Comment of the day: Palin’s Walker-Mallott endorsement causes consternation at home

A reader’s comment, lightly edited, on the story about Sarah Palin endorsing the Walker-Mallott ticket:

Well, the mood is bad around the homestead this evening, Wife insists it’s time for her to move back to the East Coast. Claims that between having no real Democrat on the ticket for governor and now this thing with Palin endorsing the quasi Democrat, it’s the last straw. Says she misses the East Coast. Says back there the Democrats are ‘Liberals’ not ‘Progressives’ and that besides that they are loyal to the party.

For my part, I told her she should be happy… We been hitched near on 20 years, never missed an election and this’ll be the first time we voted the same ticket. (I’ll admit I’m a bit shocked as well.)


3 thoughts on “Comment of the day: Palin’s Walker-Mallott endorsement causes consternation at home

  1. anonymous

    The democrats duped the voters and now they’ve been duped. They have to stomach the association of someone they hate more than Parnell. How’s that for irony? And this is fresh after the news broke of the classless brawl the Palins were at least involved with in some way. I hope this Palin endorsement truly sinks Walker’s campaign. I’m breathlessly waiting for the numbers of the next poll.

  2. Quitters Club Facilitator

    Welcome to the Quitters Club. Palin, Mallott and Walker have something in common. They are all quitters.

  3. Shelley

    Palin’s endorsement of Walker should cause consternation galore. This symbolizes everything that is wrong with the Unity ticket. It’s the ticket that doesn’t stand for anything.
    When will the Democrats wake up and realize what a stupid decision they made? When will people realize that Walker cares about nothong exxcept political expediency and greed?
    And before its all over, Alaska will once again be the laughing stock of American states. I was hoping that Palin would have moved bu now to Arizona. What thois also shows us is how fricking dumb Byron Mallott is.

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