Comment of the week: The ‘only socially tolerant governor candidate left’

From Care Clift, Libertarian candidate for governor:

Every Alaskan who voted in the ADL Primary was disenfranchised. So, I just want to let you know that the Libertarian candidate for governor threw the Right-to-Life questionnaire and the Alaska Family Action papers in the recycle bin. I filled out everyone elses’ questionnaires. That’s right, the Libertarian candidate, Care Clift, is the only socially tolerant governor candidate left. And, I am fiscally responsible, pledge to end the deficit, and possibly the most frugal person you will ever find! So you still have a choice! Thank you for voting for me.


4 thoughts on “Comment of the week: The ‘only socially tolerant governor candidate left’

  1. Janet McDermott

    Mr. Sanity,
    People who have unlimited resources, don’t know how to work with a bare bones budget. If you want the candidate with the most experience producing within a budget – a financially conservative candidate – vote for Care Clift for Governor.

  2. Kathleen

    Ms. Clift might be an interesting candidate but it’s hard to tell. Her website is bare bones. She has no twitter presence at all. Other than self-promotional comments here and at ADN I see nothing about or from her. What are her policy prescriptions? What is her day-to-day engagement with the news, culture and politics? A candidate now can advertise herself for cheap by using social media, and yet even that organizational effort is missing. At this point I don’t consider Ms. Clift a remotely viable option. She would have to really hustle with the time left before November.

  3. Shattered

    I’d be willing to bet just about anything that you’re a card carrying Republican.

    Further more, Walker isn’t heading up the Democratic ticket. He brought a Democrat onto his ticket. Unless something changes, there will be no Democratic Party candidate for Governor.

    That said, I do like the spirit of Ms. Clif’s tweet. And who knows, maybe she’d make a fine Governor. Unfortunately, I know very little about her and don’t want to waste my vote.

    Parnell is very damaging to our state. We want him and his people out. Walker and Mallott are the only viable competition. Even if the Walker/Mallott ticket isn’t exactly what we want, it’s better than what we have now.

  4. Mr. Sanity

    Ms. Clift sounds like more of a sane choiice for this Democrat than the Republican Bill Walker who is currently heading up the Dem ticket.

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