaska because there isn’t enough money in the state to go around for others who are running. U. S. Rep. Doc Hastings, who isn’t even from around here, apparently doesn’t view Alaska’s potential campaign contributions as such a limited resource.

On Tuesday, Hastings, representing central Washington’s 4th congressional district, will be in Anchorage to raise funds for his re-election efforts at an event from 12 – 1:30 pm at the Ginger Restaurant. The requested contribution is $500; however, the invitation does point out that individuals can give $2600.

What would be the draw? Hastings is the chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee. As such, he has jurisdiction over most federal land use and water policies, which include wilderness areas, BLM lands and national forests. In other words, he has a huge say over stuff Alaskans are concerned about, namely oil and gas development, water rights and access to federal lands for hunting, fishing and recreation. And the host committee reflects these interests: Portia Babcock (Conoco Phillips); Deantha Crocket (Alaska Miners Association); Jim Jansen (Lynden Transport); Cam Toohey (Shell): Drue Pearce (federal lobbyist); Randy Ruedrich (former chair Alaska Republican Party); and Tara Sweeney (ASRC).

It’s also not surprising that so far in the 2013 – 14 election cycle, the oil and gas industry has topped Hastings’ list of contributors. ExxonMobil, among others, has given Hastings the maximum allowable PAC contribution.

Also, it’s interesting to note, that according to Heritage Action, the conservative arm of the Heritage Foundation, Hastings has a conservative rating of 62 percent. By comparison, that makes him almost twice as conservative as Rep. Don Young.

And if you’re not wired Doc’s way, or if you want to hedge your bets, on Nov. 7th there’s a fundraiser for state Reps. Harriet Drummond and Andy Josephson at Rep. Les Gara’s house on the Parkstrip.

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