Comment of the day: How to solve illegal immigration problem

A reader responds to the story about the GOP’s response to Obama’s executive action plan on illegal immigration:

Republicans are so full of crap. For the most part, they have spent the last six years actively trying to prevent anything that could be even remotely construed as beneficial for the country from happening because a Democrat sits in the White House. So their complaints of “executive overreach”, however warranted they may be, seem like little more than sniveling tantrums to me. A fairly sizeable chunk of our economy is supported by the labor of illegal immigrants, and those enterprises that employ them are much more profitable than they would otherwise be, because it is understood that illegals can/will be exploited under the current paradigm. This tidy arrangement, where illegals quietly work for fractional wages because the ominous threat of deportation is always looming, works out quite nicely for those at the top. For the system to work, there must be both a pool of illegal labor to draw from (hence the porous borders), and the pretense of “patriotic nationalism”, bordering on xenophobia, which sustains the anti-illegal immigrant sentiment throughout the country. Republicans HAVE to jump up and down and feign moral outrage at the state of things, because it is the only way to keep the charade going.

If anybody, from any political party, really wanted to change the status quo and reduce the number of undocumented illegal aliens working in this country, there is a simple solution: throw the employers of illegal aliens in prison. And not the middlemen either, the ones at the top, the ones who are reaping the biggest rewards from underpaying their workers. It would be amazing to see how fast the pre-employment citizenship verification process would become more stringent. Because as much as the chief executives of large companies that rely on the exploitation of illegal labor would hate to see their profit margins shrink slightly, they would like even less to be bunked up with all the other criminals.


5 thoughts on “Comment of the day: How to solve illegal immigration problem

  1. Garand Fellow

    Your chicken must have crossed the road when no one was looking. I think I directly addressed what substance there was.

  2. joe blow

    This is a huge bluff by Obama that he will lose. By putting this out there, he’s expecting the Republicans to fight it and then look bad in the process. That’s why Obama included weasel language in there about the process beginning in “several months.” Not Jan 1 or Feb 15, some imaginary date in the future.

    Obama thinks he’s painted the GOP into a box, they’ll have to act and give him almost all he wants. He’s wrong;the courts and Dept of Immigration are going to kill this.

  3. Garand Fellow

    There is no evidence that large companies employ sizable numbers of illegals. It tends to be small companies (those with 500 employees or fewer). Regardless of that, critics of the Obama plan have the upper hand politically because Obama refuses to first convincingly close the southern border (before going soft on those illegals already living here). Without doing that Obama has hurt the Democrats for 2016 even as the media will tell us something else.

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