Begich’s farewell address to the Senate

Here’s Sen. Mark Begich’s beautiful and emotional farewell address that he gave today on the Senate floor. It’s worth watching it all, but the first part, and the last part, starting at minute 18, are particularly powerful.


8 thoughts on “Begich’s farewell address to the Senate

  1. meg

    This speech is emblematic of who Mark Begich is and what Alaska has lost. Mark is truly one of the few people I have ever met who is sincerely positive. His approach to life is to figure out how to make a bad situation better, turn a bad fact into a good fact, to find a way. It’s a rare quality in a human being, and unheard of in a politician. That is what makes him an incredible politician, not mired by partisan or personal politics. You may disagree with him, his politics, his values, but this part of him is unassailable. It also is coupled with a true belief that the political process can be a force of good and change. No one can deny that Washington needs more of those qualities.

  2. Artie

    Here is the thing about these guys. They are in it for themselves.

    Watch that video again and every time he says “we” or “us” substitute the letter I. Because that’s how he really views it. In politician speak “we” and “us” really means “me” or “I”. He is a good enough politician that he knows to give the appearance of sprinkling the credit around, but in his heart it’s all about him. Good riddance as far as I am concerned.

  3. CoffeeTime

    I had to laugh at Begich’s farewell speech. Nice spin, Mark. Thinking between the lines. You talked about the wrecked economy when you first came on. All I could think about was your profiteering from using the inside knowledge you had while day trading. I could go on but the truth would sound mean spirited. Adios and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  4. Out on a limb

    Wow. This guy is an ego maniac. Been reading too many of his press clippings. Watch out Alaska. This guy will be coming back for more power real soon. He needs it to sustain himself.

  5. Bayside

    Even though I’m not much of a fan of Mark Begich’s, I’m sure that his staff and wife thought his remarks were moving. It was a nice speech. He spoke of his pride in the role he played for the betterment of Alaska and America.
    What politician Begich failed to share in his speech was the other role(s) he played of serving the special interests when it wasn’t in the public’s interest. He failed to mention his financial relationship with Seattle-based Fisheries Finest and Amendment 80 which would have benefited that company and not Alaska’s fishermen and women. He failed to mention the tens of thousands that were contributed to his campaign directly and the six-figures that were donated to a superPAC because of Amendment 80. He failed to mention that he didn’t share or discuss this with Alaska fishing interests.
    Yes, Sen. Begich worked hard. Sometimes, contrary to his version of the story, it wasn’t always in Alaska’s interests.

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