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On her birthday (!), Senate adopts Murkowski’s amendment to label ‘Frankenfish’

Today, Thursday, is Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s birthday, and according to a press release, she “received a memorable birthday present.” On Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved of her amendment requiring that genetically-engineered salmon be labeled if the Food and Drug Administration makes the “wrong-headed” decision to approve it, the release said. The amendment will be in the 2015 Agriculture spending bill. Both Murkowski and Begich have been fighting the effort of a company called AquaBounty to genetically modify salmon to feed a hungry world. “Frankenfish,” they call it and they’ve had some success. Why Murkowski isn’t likewise fighting against genetically modified crops is another question saved for a day that isn’t her 57th birthday. And when she hasn’t just gotten a new, cute haircut. Behold: